The Mercenaries
The Mercenaries
Current Members JW McCammon
James Williams
Gabriel Gates
Former Members
Heights 6'2" (McCammon)
6'3" (Williams)
7'0" (Gates)
Combined Weight 490 lbs. (Williams and McCammon)
560 lbs. (Gates and McCammon)
Billed from
Handled by J.W. McCammon and A. Cox
In-ring debut September 2004

The Mercenaries are an American professional wrestling tag team, consisting of "The Mercenary" JW McCammon, "The Contract Killer" James Williams, and "The Archangle" Gabriel Gates. JW McCammon and James Williams are currently wrestling for the WrestleView Wrestling Federation. Gabriel Gates is semi-retired.


Xtreme Championship Wrestling

The Mercenaries got started in the XCW, with JW McCammon and Gabriel Gates joining Red Fusion’s Murder. McCammon had already joined the company, when Gates made his debut at XCW Repentance. Being part of the Murder, Gates and McCammon did whatever Red Fusion wanted. From unceremoniously kicking Reckless Jack out of the group, to taking on Rock Steady in a handicap match, McCammon and Gates did as they were told, no questions asked, which was just the way McCammon and Gates liked it. McCammon and Gates would then go into a short lived feud against Reckless Jack and his associate, Snake, taking them both out with a Con-Chair-Toh. After about a month though, Gates left, going on hiatus, leaving the Murder and McCammon behind. McCammon then went back into singles competition, which led to him winning the XCW Global Championship. But even with that big win, McCammon still wanted a partner he could count on to back him up.

A couple of days after winning the Global title, McCammon contacted his friend James Williams, who had just become a free agent from the SWF. The up and coming Williams came to XCW in early 2005. Williams and McCammon immediately became Red Fusion’s right hand men, with McCammon becoming “The Mercenary” and Williams becoming “The Contract Killer,” McCammon and Williams became the Mercenaries.

January 30, 2005 will remain a big day in Mercenary history. At XCW Rumble 2005, the Mercenaries, Williams and McCammon, had their biggest success. To start it all off, The Mercenaries became the XCW Tag Team Champions, defeating Johnny T and Bad Ass Lac-Hydrin. After that James Williams defeated Triple M, for the XCW Submission Championship. Then JW McCammon retained the XCW Global Championship against Jon Michaels. With the night over, The Mercenaries had amassed two title belts a piece. Now that’s a lot of gold!

The Mercenaries defend their titles against some of the best in XCW, but Red Fusion was always there to back them up. They beat Johnny T and AJ Phoenix for their first title defense on February 2, 2005. The title match at XCW Retribution on February 20, 2005 went to a No Contest when Triple M joined Red Fusion and The Mercenaries in another brutal betrayal and beating of perennial antagonist, Reckless Jack. They drew against the Bad Ass White Boyz also thanks to Red Fusion helping them. Fusion was not enough, though, to keep Mr. Superior and Mike Nitro from finally defeating the Merceneries for the XCW Tag Team Championships on February 28, 2005.

National Wrestling Association

In March 2005, McCammon and Gates returned to the NWA. On the March 7th edition of Monday Night Mayhem McCammon came out of the crowd, in a hooded sweatshirt, to help his old friend, Gabriel Gates, who had a match against Dennis Mann. McCammon blasted Dennis Mann with a couple of chairshots before taking off the hood and revealing himself to the crowd. Gates and McCammon then proceeded to take apart Mann, until Steve Starr came to the rescue. Starr and Mann then challenged Gates and McCammon for a match on the following Monday.

On the next Mayhem, McCammon and Gates, with the help of Marvin Jackson, went up against Steven Starr and Dennis Mann. Christian York came out and proceeded to distract Starr. Mann however, turned on Starr and joined McCammon, Jackson, Gates, and York in beating Starr to a pulp. All five men stood tall over the fallen body of Steve Starr.

Then on March 21, 2005, McCammon and Gates got their shot at the NWA World Tag Team Championships against Dorian Ambrose and Evan Hart. After a grueling match and a Spike Piledriver, The Mercenaries became the new NWA World Tag Team Champions! This reign however would be short lived. Just five days later, at WrestleFest IV on March 26, 2005, as made by Steve Starr, The Mercenaries were soundly defeated by Bullet and Magnum for the NWA World Tag Team belts.

However, it wasn’t long before The Mercenaries won the titles back. Because McCammon defeated Bullet on April 5, 2006, he earned the rematch that they needed. And on the following Mayhem, McCammon and Gates made good on the rematch as they defeated Bullet and Magnum in no time flat to regain the NWA World Tag Team Championships!

The Mercenaries were still the tag champs when the company later folded due to a failed roster split.


"The Mercenary" J.W. McCammon

The technical wrestler of the group. His no non-sense style and his excellent execution are on par with some of the greatest technical wrestlers in the world. He has teamed with both Gates and Williams, winning all three of the titles that the Mercenaries have had.

"The Archangel" Gabriel Gates

The big man of the group, Gates is a throwback to the early career of Kevin Nash as Diesel in the then WWF of 1995. Gates and McCammon have known each other the longest, being that they have teamed in the NWA, XCW, and the SWF.

"The Contract Killer" James Williams

The powerhouse. Williams is the so-called go-to guy. He is the man that gets things done in the clutch. Brash and in your face, Williams is the mouthpiece of the group.

Wrestling Facts

Finishing and signature maneuvers

Williams and McCammon

  • Reverse Powerslam onto Opponent (Williams Powerslams McCammon onto Opponent, ala The Hart Foundation)
  • Backbreaker (Williams) + Second Turnbuckle Forearm Drop (McCammon)
  • Backslide Pin (Williams) + Top Rope Legdrop to Throat (McCammon)
  • Snap Powerbomb w/ Missile Dropkick (McCammon or Williams can variate these moves.)
  • Military Press Slam (Williams) + Shooting Star Press (McCammon)

McCammon and Gates

  • Full Nelson (McCammon) + Punches (Gates) into a Dragon Suplex (McCammon)
  • Full Nelson (Gates) + Punches (McCammon) into a Full Nelson Slam (Gates)
  • Flying Body Splash off Partners Shoulders (McCammon off of Gates.)
  • Scoop Slam (Gates) + Shooting Star Press (McCammon)
  • Superplex (McCammon) + Top Rope Splash (Gates)
  • Spike Piledriver



Xtreme Championship Wrestling

National Wrestling Association

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