The New Generation
Faction Name The New Generation (UWL)
UWL's New Generation (OLW)
Abbreviation The New Gen
The Gen
Status Disbanded
Time open September 2007 - January 11th, 2008
Final members Brad Hunter
Matt Mathews
Adam Houston
Thaurer (December 4th - January 11th, 2008)
Other members Jason Hunt (September 2007 - November 28th, 2007)
Federations Universal Wrestling League

The New Generation was a heel faction wrestling in Jay Jefferson's Universal Wrestling League. The group was co-founded by 2 Man Army members Jason Hunt and Brad Hunter in 2007 and grew to include Adam Houston, Matt Mathews and finally Thaurer. Between the five the group held the UWL Heritage Championship twice, the UWL Television Championship and the UWL Tag Team Championship where each person save for Thaurer were recognized as.


Formation: 2 Man Army vs The Best Team EVA

The New Generation was never a faction for a while, but rather it was a term coined to describe 2 Man Army. For a time, 2 Man Army was feuding with Shawn Stevens and Josh Eagles, known collectively as the Best Team Eva. Alternatively, BTE had coined the nickname the "Old Guard", after defending the UWL against a previous faction, Rich Morrison and the New Money Army. Eventually however Hunter and Hunt knew the time was right to add a member.

Not long after Nightmare II, the duo attacked UWL World Champion Shawn Stevens with the help of an mysterious third man. The next week, Shawn Stevens successfully defended his title against Matt Mathews. However, moments after the match ended Hunter and Hunt stormed the ring and assaulted Stevens, laying him out. Mathews was revealed to be the New Gen's third man and the faction was officially created.

New Generation vs The Old Guard (UWL)

The War Begins

As time passed, the New Generation eventually enlisted the aid of Adam Houston and the New Generation saw favorable odds going up against the Old Guard. Soon after, the returning Flap Flanagan joined the mix to aid Stevens and Eagles in what was becoming a desperate battle. Stevens soon began to allude to a final member joining the Old Guard to even the sides. After weeks of speculation the man showed himself and the New Generation knew it was either Rich Morrison, Tito Capaci, or Reck Maverick. This ultimately proved to be a ruse as Flying Diamond Cutter Man was revealed as the Old Guard's fourth member.

The wars would continue during this time; 2MA defeated BTW for the Tag Championship, meanwhile Brad lost his Heritage Title in a Fatal Four Way Match to Riley. Matt defeated Flap and other wrestlers throughout November and The New Gen seemingly had odds in their favor. By the time Championship Extravaganza II rolled around the New Generation had control. The Old Guard however fought back; Stevens retained his World Title against Brad Hunter, Josh Eagles picked up the Heritage Championship, and FDCM and Flap defeated Hunt and Mathews by DQ in tag action.

With Final Countdown 2007 around the corner both sides were at their peaks. Matt was booked to face Josh Eagles and Riley in a Triple Threat Match for the Heritage Championship. Originally, this was booked as Matt versus Riley or Josh, but since Mathews screwed Riley out of the bet (and cost him his undefeated streak in UWL), Jefferson made it a Triple Threat. Jason Hunt was also booked to take on Shawn Stevens for the UWL World Championship for a third time; however he was suspended on November 28th immediately after Championship Extravaganza II for burning the UWL flag.

Without Jason Hunt

Without Jason Hunt the plans for Final Countdown remain unknown. Matt is still booked in his UWL Heritage Championship Match, while Brad and Adam are poised to take on Flap and FDCM. At the December 4th taping Thaurer was revealed to be the next New Gen member. He filled Jason Hunt's slot in a 6-Man Tag Match against Eagles, FDCM and Flanagan and helped see the New Generation to victory. The same night Adam Houston lose the Television Championship to Vincent Varillion. At Final Countdown 2007 Adam and Brad failed to defend the Tag Championship against FDCM and Flap Flanagan, in addition Thaurer lost a No-Ropes Barbwire Match to Mark Faith. Matt Mathews however defeated Josh Eagles to bring the Heritage Championship to the New Gen for a second time.

War Games

With the announcement of a War Games match to close out the feud at Access Denied III, both sides began to become more and more intense. On December 20, Josh Eagles dominated Adam Houston in singles competition, however Flap Flanagan was also hurt in his tag match. War Games was changed to a 3 on 3 Match with Mathews, Hunter and Houston representing the Gen against Stevens, Eagles and FDCM. In the weeks leading up to this match the group began to fall-apart, having been dealt a good deal of losses between them. This lead to Mathews eventually calling out Thaurer and Houston for their work ethic and dedication to the group. (In the form of a worked-shoot)

Houston eventually vanished, leaving the group's fate for Access Denied III questionable. Thaurer opted to replace Houston if he failed to show, something to which the others agreed to. However, Thaurer had formed a Tag Team with old rival Mark Faith, who himself had defeated Stevens and Eagles in back-to-back weeks. Thaurer and Faith were booked into a Tag Match against UWL Tag Team Champions, Jack Cassidy and Eddie Jones, making Thaurer's reliance of replacing Houston questionable. Around the same time, Jefferson announced a Fatal-Four Way Elimination Match for the World Championship at Grand Voyage on February 9th between Stevens, Mathews, Hunter and Faith.

This announcement put more weight on the already stressed relationship between Mathews and Hunter. However, the former stressed that they would not go down the path of in-fighting and come War Games, they would do all they could to wear-down Stevens. When the night finally came, Houston fulfilled his obligation and joined Hunter and Mathews to take on the Guard. After a long and hard match Houston tapped out to Josh Eagles, thus ending the feud once and for all. After the match however, Houston assaulted Hunter, then extended his hand in friendship to Mathews. Mathews himself laid out Houston, then in a shocking move he assaulted Hunter as well.


This feud was one of the most memorable in UWL history. The former Gen members have yet to face any repercussions for their actions. At the time almost none of the men were on the same page, and this remains so today. The feud took its toll on the Guard as well, as in a shocking turn Eagles assaulted his tag team partner and best friend Shawn Stevens. Matt Mathews went on to win the World Championship, BTE would enter into a feud with the Hard-Rock Connection during the 2008 Coronation Tag Cup Leauge, and Jason Hunt would reunite with Brad Hunter to enter the afformentioned tournament, though both men would eventually leave the UWL. Adam Houston quit the company, and Thaurer would become one-half of the, on-again off-again, Hard-Rock Connection with Mark Faith, and later capture the World Championship by defeating Mathews.

Currently, the only two members of the group to go on to become World Champions are Matt Mathews and Thaurer, who to this day hold animosity for each other despite their casual and friendly relationship in the Gen. Mathews is also acredited for ending Jason Hunt's UWL career, he also holds animosity with Brad Hunter despite a brief alliance in Spring of 2008.

Championships and Accomplishments

  • Brad Hunter x1
  • Matt Mathews x1

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