The Mysterious Leinad Sicnarf
[[Image:|px|Image of The Mysterious Leinad Sicnarf]]
Real name Unknown
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Height 6'10"
Weight 313 lbs.
Date of birth 3/13/1978
Place of birth Shrewsbury, UK
Date of death None
Place of death None
Resides Hell
Billed from Hell
Trainer Damien Natas
None (Retired)
Handled by Dan Francis
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Debut 1999
Retired {{{retired}}}

The Mysterious Leinad Sicnarf (TMLS), who has also appeared as "Mysterious" Leinad Sicnarf and just Leinad Sicnarf, first appeared in e-feds in 1999, and in a two year career underlined himself as a force to be reckoned with.

Wrestling Career

"Mysterious" Leinad Sicnarf the wrestler first appeared in Dangerous Killer Wrestling, as a silent, powerful man whose interviews were conducted by his manager, Damien Natas. But soon Sicnarf grew tired of not being allowed to speak, and, plain and simply, killed his manager by smashing him against a brick wall. This new Sicnarf, with a new attitude, dropped the "Mysterious" title and started to make a name for himself in the federation.

His first major opponent soon made his presence known. Sicnarf had put up an open challenge, and it was answered by a mysterious figure by the name of REDRUM. This was the start of Sicnarf's first ever major feud, and the two kept on at each other, interview four or five times a night each in an attempt to win the battle. Sicnarf even re-adopted the "Mysterious" gimmick to give himself a relevant angle from which to meet REDRUM.

Rather anti-climatically, the match came and was fought to tie, when the thought-dead Damien Natas returned, and planted both men over the head with tombstones. Natas disappeared just as quickly as he returned, but the entire feud had shown Sicnarf just what he was capable of, when he put his mind to it.

Coming out of this match Sicnarf, remaining "Mysterious", formed the "World Order Of Hell", or WOOH for short, by alligning himself with Fudgie O's World Order (The fWo). This stable would later go on to other feds.

The DKW went on for another month or so, and the night it closed was the night of Sicnarf's first DKW World Title shot there. We were never to know if this was a federation Sicnarf could have conquered. NB: During his time in the DKW, Sicnarf would meet a wrestler he would later re-encounter in his latest fed, the WoW. Who this was remains unknown to this day, but the men Sicnarf met there were Bane, Bloody Fudge, The Freak, Lethal Eli Eadeh, Big Sexy and Tower. Just who was it?

Sicnarf then briefly entered the Hardcore Wrestling Federation, where he re-started the World Order Of Hell, but this time comprising of himself, Damien Natas, and a new member called the Destructor. Unfortunately, Sicnarf was unready for this type of alliance, and soon left, taking the WOOH moniker with him.

Next was Sicnarf's first meeting with greatness, when he entered the Pure Hardcore Wrestling League, the PHWL for short. This federation contained a few former DKW stars, who obviously would recognise Sicnarf. So instead he decided to play a few mind games with them, and entered as "The Cloaked Man".

Under that name Sicnarf terrorised some members of the PHWL he recognised, and even some he didn't. Unfortunately Sicnarf was unmasked by members of The Progeny, a powerful stable in the PHWL, and he entered into a bitter feud with them. Around this time another man made his entrance into the PHWL, a man by the name of The Grim Reaper, Jimmy Pop. Pop and Sicnarf were put into a team together by the Federation's bookers, and they were forced to meet The Progeny's Lord Of Darkness Doomsday and Scarecrow, who Sicnarf had been attacking in other matches. The match was fought, and it seemed that Sicnarf and Pop grew together stronger into an alliance.

Soon Pop campaigned for a World title shot against Doomsday, who had won the title after Dangerous Dougie Aines of The Progeny had vacated when he left. Pop and Doomsday looked like a good battle, but there were concerns about Scarecrow interfering, so Sicnarf volunteered himself to be Special Guest Referee.

Pop Vs. Doomsday was a hard-fought affair, and either man could have come out on top. But in the end the factor of Sicnarf as Special Guest Referee came into play, but not as many had thought. Pop managed to get Doomsday down for a pin, and Sicnarf administered the count. When he got to two, he stood up and laughed at Pop, before ripping off his referee shirt to reveal a Progeny t-shirt underneath. Incensed, Pop immediately knocked Sicnarf out, and used Sicnarf's hand to count the fall, making Pop World Champion.

During this feud and double-cross, Sicnarf had successfully beaten a man by the name of Vigilante to become the PHWL Brawler Champion in an I Quit match. He succesfully defended against Vigilante again in a Flaming Hell In A Cell match, before they had their final battle at a PHWL Pay Per View event, where Sicnarf had to not only defend once more against Vigilante, but also face Pop for the World Championship. Sicnarf was disqualified from the Vigilante match and stripped of the Brawler title, but made up for it later on that night when he destroyed Pop, taking his first World Championship.

