The New Wave

The New Wave of Wrestling, often referred to just as The New Wave, are a stable from MSN's FWA Product. Much like their counterparts from the HTML circuit, specifically OCW, MSNs New Wave are famed for their resourcefulness inside and outside the ring, drawing the ire of the respective roster they happen to be a part of.

Formation and Early Days

Close to the end of 2002, during Lesmonds second BUD heavyweight title reign, many of MSNs legends had returned to BUD which helped the federation grow into one of the greatest federations on MSN today. Each of these legends however, were all coming back for one reason alone; Lesmonds title.

As a way of countering this, Lesmond assembled a large faction of the BUD roster made up of allies and former bitter enemies, and hired them as goons to protect his title from these homecoming legends. During this time, the New Wave, referred to back then as The New Wave of Degenerates, largely due to what they did outside the ring (or lack thereof, by sitting around drinking casually before their matches) was not a solid faction; Whenever Lesmond wasn't around, talk of betrayal went on around the back by the members of this faction. Eventually, the faction destroyed itself from inwards after a matter of weeks as a result of this.

Eventually, The New Wave appeared in another premier federation on the MSN circuit called NRA. This time however, it wasn't a loose band of thugs brought together to protect a title. Instead this time, Lesmond formed The New Wave as a way of reminding people of the prestige of these titles by...Stealing them, and keeping them as their own! During the NRA tenure, Jake Timberlake, Lesmond and Johnny Flair broke into NRA headquarters and stole the NRA Legends championship and NRA Ultimate Tag-Team titles. Eventually Flair would disappear, however Lesmond and Timberlake would keep these titles for themselves, defending them as their own until Lesmond won a tournament formed by the NRA owner, Burnout. With the title now officially his, and with girlfriend Hope Cassidy holding the NRA Baddest Bitch title, The New Wave held the majority of the titles in NRA and it wasn't long before The New Wave began to refer to themselves as untouchable.

However, at NRAs "Greed" Pay-Per-View, Lesmond would not only lose the championship, but suffer horrendous injuries at the hands of Damien Clemons and, during Lesmonds injuries, The New Wave disbanded. Eventually, Jake would go on to win the Legends championship, however by this time Lesmond had already defected to another federation. Shortly after the defection, NRA was set to merge with W2K, however the merger collapsed and NRA collapsed along with the merger.

Later Days

Having taken a long hiatus from the wrestling world, The New Wave would return in W2K. However with his old partner Jake Timberlake now retired, Lesmond had to find a new partner to replace Timberlake. Having watched Eric Star from a young age, Lesmonds agent and girlfriend, Veronica Beck, recruited Star and, eventually, both men would go on to win the W2K tag-team championship.

Eventually, The New Wave would make their way to FWA and, recruiting Lesmonds cousin, Daniel Dawson Turner, the faction would once again capture tag-team championship gold. A few short weeks later, and the stable grew further as Lesmond would hand-pick Genesa Xaria and recruit her to The New Wave at a Conflict show in Mexico City. The way Genesa was drafted into the group was controversial, as on the same night, Daniel Dawson Turner would assist her to win the FWA Championess title. Not only did Daniel assist Genesa with the victory, but shortly after the match Lesmond would join his cousin in the ring and humiliate homecoming hero Sapphire Lopez, leaving her beaten down and spray painting the word 'whore' onto her back. This didn't sit well with the Mexican fans, and a riot shortly followed the show. A few weeks later, Regulas Dante was invited into the New Wave. Now the five members of the New Wave, led by the groups agent, Veronica Beck, continue to wrestle in FWA, their list of victims growing steadily weekly.

Notable Former Members

JT Kash, Hope Cassidy, Jimmy Stryker, Titan, Korey Karnage.

Current Members

Lesmond, Eric Star, Daniel Dawson Turner, Genesa Xaria, Regulas Dante, Veronica Beck (Agent).

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