The Masked Marvel is one of H2O's early proteges who was once a major force in wrestling, having had successful careers in the numerous wrestling federations. However, after years in the business, Marvel decided to leave it behind him for a successful career in psychology. Marvel's life as a violent masked wrestler seemed behind him, until H2O called him back into service. Marvel at first was hesitant but after seeing the poor mental state of the SWA decided to take on the mission of cleaning it up.

Essentially, Marvel considers himself to be some sort of hero, bent on saving the sport of wrestling from deligitimization and mental disorders. Though disturbed at his lack of success, Marvel, is blindly dedicated to this aim. Being a large man, Marvel is also obsessed with food,though we are not sure yet how this connects to his heroism. In short, Marvel is an often weird, often oblivious, quasi obese, masked wrestler who is dedicated to saving the SWA from the evils that plague it.

Marvel is a member of the EE Army, a stable he has been a part of for a decade. Additionally, along with partner H2O, he fights in Tag Team Divisions as one half of the Gaurdians.

The Masked Marvel currently wrestles in the Shootclub Wrestling Alliance , in a league called the ESW.

For more information on the Masked Marvel visit the SWA's website: Shootclub Online Wrestling Game

or see his official profile: Masked Marvel's profile

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