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The Janitor, is currently with a company called CWF as a custodial employee. Despite being employed specifically for cleaning and housekeeping, the Janitor is known to have a mean streak and offend easily, as such the Janitor has often taken his problems into the ring.

Despite not being officially a wrestler, The Janitor maintains an Undefeated streak in CWF.


Not much is known about the Janitor. Even his true name and identity escape most. Anthony Romeri has even stated in Interviews that despite writing the Janitor's paychecks, he doesn't even know his true name, as the man requests his paychecks be made out to "The Staff".

CWF career

Janitor debuted in January working backstage as he always had. However a rude encounter with Patrick Hunter led the arguably insane man to take up a personal grudge with Hunter. Over the rest of the month, Patrick Hunter was harassed, abused and further bullied backstage growing to regret his decision to make fun of a seemingly random and "lowly" janitor with each passing day. At Blind Justice 2007, the Janitor defeated him in a Three Ring Circus Match, pinning him three times in a best 3/5 match up. Janitor was not pinned once.

Additional matches the Janitor has fought include the defeat of Xtremo the Clown on an Ignition broadcast. Shortly after this match Xtremo quit, embarrassed by the defeat at the hands of an untrained superstar.

The Janitor has been known to harass many other CWF workers backstage, if they should be so brash as to cross him. In recent weeks, Janitor has been seen tormenting Nabeel Nawaz backstage, the two were announced as having a Specialty match at No Man's Land.

At No Man's land the Janitor remained unbeaten after defeating Nabeel Nawaz in a Mop Match and subsequentally wiping up his fallen foe's blood with his trademarked mop. After soaking in praise from the fans, Janitor was confronted by Devlyn Michaels and his Discyple at the pay per view.

Two months later at Americana Janitor defeated Devlyn in an 'X-Filth Match', dumping the arrogant superstar into a pool of dirty mop water.

The Janitor has never been pinned in a CWF ring.

Other Facts

Theme Music: "Underdog" - The Blanks

Finishing + Signature Moves

  • Mop Drop (Sitdown Neckbreaker)
  • Broom-handle Slam (Pump Handle Slam)
  • Carpet Cleaner (Fist Drop)
  • Taxidermy Special (Northern Lights Suplex)
  • The Janitor possesses the unique ability to "Stare Down" his adversary, instilling them with such extreme fear they find themselves unable to move.
  • Additionally the Janitor is known to bring many of his supplies to ring side, which often end up being used as weapons in a match. Particularly used is his trademarked Mop which has been cracked over the head of many CWF Superstars who have slighted him.

Championships and accomplishments

  • Undefeated in CWF
  • Holds Highest (and only) W/L record of any nonwrestler employee in CWF


  • Despite not being active in the ring most weeks, Janitor's backstage antics frequently land him a place in the Power 15, usually holding a place in the bottom five spots of the list. on 5/20/07, he broke this trend by making it into the top ten after his No Man's Land victory over Nabeel Nawaz.
  • The Janitor has been known to enjoy Jell-O Pudding Pops
  • The Janitor is often thought to be the cause behind the departure of Xtremo the Clown.
  • Janitor is real life friends with The Blanks, who composed his theme music, "Underdog", based on the cartoon series by the same name.
  • Janitor's entrance video features a brief clip of the janitor calling his soon to be opponent a "jerk" prior to the music begining to play. Often when the Janitor enters, this portion of the entrance is removed unless he has arrived soley to cut a promo. The "You're a jerk" entrance theme has never been used by Janitor to enter a match.
  • As seen on various CWF Ignition episodes, Janitor has a large collection of Hulk Hogan merchandse which he keeps in his supply closet. Janitor claims that every piece of the collection was confiscated, noting one Hogan doll which had been used to smuggle drugs into a CWF Venue.
  • Janitor has commented that he once worked in a hospital, but given his shady history, the truth of this statement is debatable.

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