The Lonewolf
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Height 6'1
Weight 210 lbs.
Date of birth December 22, 1985
Place of birth Irving, Texas
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Resides Dallas, Texas
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Trainer Michael Gafet
Handled by Lonewolf
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Debut December 2006
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The Lonewolf, also known as "Daniel Gafet" The Lonewolf, is a wrestler in Hardcore Championship and Kings of Wrestling and Elite Wrestling Association. He is also the GM of Eastern Technical Wrestling Alliance which is a new efed. His finisher is the Bite of the Wolf. His entrance music is "Rebirthing" by Skillet. He has made quite an impact in the efed world. He made his debut in December 2006 in Pro Wrestling Predictions. During his stay with PWP he won the Xtreme Championship.

Life Before the Ring

Daniel Gafet(The Lonewolf) grew up with his borther Paul in Irving, TX. Their father was hooked on wrestling and watched it weekly and often visited live events. At the age of six the young boys watched Sting defeat Ric Flair at The Great American Bash to win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. They immediatley fell in love with the wrestler. From his tights to the face paint he wore, and how innovative he was in the ring. At that moment in their young minds they both decided that they wanted to wrestle when they grew up.


They both began their training at the age of 18. They also attended the same wrestling school in Texas. They both wrestled similar styles, but Daniel was more of a high-flyer, unlike his brother Paul, who was a brawler. They began wrestling in the indy circuit as a tag team. They eventually won the tag team titles of their federation.


In mid December of 2006, Daniel (Lonewolf) was signed by PWP. During his stay with PWP he bacame Xtreme Champ and formed a tag team with Eric Herrera, DTA. Due to a controversial incident, Lonewolf was banned from appearing on the PWC network for a set period of time, therefore being let go from PWP and his title vacated. He vowed that it was not the last time, people will see Lonewolf in PWP.

He returned on the 25th of February. He was placed in a Money in the Bank Ladder Match for a World Title shot in the future. He wanted to get his hands on Hell_Raiser and take back what was rightfully his, but he was satisfied with the match he was placed in.


After being released from PWP. Lonewolf went searching for other options. He came across, Totally Extreme Wrestling Alliance. His first match in TEWA was an Over the Top Rope Battle Royal for the TEWA Championship. Lonewolf and a fellow wrestler in TEWA, Mark Optiman were the last remaining wrestlers in the Battler Royal. Lonewolf was dangling on the arpon and Mark Optiman delivered a flying clothesline over the top rope! This resulted in Lonewolf and Optiman to hit the floor at the same time, so they were both rewarded the Heavyweight Championship, as co-holders. At TEWA's first PPV Whiplash, it was scheduled to have Lonewolf and Optiman to face off to determine the single, TEWA Heavyweight Champion, but the federation closed down, due to financial problems before the PPV could occur.


After TEWA became defunct, Lonewolf turned to Hardcore Championship Wrestling. His friend Eric Herrera put in a good word for him and Lonewolf was signed to the HCW roster. His debut match in HCW was on February 19th, against a member of the Night Stalkers, Sniper.

Lonewolf won his debut that match, but the fued with the Night Stalkers was far from over. Lonewolf along with his brother Darkwolf tore up the bar the Nightstalkers often visited and attacked the bartender. Of course, the Nightstalkers were furious, even went as far to mention the Gafet brothers on national television. Michael Gafet, the boy's father showed the brothers what wolves do in their national habitat. But it wasn't enough for the Wolfpack to gain a victory over the Nightstalkers.

Career Record


1 - 3 - 0

  • Armageddon 06 - Lost to BigRedMark
  • New Year's Revolution - def J.kiddd and Android to beceom the NEW Xtreme Champion.
  • Royal Rumble - Lost to Gods Among Mortals, Dogg Pound, and the Extreme Radacals for the Tandem Championships.
  • Royal Rumble - Lost the Royal Rumble Match


1 - 2 - 0

  • February 19, 2007 - Win debut match against Sniper, of the Nightstalkers
  • February 25, 2007 - Lost HCW Ring Games
  • March 5, 2007 - Lost tag team match against the Nightstalkers

Titles Held

  • PWP Xtreme Title
  • TEWA co-World Champion

Random LW Facts

  • LW is better than you.
  • LW is obssessed with wolves.
  • LW is currently signed to a total of six federations.
  • LW founded his own federation.

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