"The Maxx" Maxx Power
The Maxx
Real name {{{realname}}}
Ring Names Steele City's Number One Twisted Son
The Devil's Son
Mr. Twisted
The Twisted one
The Steele City Saint
The Man In Black
The Man of Shadows
The Steele City Madman
The Dark Deceiver
The Scion of Suffering
Steele City Devil
Height 6'1
Weight 260 lbs.
Date of birth March 10, 1980 (29)
Place of birth Steele City, Colorado, USA
Date of death {{{death_date}}}
Place of death {{{death_place}}}
Resides Unknown
Billed from Steele City
Trainer "The Amazin' Mr.Limpo?!"
"The Outlaw" Glynn Taylor
Masahiro Chono
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Win/Loss Record {{{winloss_record}}}
Debut E.R.E.('04)
Retired {{{retired}}}

THE XX Factor

The Maxx has gone through lot of changes over the years. For most of his career he was a crowd favorite. Seeking out justice and revenge for those who couldn't do it themselves. He lived for the crowd. He fashioned himself as "The Steele City Saint." Taking out the "Villains" of the wrestling world with Exxtreme prejudice, no mater the cost to himself. After the fall of The E.R.E, something changed in the Maxx. He became less worried about what the fans thought of him and mostly looked out for himself. That's when he joined The TWOStars organization. The actions he perpetrated there left himself questioning his true nature. He soon tired of the drama and vanished. His whereabouts are currently unknown. Rumor has it that he may have returned to Steele City to once again find himself. If one thing can be said about The Maxx, he is a very unique, and unpredictable individual. Who knows what the future holds...



The Maxx wears black pants, a black sleeveless shirt with MPX printed in silver, black boots, with wrists taped. He has a black elbow pad on his right elbow, and a blue one on his left.


He wears a black, zip up hooded sweatshirt. It has skulls on either side of the hood and lightning bolts down the sleeves and Dark black sunglasses.


Maxx aperance

Maxx has medium long length black hair that sometimes falls into his face. Making him look even more menacing, if that's even possible. He also has bright green eyes and an impeccably groomed goatee;

The Maxx is a medium build(6'1"), muscular, but not bulging(260lbs). He has high endurance and resilience. The Maxx Can take a phenomenal amount of damage, he just keeps coming.


The Maxx's career started in the little wrestling town of Steele City. He was trained by "The Amazin' Mr. Limpo?!" -a former luchador world Champion and owner of the local independent promotion, Steele City Thunder Pro Wrestling.

Despite his finesse and quickness, for a man his size, The Maxx would not learn to adapt to Mr. Limpo's Lucha style. Mr.Limpo could see the talent that Maxx had and became so frustrated with him and his stubbornness that he decided to let him train in any style that he wanted. As long as he promised to follow through and finish what he started.

The Maxx studied old Japanese tapes and old mid-south promotional matches for hours. He would then try to incorporate the tough mid south style into the more technical style of Japan, including the submission and hardcore techniques that he would find in tapes that Mr. Limpo had collected from all over the world.

The Maxx would use these moves in the ring, incorporating them into his own style, with his newfound love of modifying existing moves and making them his own.

Mr. Limpo pleaded with The Maxx. "Maxx my boy, please let me teach you a few high flying techniques to balance out what you have already learned. You could be the best all round wrestler ever. However, as far as that Hardcore stuff goes, tone it down would ya? Some of that stuff is way over the top!"

Maxx sighed and told his friend and trainer "I am GOING to be the best anyone has ever seen in this business, boss! I can't help it if I'm a little bit...Twisted!" Maxx smiled a wicked smile as he said what would soon become his trademark phrase.

With Mr.Limpo's help, they were able to take off the hardcore edge and concentrate on the more technical aspects and developing new moves! Together they created what Maxx calls his "Twisted M.P.X." style! A mix of hardcore and technical style with an assortment of power, a few high flying, and submission moves thrown into the mix!

Maxx is well versed in submission wrestling and can adapt to virtually any style and environment, making him one of the most dangerous men ever to step into a wrestling ring. He is patient, and at times calculating, waiting for his opponent to make a mistake before he hits him with a big move. Maxx is also an extremely dedicated and resourceful Tag - Team partner. At one time, he considered himself a tag-team specialist.

The Maxx dominated the Mid-west region for months as Steele City’s T.P.W. Champion, and with The Bionic Wedo, one of the top Tag-Teams in the independent circuit.

He also ran the company for a few months when Mr.Limpo decided to retire from wrestling. This further helped to round out Maxx as he learned the business side of wrestling.

The Maxx eventually became board with the old feuds and left the Steele City's T.P.W. in the Hands of Mr.Limpo's son, as well as his former Tag-team partner, "The Bionic Wedo!"

