The Lone Wolf
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Height 5' 11
Weight 145 lbs.
Date of birth July 16, 1987
Place of birth Buffalo, NY
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Trainer Various Wrestling Schools, Lyger
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Debut July 2006
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The Lone Wolf is a wrestler from Buffalo, NY, currently working for UWA: World Chaos, Total-Hardcore Wrestling, and his own company, Extreme Global Wrestling. He has also been apart of the Sacred Crowd, representing THW in a Royal Rumble, and is awaiting the debut of Global Wrestling Alliance

Personal Life

Born on July 16, 1987 in Buffalo, NY, Wolf had a very sheltered upbringing. He wasn't very social, usually just sitting by himself in school. He made very few friends in elementary/high school and was often picked on. He played basketball, baseball, but was best at soccer. Wolf played a very aggressive style of defense, knocking people down and slide tackling a lot, earning him the disrespect of his enemies and even at one point his high school JV soccer team. He was benched for working too hard in scrimmages...

He began training at various schools that would take him in, hopefully for free, in June 2005. He even snuck into a gym and trained for two months without anyone noticing before being kicked out. In late June 2006, he stumbled onto a promotion, Extreme Myspace Wrestling, and without any prior experience, decided to begin his career.

Extreme Myspace Wrestling

His stinct lasted about a month, but Wolf learned two very important lessons: First, you earn your title shots, not demand them immediately when you've never wrestled a match before. Second, learning the characters that you'll be facing. He began a feud with Lyger and his manager, Teagan, and soon after injured the both of them in a vicious back-attack, injuring Teagan specifically with a White Russian Leg Sweep with a steel pipe. When Lyger formed an alliance with X-Wire and X2C, he battled all three of them, seemingly taking every brutal attack and surviving it. After EMW folded, he took a short hiatus to recover from his injuries.

UWA: World Chaos

Soon after the fall of EMW, he was invited by Ian the IV to join UWA: World Chaos and Wolf agreed. He immediately signed up for the UWA Light Heavyweight Championship and battled "X-Factor" Jay Morgan in the first two UWA house shows, with Wolf winning it on the second week. Then, a simple decision by UWA Management (Ian the IV & Johnny Mack) would send him into one of the longest feuds in UWA.

The Lone Wolf vs. UWA Management

Personal Hiatus

Other Promotions

Extreme Global Wrestling

On July 26, 2006, Wolf decided to create his own federation, Extreme Global Wrestling. However, not knowing how one was to be run, he took a month and a half to prepare himself for the riggers of owning a company, making the logos, looking at how other companies were run, and finally recruiting talent. On September 26th, 2006, EGW opened its doors with MAYHEM!, its weekly Tuesday night showcase. It was to be accompanied by Friday Night Attack!, however Wolf's busy schedule forced him to remove the Friday night show in early December.

He battled once again with his long-time rival, Jay Morgan, now dubbing himself The Angel of Death. Wolf defeated Morgan in a Barbwire Massacre for the EGW United States title on the first PPV, Darkness Falls. He lost it weeks later to his bitter UWA enemy, Johnny Mack in a Steel Cage match with interference from Zandrous. At the October PPV, Genocide, he defeated both in a Tables match to reclaim the US Title.

After losing the title to Wild Card in December, Wolf battled with EGW Heavyweight Champion, X-Wire, but it flattened out when X-Wire no-showed the December PPV, Holiday Horror. Afterwards, Wolf withdrew himself to running EGW and in January announced he would not be participating as an active roster member until further notice. His last match was in a Monster's Ball against 3D Connor Willis and "Positive" Paul Justice, with him losing to Justice.

However, recently Wolf has come back to the ring, where he is involved with a feud with The Straight-Edge Soldiers. The faction, with members including Connor Willis, "Da Man" Murdoc, "Positive" Paul Justice, Michael Riser, and Chelez Perez, have taken control of 4 of the 6 EGW titles and are trying to take complete control of the company. He lost in his returning match to Willis in a Taipei Deathmatch. Then, he was the special gust referee in the Main Event of a MAYHEM! Supershow, a 3-Way Inferno Match, where he watched Justice retain the belt by finishing the match off with Wolf's trademark move, The F'N Dominator.


Past/Present Finishers

The F'N Dominator (Dominator From the Top Turnbuckle or Anywhere At Least That High)

Whiplash (Rolling Cutter)

BloodFlow DDT (DDT From the Top Turnbuckle Into a Stack of Tables Either Covered In Thumbtacks, Barbwire, Flames, Lighttubes, or Whatever Fits the Occasion)

The Annihilator (Cradle Piledriver From the Second Turnbuckle or the Top In Some Cases)

Signature Moves

WolfBomb (Shooting Star CrossBody)

Inverted WolfBomb (Moonsault/Springboard Moonsault Into a CrossBody)

Mystique Enziguiri (Does Some Sort of 360 Spin or Corkscrew Before Kicking to the Head or Face)

The Missle (Hard Super Kick When Both Are Bouncing Off the Ropes)

Corkscrew Cutter (Swinging Diamond Dust)

Osaka Street Cutter/Osaka Bomb (Bomb Is From the Top Rope)

STO/Running STO/Reverse STO (May Involve a Chair)

Hurricane (Overdrive)

Samoan Neckbreaker

Every Variation of the DDT

DropKick to the Knee/Ankle

Signature Submission Holds

39 Stretch

Upper WolfBind (Koji Clutch)

Lower WolfBind (Elevated Texas Cloverleaf)

The Breaking Point (Crippler Crossface)


- 2-Time (Original) UWA High Flyer Champion

- Original UWA Iron Champion

- UWA Xtreme Champion

- 2-Time EGW United States Champion

- XMW Trucha (Fearless) Champion

- XMW American Champion

- Only XPHW World Champion

- THW Champion

- NWA Tag Team Champ (w/ Nic Daniels)

- GRW Tag Team Champ (w/ Krypt, Then Hartigan)

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