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The very first edition of The Insider was broadcasted on Online Championship Wrestling: Revolution, after the Revolution's demise however the show migrated to OCW. The show was hosted by Mike Mazzarone, who was regularly poked fun at by his own guests. The program was considered one of the most innovative things to ever hit MSN, reinforcing OCW's reputation as the most creative company on the circuit. The show boasted guests such as: Justin Klein, Drew Stevenson, Darren Stevens, Hektik, Jason Carr, Jonni Valentine, and Big Tony just to name a few. The show also spawned off a list of "Mikeisms", which were things that the show's host would try to say but fail miserably at due to his New Jersey upbringing (The most notable of these was Mike's attempt to say "Maria Romano" but settling for "Maria Morono"). The show's popularity would eventually propel Mike to new heights as he became the voice of Mayhem alongside his broadcast partner Tray Blaylock.

The Big Tony Era


When Mike Mazzarone and Tray Blaylock parted ways with the company, many thought that the program was dead. However, Big Tony announced that he would be taking over, conducting his first interview with OCW newcomer Sean Hunter. The show also featured a remastered version of the Insider opening theme with the nWo theme song cutting into the usual voice over. This was done to represent that the Insider was now under "nWo control", this was done because Big Tony was a member of the nWo and trying to topple The Players Club at the time.

However, after OCW films opened, Tony was unavailable for any follow-up episodes, except for a humorous fake interview with the former host, Mike Mazzarone. Bogged down by work, Tony left the show and the Insider once again became dormant.

The Return of the Insider

On May 24th, 2007, Mike Mazzarone's broadcasting contract from (Now ran up and quickly was released from the company due to numerous disagreements between Mazzarone and company owner Mike Yatsco. Not two days later was it announced that the OCW insider would come back full time and on May 28th, 2007 an "OCW Insider Preview Show" was created hyping the return of OCW Insider. One can argue whether or not this can be counted as an official Insider, however, Mike has gone off the record to state it is a special edition show.

The first edition back for OCW insider was an interview with both Justin Klein and Kevin Sane.

The End and Re-Return

July 3th 2007 marked the end of The OCW Insider as Reed, Savannah and Jack canceled and Mazzarone's contract was terminated, the first set of circumstances surrounding Mazzarone's departure were false (That being over Insider Trading) The real reason Mazzarone's contract was terminated was because of "misbehavor backstage" The move came down from management and was reportedly a unanimous decision among Reed, Savannah, and Jack. It wasn't known if the Insider was ever to return and OCW Insider fans would be without their show for a week.

However, Justin Klein soon took back his company while Owen Stevenson and the rest of his Copycat crew were forced to start "Owen's Copycat Wrestling". One of the perks of having Justin back in charge was...hiring back Mike Mazzarone. On July 16,2007 Mazzarone did his first Insider back with Justin Klein and Darren Stevens. Suprising people called it "bias" so the following week Mike did the most impartial interviews with now general manager of Justin's OCW: Jackson Lanza in what most fans called "Show of the year."

Memorable Sayings and Mikeisms

Mike Mazzarone was never the most verbose man.

  • "Immorality" (Immortality)
  • "Infarious" (Nefarious)
  • "Maria Morono" (Maria Romano)
  • "Fink" (Think)
  • "Justin "2 Klein" Fine" (Justin "2 Fine" Klein)
  • "Fedrick" (Feerick)
  • "Funder" (Thunder)
  • "Ramnic" (Ramic)
  • "I am issuing a deculation of war!"
  • "Devon Maklava?" (Malakai)
  • "Narrerator" (Narrator)
  • "Shorpshooter" (Sharpshooter)
  • "Conordinated" (Coordinated)
  • "Gisk" (Gist)
  • "Murdick/Mernick" (Mendryk)
  • [After being accused of being fat] "I've lost weight!"
  • [After guest refuses to reveal something] "Oh come on, this is an Insider show, you can say whatever you want"
  • [As soon as Jason Carr is mentioned] "Jason Carr is the greatest wrestler in OCW today!"
  • [While having Tara Wilson on the show as a guest] "You and me, phone sex right now over the radio!"
  • [While having a discussion about music] "They are a multi-selling band."


  • Mike Mazzarone was known as a huge Jason Carr mark, often suggesting that he was the greatest wrestler OCW has ever seen. Even appearing in promos with him.
  • Although the show began with a one-on-one format, it soon became necessary to bring in a co-host, which usually made for some very entertaining radio.
  • Darren Stevens has made the most apperence's on Insider. Jason Carr being 2nd and Justin Klein 3rd.
  • At the OCW Slammy awards, Jonni Valentine's debut on the Insider was voted as the funniest moment of the year.
  • At the peak of The Insider's success, management decided to try posting Mayhem results on the website in audio format rather than in text. However, many found the new format confusing and it was too troublesome to produce. Although it failed, the experiment once again demonstrated why OCW is the most innovative company on the MSN circuit.
  • The only edition of the Insider to be censored was episode 22 when Justin Klein revealed Kevin Sane's personal phone number on air. Due to legal reasons both OCW and MSN forced Mazzarone to censor the number.
  • The longest special edition of OCW Insider to date is the Living Nightmare 2 Pre-show which lasted exactly a whopping Two hours, forty-four minutes and forty nine seconds.
  • The shortest special edition of OCW Insider was the OCW Insider "Preview Show which lasted exactly twenty five minutes and fifteen seconds.
  • The longest official edition of OCW Insider was Justin Klein's second interview lasted exactly two hours, forty two minutes and fifty nine seconds.
  • The shortest official edition of OCW insider is the Adolph Baumer edition which lasted exactly forty-three minutes and thirteen seconds

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