The Macdaddy
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Height 6ft 2 (189cm)
Weight 200 lbs (58 kg)
Date of birth November 20 1989
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Debut Febuary 2007
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The MacDaddy (born 20 November 1989) is an American professional Wrestler born in Columbus, Ohio. He currently wrestles in EWF and The NWF. He has a record of 9 wins and 4 losses in EWF and 0 wins and 0 losses in NWF

Elite Wrestling Federation

The MacDaddy signed a contract with EWF on Feburary 17 and made his debut on the Feburary 25th episode of Afterburn with a victory over Chris Upton in a steel cage match making The MacDaddy the first ever United States Champ. the next week The MacDaddy doubled up on the night winning his first match against King A-Man, Seraphim and Dead Man Walking making The MacDaddy number one contender for the Cruiserweight championship. The Second match of the night The MacDaddy defended his united States Title against Chris Upton in a casket match, after placing Chris in the casket, Ryan Upton infterfed and helped give Chris the win, making Chris the new united states champion. At Revenge, The Macdaddy defeated Ryan Upton in a steel cage match to win the cruiserweight title. The MacDaddys' fued with The Fallen only grew bigger as The MacDaddy teamed with Dead Man Walking, Mr. Anderson, Jack Merridew, and King A-Man to form The Soldiers. After Dead Man Walking and The MacDaddy had a confrontation, The MacDaddy disbanned The Soldiers and went on his own. At everlasting The MacDaddy defeated Gregori Kane to retain the cruiserweight title that he had won against Ryan Upton the at Revenge, the previous PPV. Also, at everlasting The MacDaddy was part of the first inductee class of the EWF Hall of Fame. A short while, after retaining the title The MacDaddy continued his fued with the fallen, forming The Defenders of Gondor. The Defenders contained all of the Soliders excpet Dead Man Walking and picked up another member Fish Boy. The MacDaddy then begin to fued with Sabre, where each man beat each other once. At Stairway to heaven The MacDaddy easily defended his title against Fish Boy and Gregori Kane, whom he again defended his title agianst at Cyber Choas. After the EWF draft lottery, The Defenders were split as The MacDaddy stayed in Afterburn, however, they continued their climb to power staying together despite being in seperate brands.

The Nothern Wrestling Federation

With the EWF being all but alive, wishing to pursue his career as a professional Wrestler The MacDaddy opened up The Northern Wrestling Federation in late June of 2007, Greg Smith being the first to sign a NWF contract

Signature Moves

  • The MacDaddifier (Multiple German Suplexs)
  • Defender of Gondor (Olympic Slam)
  • Ranger of The North (Ankle Lock)
  • Front Suplex
  • Arm Drag
  • Frogsplash
  • Moonsault
  • STF
  • German Suplex

Entrance music

The MacDaddy has used the same song since day one- "Omerta" By Lamb of God

Comapanys worked for

Elite wrestling federation

Nothern Wrestling Federation

Championships and Accomplishments

Elite Wrestling Federation

EWF United states champion (1 time)

EWF Cruiserweight champion (1 time)


The MacDaddy's official bio

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