The Mysterious Birdman, also known as 0¿0, was by far the most extreme wrestler the Earth had ever known. Yes, the Earth. Even outside of e-wrestling. He was so extreme, he made Mick Foley look like a sleeping Al Gore. He once hit God with a chair shot, then he demanded God's chocolate starfish. God reluctantly relented, allowing a giant feathery cock to be shoved up his asshole. They had a child named Jesus. The rest, as they say, is feathered cock history.

The Mysterious Birdman is the only e-wrestler to ever get 300 in Wii Bowling more than 10 times. The reason why, experts presume, is because he is fucking bad ass. Way better than Jamie Kosoy. Jamie Kosoy was just in charge during his "ERA" because Birdman wanted to use that Jew boy as a distraction for the feds while he ran the real show, feathery nutsack and all. When reached for comment, Birdman said the most offensive thing known to both man and bird. "OVEN OVEN OVEN, JEW JEW JEW, KAW KAW KAW, NAPPY HEADED HOES UP IN HERE." It is not known when Birdman will be appearing on Al Sharpton's show.

Speaking of dipshits, though it was hidden nearly all the time, Birdman had a habit of facefucking Evan Levine while he tried in a valiant-yet-impossible attempt to write a roleplay without misspelling simple non-words like "ain't." Evan also had a habit of repeating roleplays he had already written, like he did during his Utter Obliteration match against Psycho Jay - whenever he did this, a feathery cock would Evan's mouth get. More than four times. Nobody knew it at the time, but Evan Levine's mother was fucked in all of her holes by the Mysterious Birdman's 26 inch manaconda. So was his faggot of a father, Marie Levine. Yes, Evan Levine's dad had a sex change - something a half-man, half-bird is obviously going to fucksploit.

The Mysterious Birdman, the most extreme man ever to live (even though he was technically less than half a man), also teabagged Tom Ford. And Gerald Ford. And Betty Ford while she was drunk, which is all the time. He always has at least one nut on Betty Ford's temple to this day. He considers it his patriotic duty.

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