James michaels
James Michaels
James michaels
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James michaels
Real name James Michaels
Ring Names The King
Height 6'2"
Weight 225 lbs.
Date of birth Feburary 2, 1980 (age 28)
Place of birth lexington ky
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Resides lexington ky
Billed from lexington ky
Trainer Ash Morgan
Xtreme Wrestling Federation (XwF)
World Class Wrestling Federation (WCWF)
north american wrestling federation (NAWF)
Handled by James Michaels
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Debut September 1999
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James Michaels (born Feburary 2, 1980) is an American professional wrestler currently signed to Xtreme Wrestling Federation (XwF) as It's Preisdent. There are also rumors that he may return to WCWF on a part time contract. James is truley a living legend in professional wrestling, holding many championships during his


Early Life & History

His early life was haunted with alot of trauma, as his own parents abandoned him and his long lost sister, Alicia at an early age. In 1994, at age 14, James Michaels was faced with one of his biggest challenges. His older sister who had always been his only friend,vanished. He spend the next few years, passed from foster home to foster home, till at age 17, he was eligible for early graduation in school. He took it and left out to make a life of his own and to seperate from his life being passed around in foster homes.

Through out school, he was an outcast, and was in alot of fights. It only seemed natural for him to go try his hand at the underground mma and wrestling leagues. At first he didnt meet much success, as he was untrained and worn from a weary child hood. His break finally came when he met a man named Ash Morgan. The man offered to train him in fighting skills, even paid for martial art training at various gyms. It was in his wrestling training that he found his true love of his life. Though inexperienced, he showed alot of promise early on. He soon up for a federation that was run in an old warehouse by some shady groups and investers. It had a small cult following, and tended to not follow traditional wrestling standards by being a shootfighting promotion. He had alot of success there at first, but was caught by suprise when he the owners started asking him to take a dive in a match. He ignored it at first but later realized the error in his ways. On June 19th, 2000, James Michaels was shot in the shoulder. It was after match, where rumour had it he was ordered to take a dive but refused to do so. He was ok, and released after several days in the hospital, with minimal physical effects, though mentally, he was a changed man. It was also that same day he met his long time valet and friend, Kim "the Huntress" Angel. She was being mugged the alley out back of the hospital where Michaels was just released. Michaels rushed to her aid and ran off the attacker. Their friendship grew over the years do to that one act of kindness. James Michaels left his shootfighting days behind and begin looking for work else where. It was in 2001 that his first real break came. A new federation had just launched and was setting the world on fire, North American Wrestling Federation or NAWF, was a sister fed to the world renouned WCWF. It had alot of promise as its star power was huge upon its opening. They approached James Michaels and he jumped on it. It was there that he made new allies with long time partners Johnny Morgan and Bfunk. They formed the feds first most dominate stable. James Michaels and Johnny Morgan was even the feds first ever Tag team champions. They lost them and re won them on several occasions. Unfortunately during their last title run, Nawf experienced some problems and had to shut down. But Michaels had alot of singles success there, as he was there last U.S champion too. Michaels talent wouldnt leave him jobless though, as their parent federation, the WCWF quickly signed the young performer, where he would meet much success and fame. Early on he made allies with Wcwf's Thumper and long time WCWF wrestler Matt Walker. Already, the fed featured the top talents in the world, Stan Stone, Dan Rennier, Shawn Stevens, Judge, Christopher Cameron, Raymond Chandler, Atom and Nuke,Brad Jackson, larry Gowan and the all powerfull Nathaniel Duke, just to name a few. James Michaels even realligned him self with former parter Johnny Morgan, though just briefly. On May 27th, during a very controversial match, James Michaels won his first U.S title and made his first real enemy in Shawn Stevens. Michaels was not even the number one contender, as Thump had given James Michaels his title chance in his place. (the u.s title at the time was co-held by thump and Stevens.) Michaels had entered the federation during a hard time, as the fates was trying to controll the fed. Michaels was a great help during that time period and showed early on that he was there to make a name for himself. Shawn Stevens was upset, as he got the pin fall on Michaels, but upper management reversed the decision do the underhanded tactics of Brad Jackson, Jester, and Shawn Stevens. Michaels had alot more title success after that. He was a two time U.S champion, a 4 time Intv Champion, a two time tag team champion, not to mention that he had held the tag titles for a record at the time of 252 days, he was also a 2 time Hardcore champion and set the record by co-winning the King Of extreme match with long time rival Brad Jackson in 2004. Michaels had several world title chances but could not get his head into the game as he endured alot of personal problems. His valet and long time friend disappeared without a trace. Most notable in James Michaels WCWF Career was his shady alliance with the all powerfull Nathaniel Duke. Michaels turned his back on all his friends and fans and formed a shady alliance with Duke, one that led them to much success. After Dukes dissappearance though, Michaels was lost again and was in and out on t.v shows. Like he was fading away. In 2007, James Michaels reappeared on WCWF t.v once again, coincidently when Bfunk was in the middle of his big return. Michaels quickly formed an alliance with Funk with no real motives listed. In great ring shape, Michaels excited fans, only to let them down again by disappearing once more. It was rumoured that he had left due to a lead in the disappearance of his friend , the Huntress. In 2008, James Michaels resurfaced once again, when the Xwf announced it was gonna reopen its doors. He accepted a position as president, though has declined most questions by the wrestling media. He did say however that his ties with the wcwf are far from over, and that his presence will be felt there again one day when the time is right. But in the mean time, he felt it was best to stay out side the ring for now.

James Michaels can be contacted for independent bookings and appearances,or for information on joining Xwf, contact him at


| Official XwF Website

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