The New Wave (often simply called "TNW") are an American professional wrestling tag team who formerly competed in Online Championship Wrestling and the Elite Wrestling Alliance. The team, consisting of wrestlers Chris Cutlass and Joey Corona, and valet/manager Melanie Diaz, were best-known for their surfer dude image, perceived "mega-fame", promos on the beaches of Miami, FL (the city the team now resides in), and driving a custom utility surf van to ringside. The team was also famous for their constant kleptomania outside of the ring, with items they would steal during promos often coming into play as foreign objects during their matches. The team is currently inactive on the wrestling circuit, last appearing at Blackout 2006, where they were awarded the OCW World Tag Team Championships by President Dean, after Diaz used her feminine charms behind closed doors to persuade the president to name Cutlass and Corona the new champions.


In wrestling

  • Team finishing moves
  • Miami Tsunami (Cutlass lifts opponent into Sidewalk Slam position, Corona hits a leaping DDT from the middle turnbuckle)
  • Wave Breaker (with Diaz holding a chair in front of standing opponent's face, Cutlass and Corona hit a simultaneous Superkick/Chop Block)
  • Team signature moves
  • Double-Edged Drop (Cutlass Powerbomb into Corona Neckbreaker)
  • Wavelength (Double Forward Russian Legsweep)
  • Shots with stolen foreign objects

Other associates

  • Gregory Binn (Former OCW cameraman who became TNW's official cameraman in 2001).

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