The Misfits is a tag-team that was formed in the Combative Wrestling Alliance consisting of Aaron King and The Crusader. The Misfits went on to win the CWA Tag Team Championships at CWA Turbulence where they would make history as the first CWA Tag Team Champions.


The Misfits is a new group with two supertstars, that came together at CWA Turbulence to win a tag team battle royal. Leading the team at the time is Aaron King.


In their first matchup ever for the CWA Tag Team Championships, The Misfits pulled through against four other superstar teams in the over the top rope elimination to become the first time champs in the fed. They've recently went on to retain the title belts against The Dudley Boyz at CWA's Pay Per View - Salvation.

Aaron King had a singles match against Horsemen Paul Roma and defeated him after delivering the G.T.H. and placing him out. However, next week at Turbulence was different .. even after King pulled through and practically destroyed Vicious with the G.T.H. Paul Roma was still the legal man, and applied a Boston Crab on The Crusader till he was forced to tap, ending their first title reign together.

Title History

  • 1-Time CWA Tag-Team Champions (Aaron King & The Crusader)

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