Xtraordinary Wrestling Association, known for short as XWA was created by Vincent Cain in Janurary of 2007. It has the distinction of being one of the youngest and fastest rising e-feds today, being the home of both e-fedding veterans and newcomers alike.

The League of Extraordinary Wrestling
Federation Name Xtraordinary Wrestling Association
Abbreviation XWA
Monthly Shows LXW RingMasters (Sundays, June 2006-Present),
LXW SLAM! (Sundays, June 2006-Present)
Time open Janurary 2007-Present
Current champion Dragon
Owner(s) XWAdmin (2007-Present)
Based in New York, NY USA
Federation type Roleplay Based
Pay-per-views Monthly


Current Roster

*As of November 2006


Jennifer Drew

Kim "Ice Cold" Hunter

Jonny Pyro

Nathan "The CanKnuckler" Michaels


"The Cobalt Destroyer" Eliza


"The HellCat" Hayley Jonas

"The Phoenix" Blaise Payne


Nick McKoontz

Cinder "The Hired Gun" Xavier

Jason Cross

"The Next Evolution" Jon Payne

Nicole Storm

Elizabeth Knight


Kyle Nobbs

John Locke

"The Quiet Storm" Hussein Fatal


Jessie Blair


Johnny Shotgun

Joe Bruiser

Justice Aries

Fay Anderson

Jason Youngblood

Chris Lionheart

Sakura Oyamada

Jerry Macci

A. Cee Star

"The Executioner" Essence

Current Champions

XWA Champion: "Mr. Amazing" Scott O'Dell

LXW GrandSlam Champion: Jennifer Drew

LXW SLAMGod Champion: Brent Starr (Vacated due to Brent signing elsewhere instead of re-signing)

LXW RingMaster Champion: Kimberly "Ice Cold" Hunter

LXW PRO Champion: "The Cobalt Destroyer" Eliza

LXW Riot's Rules Champion: Esperanza

LXW Tag Team Champions: "The HellCat" Hayley Jonas and "The Phoenix" Blaise Payne

LXW TTT Champions: Jarrak & Nick McKoontz

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