The Lone Wolf
[[Image:[IMG][/IMG]|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of The Lone Wolf]]
Real name Unidentified
Ring Names N/A
Height 5'11
Weight 185 lbs.
Date of birth July 16, 1987
Place of birth Buffalo, NY
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides On the Road
Billed from Buffalo, NY
Trainer Himself (and other contacts)
Chaotic Pro Wrestling
UWA: World Chaos, Global Revolution Wrestling, Extreme Global Wrestling, Sacred Crown
Handled by N/A
Win/Loss Record Doesn't Keep Track
Debut June 2005, August 2013
Retired 2007-2013 (Publicly)

The Lone Wolf is a wrestler from Buffalo, NY, currently working for Chaotic Pro Wrestling. He is currently scheduled to fight Alexander Kincaid for the CPW Air Raid Championship at the All Hallow's Eve PPV.


Wolf burned himself out after a tumultous run at UWA: World Chaos, Global Revolution Wrestling, and running his own company, Extreme Global Wrestling, into the ground. He made an appearance in USWA, but after losing to his original rival, Lyger, dropped off the radar.

He has, in recent promos, hinted that he has spent that time away from the business delving into backyard federations and street fighting, picking up a few new scars along the way.

Chaotic Pro Wrestling

Wolf showed up with his trademark bookbag, red hat, and shades on in Fayetteville, Arkansas for CPW Mayhem on August 30th, sporting a new moveset. He was booked against The Obvious Enigma and lost the match. However, Wolf claimed afterwards that he had intentionally allowed Enigma to pin him. Enigma had called back to her debut match and stated she wouldn't have made it as far as she had without that win. Wolf took that as a challenge to himself and "thanked" Enigma for giving it to him. At The Holy Wars PPV on September 8th, Wolf defeated Jeszika Gautier in the opening match with The Breaking Point. At the next Mayhem, Wolf defeated an old face from UWA and GRW, Jason Michaels, via his BUSTA-WOLF! leg drop.

Alexander Kincaid - Air Raid Championship

Wolf was booked into a fatal six-man gauntlet contender's match for the CPW Air Raid Championship against Alexander Kincaid and was one of three competitors to score a pinfall at the same time: himself, Jozo Scary, and Black Swan. Wolf teamed up with Jozo Scary to defeat Black Swan and Jason Michaels at the following Mayhem, then Kincaid left Black Swan to be double-teamed by the two the next week. However, Alexander Kincaid retained the Air Raid Championship at Devil's Night PPV by pinning Black Swan in the Fatal Four Way matchup. At the same time Kincaid was getting the three-count, Wolf had Jozo Scary in The Breaking Point and while the bell had rang to the end the match, Wolf continued to strangle Jozo until he passed out.

In Wolf's mind, Kincaid had avoided him and Wolf had cleared up any discussion about Kincaid's Number One Contender. After Wolf was the last man eliminated in the Devastation Battle Royal (by Andrew Helms), Wolf attacked Kincaid during Alexander's Triple Threat match with Francisco Lopez and Kline Cambria. Before the next Mayhem, Wolf had called out the champions of the company (Kincaid, Lopez, Cambria, Denni Summers) for forcing him to go after them, to justify his track record by beating them. He defeated Francisco Lopez at Mayhem, but was attacked by Kincaid who had claimed to be "miles away" with a championship he'd never touched. Kincaid walked out of another tag team match between himself and Kline Cambria facing Wolf and Andrew Helms, but Wolf, not being the legal man in the ring, took the 10-second countout opportunity to attack the exiting Kincaid.

The two will face off at All Hallow's Eve for the Air Raid Championship.



BUSTA-WOLF! - Arabian Skullcrusher (Non-Hardcore Match: Shooting Star Leg Drop to the Back of the Head)
The Breaking Point - Pentragram Choke

Signature Moves

Mystique Enzuigiri – 360 spin/Corkscrew before kicking to the back of the head
Wolfbomb/Inverted Wolfbomb – Shooting Star Press/Moonsault Into a CrossBody Splash (Opponent's On the Mat)
Nightmare – Tazmission
Upper Wolfbind – Arm-Hook Sleeper
Lower Wolfbind – Edgecator
Freezeout- Elevated Texas Cloverleaf
Breakdown - Snap Spinebuster
Various Armbars
Dropkick to Knee/Lower Leg
All DDT Variations

Hardcore Moves

Bloodflow DDT – DDT From the Top Turnbuckle Into a Stack of Tables Either Covered In Thumbtacks, Barbwire, Flames, Lighttubes, or Whatever Fits the Occasion
Metallic [Submission Move] – Wolf Injects/Utilizes Barbwire Into His Submission Hold
The Annihilator – Death-Defying 630 Senton From the Top of a Ladder (or Higher)
The KillShot – Van-Terminator
The Trauma Ward – Wolf Handcuffs His Opponent to the Ropes In a Corner and Repeatedly Swings a Chair or Kendo Stick to the Head (Uncuffs Opponent Afterwards)

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