Sicnarf remained as World Champion for a further month, until the Federation closed its' doors. Just before the end, Sicnarf had started negotiations with the fWo, who were also in PHWL, with regards to reforming the WOOH and incorporating into the Progeny.

Sicnarf, the fWo, Vigilante, his partner Cobra and the DKW Champion Ice Cold (Now known as Ash) who Sicnarf was to have met the night the DKW closed down all went to the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation, where Sicnarf, Vigilante and Cobra teamed up to form the Knights of the Round Table, and they started a feud with the fWo. Vigilante went missing, never to be seen again, so Sicnarf re-started the WOOH, issuing an open invitation to people he felt worthy of joining him. He was joined by Ash and another wrestler named The Rock. Cobra was to have joined to, but he had to meet some challenges first.

Sicnarf successfully became the first EHWF World Champion soon afterwards, with his first defence being successful against Buff Tortoise. He assigned Cobra the task of beating the man who Sicnarf had to meet in his second title defence, Chris Jacobs to gain entry in the WOOH. Things were made easier for Cobra in that he was the second man that Jacobs would have to face in a Gauntlet match, the first being WOOH member Ash.

Jacobs won. Cobra wasn't allowed into the WOOH, and Sicnarf was so incensed at Ash for losing that he disbanded the WOOH. Ash came back at Sicnarf, and a Triple Threat match was scheduled for the World Championship where Sicnarf would give Jacobs his shot, and Ash would be given a chance to get revenge. Sicnarf and Ash immediately went at each other, whilst Jacobs watched. Then, Sicnarf and Ash turned on Jacobs, neutralising him. Sicnarf then made a signal to Ash before laying on the ground. Ash immediately made the pin, and won the World Championship. Later that night it was revealed that Sicnarf had retired from the EHWF, and it was wondered whether Sicnarf had planned this all along, and the WOOH was not really disbanded. We never got a chance to find out, as the EHWF closed its' doors the next day.

Next, Sicnarf, realising that he would go for as many different belts as possible, entered Full Throttle Wrestling, and in his first match became Intercontinental Champion. Following the Owen Hart tragedy, one week and one successful title defence later, Sicnarf announced his retirement from wrestling as a mark of respect to someone whom he had watched for ten years, and actually remembered the Blue Blazer the first time around.

Sicnarf didn't stay out of the business though. He used his expertise to teach two young wrestlers, whom he wanted to win the Tag Team Championship of the Professional Championship Wrestling federation. These two men were X-Punk and Bane, known as Degeneration Next. DNext, as they were known, swept all before them, and retired undefeated as Champions. Sicnarf had enjoyed managing, but it wasn't really him. He wanted to get back in the ring, and spent a month training.

Then he heard about Warriors of Wrestling, where many former DKW, PHWL and EHWF members could be found. This appealed to Sicnarf, and he came out of retirement. His first match was a Hardcore Nº1 Contendership Match against a wrestler by the name of The Reaper, which he won after assistance from Bloody Fudge of the PHWL. This lead to rumours as to just what relationship existed between the fWo, the WoW Tag Champions, and Sicnarf, and whether Sicnarf would join the stable the fWo were in with the former Cobra, now known as Method Man which were called The Jiggas.

Sicnarf's next match, before any revelations as to the stable matters were revealed, was against the Nº1 Contender for the WoW World Championship, The Leprechaun. The Leprechaun took an easy win as Sicnarf was knocked unconscious before the match even started with a sneak attack by The Reaper, who didn't like the fact that Sicnarf had beaten him the week before. Later that night though, a bombshell was dropped...

Sicnarf came to the ring, and talked about how it had been rumoured that his relationship with the Jiggas had been associated with a re-formation of the WOOH. He announced that the WOOH was on hold, but he announced a new stable, the PHWL! It was open to anybody who had competed in the DKW or PHWL, and he announced the first members, the fWo. But he also told the world that there were two more unknown members, who would soon make their presence known.

One week later, Sicnarf beat Chris Carnage to become the WoW Hardcore Champion. On the same card the fWo retained their Tag Championship, and the North American Championship Battle Royal was won by the man most heavily rumoured to be in the PHWL, Method Man. Method Man later admitted he was one of the two unknown members.

That left one more. Just who was he? And why did Sicnarf refer to him as his Higher Power? Sicnarf knew. Sicnarf's manger and other Higher Power Damien Natas knew. The fWo knows. Method Man knew. But no-one else does. Then the WoW closed and the secret was lost to the mists of time...

Titles Held

EHWF World Championship

Full Throttle Wrestling Intercontinental Championship

PHWL Brawler Championship

PHWL World Championship

WoW Hardcore Championship


World Order Of Hell



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