The Karnevil was a faction active in Global Extreme Wrestling for the first half of 2007, best recognised for their ‘Gothic/Juggalo’ hybrid style.

History & Formation

GEW wrestler Klown and his ‘manager’ Jason were already billed from, and (unofficially) collectively referred to as, the Karnevil. He was a midcard regular in January 2007 while two rookie GEW stars, Nic Williams and Bay-B Dogg, were feuding. During one of their matches, the arena went dark. When the lights returned, Klown was standing with Williams and Dogg in the centre of the ring. After a moment’s discussion the three shook hands and exited together. The following week, Klown announced that two more GEW stars had joined him in the Karnevil. Williams was now known as Phreak, a take-off of his former nickname “The Phreakish One,” while Dogg adopted a more Juggalette-like look to match Klown and Phreak’s gothic-Juggalo image. The group was initially successful, with Klown ascending the singles ranks while Phreak and Dogg formed a tag team which challenged for the GEW Tag Team Championship.

Tony Wright feud

Although Phreak was eventually put out due to injury, the Karnevil claimed gold on two separate occasions over the course of the year, first with Klown defeating Ryan Gracie for the GEW United States Championship, which he renamed the Fuck The World Championship. Their second title came at Extreme Extravaganza when Bay-B Dogg defeated Edge for the GEW Extreme Chaos Championship. Klown, meanwhile, was feuding with “Swift” Tony Wright over the FTW and Undisputed Championships, and their mutual love interest Carla. At Hell on Earth, Wright defeated Klown for the FTW Championship while retaining his own GEW Undisputed Championship in a two-out-of-three falls match. Both men went on to make the final of a tournament to find a new World Heavyweight Champion at Extreme Extravaganza, competing in a no-disqualification fourway elimination match. The Rock and Jeff Hardy were eliminated early on, leaving Klown battling Wright. Although Bay-B Dogg saved Klown from a double-team attack at the hands of Wright and Brad Wilson, Wright would eventually win the match and the Championship. As the show went off the air, Carla turned on The Karnevil, hugging Wright. The following week, however, she realigned herself with the Karnevil, revealing that it was a ruse to punish Wright. She has not been seen on GEW programming since and the feud between Wright and Klown was effectively over, with Wright winning in Championship terms and Klown winning in the love triangle. It was also around this time that Dogg, at Klown’s request, began attending rehab sessions for her drug and alcohol problems.

Vampiro feud

Following Extreme Extravaganza, The Karnevil acquired a new member in The Dealer, and a new foe in Vampiro, both of whom debuted in angles involving the stable. While the stable continued to enjoy success, Vampiro became a thorn in their sides, interfering in their matches and attacking them backstage. Eventually he posted victories over The Dealer, Phreak and Bay-B in successive weeks before finally challenging Klown to a deciding match at Deadly Game. Although Klown beat Vampiro with help from Jason, Vampiro defeated Klown the following week on Friday Night Chaos in a first blood match with the use of cheese grater. Also at Deadly Game, Dogg was injured during a match against Kade Michael Morrigan in which she lost the Extreme Chaos Championship, and put out of active competition indefinitely. The Karnevil’s losing streak continued over successive weeks. On the 14th June broadcast, Vampiro defeated The Dealer and the returning Phreak in a triple threat match, in which any solidarity between Phreak and Dealer seemed to be strained. Shortly after that, Dealer and Klown both disappeared from GEW programming, while Phreak rebranded himself as “The Gentleman” Nic Williams. The Karnevil at this point was assumed to be dead.

Reformation Teasers

At GEW's end-of-year pay-per-view Winter Bash, as well as the following episode of Friday Night Chaos, Williams appeared dressed and billed as Phreak in one match and Nic Williams in another each night. Following this, Dogg made her return to challenge him as to whether he was "A gentleman or a phreak." Dogg and Williams' time as tag team partners was referenced during the angle, and The Karnevil was namechecked once. The two were scheduled to have a singles match, which ended in a double disqualification as both participants attempted to 'out-hardcore' each other, each bidding the other to assault them with light tubes and other weapons. However, this would turn out to be catalyst for the formation of the short-lived stable The Dead Precedents, as Dogg and Williams reconciled and laid out the referee who was trying to end the match, then fought an unsanctioned hardcore match instead as Rhys Matterson, Bailey and Troy Gafgen all came down to the ring to assist.


Championships & Accomplishments

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