- The ring ropes are replaced by real steel cable, not covered or protected in any way..

- The turnbuckle padding is all removed and reinforced by steel.

- Outside the ring all of the protective mats have been removed and have been replaced by a steel floor.

- The ring is encased inside a huge steel structure, completely reinforced to stop anyone breaking out.

- There is no door.

- There is no flat roof like HIAC, instead the hell continues upwards in a pyramid fashion.

- An small electrical current runs through sections of the cell, not lethal but enough to give a nasty shock.

- Two ladders provide a safe way to the top, which lead to a very small suspended second floor

- Some weapons have been laid out on top of the suspended floor..

- The suspended floor is surrounded by barbed wire.

- The only escape is through a small hole at the top of the pyramid, however the suspended floor will not take the weight of a person so you must reply purely on your strength if you wish to climb over the overhang to the outside.

- There are no pinfalls. No submissions. You do not win by escaping or reaching the count of 10. The only way to win is if the man in your opponents corner throws in the towel.

- The men accompanying the opponents to the ring are each enclosed inside a small cell each side of the chamber. Fully enclosed in steel, there is a door which can only be opened from the outside (by the competitors.), but if one door opens so will the other.

This match type was created by The 13th but was never used

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