He then wrestled for various Mid-West Promotions, most notably the R.M.C.W. one of the various training grounds for the A.W.A. The promoters wanted to give him a huge push. Unfortunately it came at the wrong time. Maxx received a phone call he had been waiting for his whole career. The opportunity to wrestle in Japan for N.J.P.W. He wrestled in and around Japan under the tutelage of one of his heroes Masahiro Chono. He wrestled upper mid card and had a huge fan following but was unable to capture any gold in Japan. Frustrated, but thankful for the hospitality and new techniques he developed,(he still pays tribute to Chono by using the Mafia Kick in his move set. He decided to seek greener pastures.

The Maxx headed off to find the company he had heard rumors about where only the BEST stood a chance.That promotion was Extreme Revolution Entertainment and he hoped to finally realize his destiny of becoming World Champion. Unfortunately, times change quickly in the world of professional wrestling and it was only a matter of time before ERE went under. With the collapse of ERE, Maxx future was in question.

The Maxx disappeared for a while after the crash of Extreme Revolution Entertainment. It is believed he did a tour of underground illegal shoot wrestling around the States, Thailand and Germany where he may have picked up his unequivocal mastery of the cobra clutch. He had utilized the hold before, but after coming to TWOStars, there is no doubt that no one knows more about the hold then he. The move cannot be used against him as he knows every possible counter/reversal.

He has just recently resurfaced in TWOStars, the company that took over E.R.E sporting a darker attitude then ever. Maybe due to the brutal matches he had been involved with around the world.

What Maxx may have lost in his capacity for mercy doesn't show in his ring style. If anything he is even more observant of his opponents skills. Waiting for the chance to exploit them, at times striking like a rabid animal, but with the precision of a well oiled machine.

He almost seems to have a sixth sense and is almost always one step ahead of his opponent.

Maxx's time in TWOStars was short as well due in part to family issues and has since been working as a "Road Agent." Once again, only time will tell if the "Twisted one" will ever step back into a TWOStars ring...



Twisted : The Maxx and Brandon Parker

TWOStars' Tag Team, known simply as "Twisted" sees ex ERE juggernaut The Maxx team up with England born Brandon Parker.

The Maxx arrived in TWOStars back in late June, but realized he needed somebody to back him up. He had to choose someone whom he could trust, and that person turned up later that very night.

Brandon Parker arrived in style but quickly found himself in an altercation with Iagan and Arkham. Just as things were about to get ugly, The Maxx stepped forward from the shadows, and the two continued to see off the Brainbusters.

Later that night the teams squared off in the ring, and Twisted made their debut a winning one. They worked solidly together, isolating Iagan from Arkham with good strategy. Quick tags and attacks helped to see Twisted stand victorious at the end, and despite the crowds boo's they had to be impressed. Twisted are on the rampage and ready to kick ass ERE style!!

Brandon Parker and The Maxx had a good run before he mysteriously disappeared. Although they are not in contact. Brandon Parker was one of the few people Maxx trusted. He still views him as a friend.


Just as mysteriously as The Maxx disappeared, He recently showed up on XTV Challenging another newcomer Reno Taylor. He had a match with Reno Taylor at Hell To Pay '09 where he was pinned in his return match. Even though he was defeated in the match he still ended up laying out Reno Taylor with "The Twist Of Cain." It seems The Man In Black may be back for good. The week after losing to Reno Taylor, Maxx was approached bu Damon Kori. Damon did everything he could think of to convince Maxx to team with him. Maxx finaly agreed to team with Kori and help him win gold with the stipulation that Damon help him share his "pain" with everyone they come in contact with. Thus forming the new team...



Entrance Music: Scars of The Crucifix – Deicidethumb|200px|right


“Scars of the Crucifix” pounds through the P.A. system as the lights go out. A gleaming strobe effect fills the arena as the fans begin to boo the arrival of Maxximum Definition.

“The Body Intellect” Damon Kori and The Maxx appear on stage. A simple spotlight highlights the two men. The Maxx is attired in black pants and sleeveless black shirt with M.P.X in silver emblazed on the front. Black elbow pad on his right, and his token blue elbow pad on his left arm. He keeps his head down as he immediately makes his way down the ramp.

Damon Kori however pauses on the stage. Dressed in simple black wrestling tights and boots. His muscular well oiled body gleams in the spotlight. He flexes his arms as batches of pyros ignite behind and above him. The lightshow seems to follow Maxx down the ramp in a shower of sparks. Maxx seems to not even notice.

Ring Announcer Tony Chimmel: Making their way to the ring at this time, at a combined weight of five hundred and five pounds, “Harvard’s Best Athlete” DAAAMON KOOORI…and his tag team partner… “STEELE CITY’S NUMBER ONE TWISTED SON” …THE MAXX. Together they are…”MAXXIMUM DEFINITION!!!!!!!!


