The Judge
Real name Currently Unkown
Ring Names Commandant, Enforcer of Law and Order
Height 6'3
Weight 275 lbs.
Date of birth Currently Unavaiable
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia
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Resides Atlanta, Gerogia
Billed from Atlanta, Gerorgia
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The Judge is a former TWOStars Triple Crown Champion and has been with TWOStars since virtually the start of this incarnation.


The Judge was previously was concerned with maintaining law and order in the locker room and in the ring. However, a series of injuries caused him to realise that this was costing him more than it was worth... Destiny found a way to unite him with Draven Cage and together they formed VL:O, the most dominent tag team in TWOStars three year history.

However, destiny struck again as The Judge on what was supposed to be the biggest night of his career, winning the tag titles at WrestleNova, injured himself once more, putting him on the shelf.

The Judge used this time to drastically improve his physique and change his image, both externally and internally. He took a page from his partner and focused more on the victory and carnage rather than being bogged thing with trivial things like Honour and respect.

Yet, when The Judge returned to the ring he found that Draven Cage had become an establishing member of F.E.R.E. Having to rely on himself once more, The Judge went quickly to work on his next task.

Feeling angry and restless, The Judge took matters into his own hands, taking out F.E.R.E (except Cage) and TWOs elite in his return to Xtreme TV. After this impactful return The Judge began attacking random people on camera in order to get the attention he wanted.

Now that the spotlight was momentarily on The Judge due to these attacks, he used it to announce a special stipulation for his matches, that is he could only win by a Five Count.

This stipulation was dropped when the Pure Division was established, for the first time in over 3 years The Judge felt at home. Then the inter-division wars occured and the division dispanded, The Judge would have to direct his focus upon another goal.

Realising that the power in TWOStars would always be in the hands of the corrupt, The Judge aimed to mentor the younger wrestlers in the hope that the business wouldnt screw them over.

Although they were blood enemies, he still carries guilt about temporarily ending Drake. Rush's career.

Signature and Finishing Moves

Signature Move(s)

Gorrila Press Slam

Spinning neck breaker

Running Powerslam

Underhook suplex

Diving shoulder tackle


Mule Kick

Underhook Piledriver

LegSweep Takedown into a leg-lock

Death Valley Driver

The PowerPress Slam: (Gorrila Press, dropping the opponent over the shoulder and into a snapping Powerslam)

The Gavel: (Reverse vertical suplex, dropping down into a Diamond Cutter)

Trial By Fire: (running release Crucifix Powerbomb into the turnbuckle)

The Judge Destroyer: (Lifts opponent into a powerbomb position, before dropping into a piledriver)

Anarchy Verdict: (Roll-through German Suplex, aka The Chaos Theory)


Finishing Move(s)

Ultimate Judgement: (Top Rope Powerbomb, ala Mike Awesome) Rare move. This is to never be kicked out of Guilty As Charged: (Sitout Pedigree) TV finisher, can be kicked out of on occasions (like the Lionsault for eg.)

Judgement Call: (Double Underhook Styles Clash) Depending on the situation, this move usually gets the job done.

Title Histroy

TWOStars Triple Crown Championship (d/ Draven Cage at Wrestlenova IV)

3x TWOStars Tag Team Champion (1x Jimmy Redman, 2x Draven Cage)

1x TWOStars United States Championship (defeated Drake Rush inside Hell in a Cell at Genocide 2007)


The Judge was the only wrestler in TWOStars to have held the same tag championship with two sepetate partners. (Jordi Warner and Jimmy Redman) That fact has now been equalled by Draven Cage, ironically with The Judge's half of the championship. (Draven Cage has actually surpassed this record by being the only man to hold the tag titles with three different partners).

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