The Myth
Real name Val Soul
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Height 6'1"
Weight 220 lbs.
Date of birth February 30, 1980
Place of birth Atlanta, Georgia
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Atlanta, Georgia
Billed from Atlanta, Georgia
East Coast Wrestling
Handled by Brian
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Debut May 2006
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Val Soul got his big break into wrestling with the Hardcore Wrestling League (HWL). Val came in as a running mate to 3 guys who were in a stable called the "Players Club" Val won his first tag team title with his partner Jinx within his first month at HWL. It was not long after that the Players Club won the first ever "Stable title" and held onto that title for the better part of 3 years. During those years Val won the Hardcore Title 5 times, the World Title 3 times and won the Tag titles 1 more time. Then, in defense of his World title Val was forced into a very dangerous match. A match that would try and end his carrier.

A broken back put Val into the hospital for just over two years. 14 months of that time Val was in a coma and went through 5 major surgeries. Once he woke up he had another 16 months of physical therapy ahead of him. This has so far been the only time in Val's life that he gave up. It was at this point in his life that a woman by the name of Kendal Mease began to help him not only physical but mentally as well. Kendal and Val became close friends through those hard times. Once Val got out of the hospital he tried to do the 9 to 5 thing but he was unable to really hold a job. Val turned to wrestling again but found out that because of his broken back no one was willing to give him a shot.

Then fate came to Val. Val was looking for work in the Richmond Virginia area when he saw a flyer for an up an coming federation. The East Coast Wrestling Federation to be exact. Val went to a show and was sold on the idea of joining. He walked up to the man they called Captain Kessler and told him he wanted to join. Kessler did not even ask about Val's past... he just wanted another warm body to put into the ring.

Val went on to become the first ever Heavyweight Champion of ECW. However, he lost that title on his first defense and left ECW. During his break Val hunted down the man who had tried to end his carrier. When he found the man he was so disgusted at what the man had become that he decided to let the man live. After all, Val had learned a valuable lesson in life.

Val had learned that you cannot go through life only looking at the world with a single perception. You had to open your eyes to the possibilities that not everything is what it seems. And many things are what they seem, and much more. It was with this thinking that Val wanted to share his knowledge. However, he could not get anyone to listen. He needed a stepping stone. He needed airtime. So, Val Soul came back to the ECW just so he could have a small stage to stand on and show the world what they are missing. Val has since adopted the title "The Myth" claiming that existence is more then what it seems.


"The Myth" Val Soul

In wrestling

  • Finishing moves/Signature moves
  • Myth Buster (Flat Liner into the middle turn buckle)
  • 'Soul Drop' (Whips them into the ropes, comes back with a back body drop that sends them into the air. Quickly turns around and drop kicks them on their way down in the back)
  • OOPS! (Picks them up like a power bomb but just lets them go. Acts like it was an accident.)
  • Atlanta Hangover (Front flip leg drop from top rope)
  • Flying Forearm
  • Standing Dropkick
  • High Knee Smash
  • Knife-edged chop
  • Enzuigiri
  • Theme Song
  • A Beautiful Lie by 30 Seconds to Mars

Awards & Achievements

  • ECW Heavyweight Champion
  • Wrestler of the Week (3)
  • Match of the Week (6)
  • Roleplay of the Week

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