The Maxx rolls into the ring and stands in the corner awaiting his partner who is taking his time coming down to ringside. As fans reach out to touch him, Damon Kori pulls his hand back and grimaces, as if he is about to slap the idiot who dared try to put their filthy hands on his flawless physique. Kori Climbs the ring steps and enters. Both men mount different corner buckles. Maxx crosses his arms across his chest, forming an “X”. The Def pumps his arms in the air as another batch of pyros goes off overhead.


The two men descend the buckles. They go to their corner and talk amongst themselves while they await the action. thumb|200px|right|THE SLINGSHOT EFFECTthumb|200px|right|"MAGNA CUM LAUDE"


SIGNATURE MOVES: 1.“Slingshot Effect”{Maxx stands perched on the top buckle as Damon slingshot flips their opponent towards him. As Kori releases the victim, Maxx comes flying off the top and hits the flung opponent with a clothesline}

2.“Arn and Ole”{Maxx and Damon will chose a body part and work it to death. Usually legs, knees, and ankles}

3.“Double Hip Toss To Backbreaker”

4.“Spike Piledriver”

FINISHERS 1.”Magna Cum Laude”<Maxx-Rolling Cradle into a Fisherman’s Buster. Damon catches the opponent as he is going down and plants him with a Sit Out Powerbomb

2. “Submissions” <Kori: “Definition of Pain”. Maxx: “Bear Trap” or…”The Dark”>


"MaxDef" Lost their debut match against "The Brotherhood" Iagan and Joseph Helms. Maxx was forced to tap out to Helms "CHIKARA SPECIAL!"



(1)The fans mostly boo, but there are a few cheers as "Devil's son" by Devil Driver tears the PA to shreds.

Announcer:Weighing in tonight at two hundred and sixty pounds, "Steele City's" number one "TWISTED" son ...this... MAXX!

More boos as two pillars of flame erupt from either end of the entrance way. The Maxx appears and stops briefly at the top of the ramp. From there he power walks to the ring. The Maxx does a circuit around the ring, refusing to slap hands with the fans as he passes. One fan reaches over to touch Maxx's shoulder; He looks at him menacingly and pulls his arm away! Maxx then rolls under the bottom rope and ascends the nearest turnbuckle. He crosses his arms in front of himself to form an "X", then drops his head and raises his right arm as a batch of pyro goes off from the rafters above the ring, and a slight pop from the crowd.

"Devil's Son" fades from the PA.


Punch, Chop, Stomp kick, Back elbow, Elbow Drop, Running/standing Knee Drop(Usually to a joint), Running back Elbow, Running/ jumping knee lift, Kitchen Sink, Snap Mare, Side Headlock Takeover, Standing Armbar, Hammerlock,Top Wristlock, Reverse Chin Lock, Flying forearm smash, Drop toehold, Arm ringer with shoulder thrust/Elbow Strikes, Running/Standing Clothesline, Low dropkick, Vertical suplex, Back suplex, Shin breaker, Inverted atomic drop, DDT, Reverse DDT, Piledriver, Side Backbreaker, Pendulum Backbreaker, Irish Whip Feint to Pull Back Spinebuster (often used as a counter), Hammer Lock Shoulder Breaker,

thumb|200px|right|Spicolli Driver through a table! thumb|200px|right|The Cobra-Plexx


Cobra Clutch Slam

Cobra Clutch Backbreaker

Cobra Clutch Sit Out Driver

Cobra Sweep{Cobra clutch side leg sweep, can be used in combination with the "Twisted Clutch"}

"The Cobra Plexx{Cobra clutch suplex}"

"Twisted Clutch"{Camel Clutch with the Cobra Clutch locked in}

"Cobra Clutch STF"

“The Jungle Kick”:{Mafia Kick}

"The Bear Trap"{Standing Single Leg Boston Crab(like a single leg old school Lion Tamer)}

"Spicoili Driver"{Death Valley Driver}

The Maxx-SpicolliDriver

Spicolli Driver

"A Clockwork Orange"{360 Brain Buster}

"The Edge Crusher"{Modified (hooks right leg) Fisherman's Buster}

"Fall From Grace"{Avalanche DDT}

"Depth Charge"{Avalanche Reverse DDT}

"The DevilDriver" |Fire Thunder Driver


(1)PRIMARY FINISHER:"THE TWIST OF CAIN!"Innovated{A Fireman's carry; twist out into a big reverse DDT!} "I hit this once.... and you’re done!" -The Maxx

There is a variation to the Twist of Cain. The Maxx calls it "The Twist MK2"{Scoop Reverse DDT} Maxx rairly uses it, but in a pinch, it can be almost as devistating as its predecessor.

The Twist MK2

(2)"EVENT HORIZON"{Top Rope Elbow Drop}

(3)PRIMARY SUBMISSION: "THE DARK!"{*Modified Front Standing Choke to STO!} thumb|300px|right|The Dark

    • The Maxx is very serious about this move. Applying it is a sign that Maxx wants to cause some lasting damage. Maxx will never do this move just for show. It is his lethal finish.
  • Maxx utilizes the move by standing face to face with his opponent. He wraps his right arm around their left arm and neck, trapping their arm. He clutches his hands behind their neck and applies pressure, cutting of circulation.

Just when the opponent is about to tap, Maxx will sweep the legs out from under his opponent, driving them to the mat STO style. Like a reticulating python, he will NOT relinquish the hold until his opponent (prey) is still or unless he is disqualified. If Maxx is feeling vengeful or just cruel when this move is applied, he may need to be pulled, or beat, to relinquish this hold. Maxx is slowly becoming obsessed with..."The Dark!"


thumb|300px|right|Cobra sweep into The Twisted clutch. (1)"THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT"{Double Underhook Powerbomb} Sometimes into the corner buckles!

(2)“THE P.H.D.”{Pump Handle Driver} Usually a set up for The Event Horizon

(3)"BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA"{Top Rope Tomahawk Chop!} Set up for The Twist Of Cain

(4)"THE COBRA CLUTCH"{Maxx is the unequivocal master of the Cobra Clutch and has a variety of power moves and submissions that he can perform from this position.}

(5)"WELCOME TO STEELE CITY"{This involves Maxx's use of any steel weapons especialy throwing his opponent into the :::ring steps.}

(6)BESSEMER BEATDOWN/FURY PUNCH{A variety of right and left punches that ends with a big swinging right hand that Maxx calls "The Fury Punch"}


Bessemer Beatdown/wFury Punch


"THE KING COBRA-PLEXX"{Avalanche Cobra-Plexx}

"FOR LOUIE!"{Avalanche Death Valley Driver}


Shouts, "Let's get Twisted!" Before throwing "The Twist of Cain!"

"Let's get Twisted!" is The Maxx's trademark phrase.




Barry Gower. Sickness. Boyo. Harry 'Hardcore' Hart. Kyle Gilmore. Lucian L. Jones.


Sam_H in ERE Brandon Parker in TWOStars Currently teamed with Damon Kori as Maxximum Definition


Sickness. Chris2K. MBR. Iagan.


Steele Chair, Ring Steps, On occasion Maxx has, and will use/throw fire!

Maxx 2x4

Barbed Wire 2x4


Copy of 28Dreamer2.0

The Maxx with his coveted Great Lakes Championship Title

Steele city T.P.W. mid-west champion!

IPW Great Lakes Champion!

ERE Tag-Team Champions with Sam_H!

On 22nd July 2009 The Maxx won his first singles title by pinning Iagan in a triple threat match for the TWOStars Television Championship. The Match included Harry 'Hardcore' Hart, who was the title holder in the match.


(1)The M.P.X. thing started in Steele City! It is a chant that the crowd would start when The "M"axx would hit one of his more "P"owerful e"X"treme moves!

M=Manipulate! P=Pounce! X=eXecute!

(2)"Let's get Twisted!" refers to the Twist Of Cain!

(3)'The Twist of Cain' was developed when one of Maxx's opponents tried to counter a Death Valley Driver!

(4)The Maxx's favorite band is the Gothic rock band Danzig!

(5)Maxx defeats King Of The Ring 2004 winner Chris2K on 11/29/04

(6)Debuts the Top Rope Tomahawk Chop{Shades of Ricky Steamboat!} 1/17/05 Later re-named "Blunt Force Trauma"

(7)Maxx likes to hang out in the backstage parking garage. Among the shadows. He likes to use the dark and shadows to his advantage. He virtually seems to vanish in them. Perhaps something else he learned during his stint in Japan. No one knows, and he's not saying!

(8)Maxx will be booed and jeered relentlessly by fans all around the world except in his home state of Colorado, where, despite his actions he will be cheered and greeted as a hometown hero.


Seems to be back full time.

Was briefly a part of Regeneration X in The E.R.E.

Formed TWISTED with Brandon Parker in TWOStars.

If asked, Maxx will admit that Parker was one of his best partners he ever had.
Not like that "sandbagger" Sam_H in E.R.E!
"I carried that sumbitch through more matches then I care to remember!
-The Maxx

Currently with Damon Kori as part of Maxximum Definition


Maxx Was a face for a long time and then started feeling under appreciated and underused. His Obsession with a choke submission of his own design (The Dark') started getting the better of him and he gradually stated to lose his fan base. Shortly after that he turned heel.

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