The Oakster
Real name Samuel C. Oakley
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Height 7 ft. (213 cm)
Weight 350 lbs (171 kg)
Date of birth 2nd October, 1966
Place of birth United Kingdom
Date of death
Place of death
Billed from
Pojo Wrestling Alliance (2002-Present)
Pojo Wrestling Federation (2001-2002)
Federation of Extreme Destruction (2002)
Ultimate Wrestling Federation (2002)
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The Oakster (born October 2, 1966 in the United Kingdom) is a wrestler best-known for his runs in both the Pojo Wrestling Federation and the Pojo Wrestling Alliance.


Oakster started wrestling at the age 21 at House Shows in independent federations in the UK and the USA. His powerful style of wrestling impressed many other veteran wrestlers. He later discovered about SlimAlex's Pojo Wrestling Federation and decided to join it in mid-2001. Oakster first match was against The Green One for the PWF World Heavyweight Championship on the first episode of it's televised show Doomsday. Although he lost the match, Oakster stayed focussed and kept on going.

His first taste of gold was at Madness when he, Brock and WOLF did a Triple Submission on TGO in a eight-man tag for the World Championship. The consequence of this was that WOLF, Brock and Oakster had to share the title. He lost it at Total Annilation in a Fatal Fourway match which WOLF won. During this time, Oakster formed along with Axel Gunn the infamous Demolition Coalition stable. Another main title reign was with his ally Jace when they captured the PWF Tag Team Championships. Their 5 day reign ended when they lost the titles controversially in a First Blood match to Gurl Power. This title loss made Oakster turn against the Demolition Coalition and turn heel. He believe he was screwed so much, he ended up being fired. Oakster then decided to start an invasion of PWF using his secret weapon - Pojo Championship Wrestling. The PCW storyline bombed heavily and following this Oakster was written to make peace with PWF and quickly turned back to a face. Because of this, Oakster has never been portrayed as a heel following this point.

Much later PWF World Heavyweight Champion 90 Degrees awarded his championship to The Oakster due to his lack of experience and saying Oakster was a much more worthy champion than he is. Coincidently around this time, tension between PWF staff and the owner WOLF caused the owner to resign. By popular request, Oakster was made owner of the PWF. Oakster enjoyed his second reign as PWF champion except for one thing, FossilKing. Ever since becoming World Champion, FossilKing was a thorn in the side of Oakster and so the two decided to feud. Sadly, Oakster didn't make it and quickly lost his World Championship to FK at Eruption.

Even though, the Oakster didn't lose everything. He and Jace reformed the Demolition Coalition. With Jace's sudden injury by TGO, Oakster took control of the DC and teamed with the one person who won the World Championship from him - FossilKing! During this, the DC and nWo had a big feud which all ended at Cold Fusion when Oakster and FossilKing teamed up against TGO and the Brock in a Tag Match for the PWF title. With the stipulation that the losing team disbands their faction, TGO managed to retain his title by locking in the Anklelock on FK ending the DC altogether.

Meanwhile in the PWF, with the DC officially dead and Jace's sudden turning on him, Oakster decided to go on his own and concentrate on his route to gain back what was his - the PWF World Championship! To do this, Oakster went through a 32-man tournament and beat Bman in the finals to win the title shot at PojoMania, also on the way end Bman's undefeated streak for a few months. At PojoMania, despite nWo attacks on him, Oakster defeated The Green One 4-2 in an Iron Man match to win the PWF World Championship for a third time.

A month later, Showtime defeated Oakster and TGO in a Triple Threat match for the title and Oakster was never seen again for a good few months. Oakster made his return to the business in late 2002 at Pojo Wrestling Alliance's Extreme Destruction pay-per-view when he reformed the DC with The Brock and Killer Cobra and totally beat up the Brawlers in the way. Despite the fact DC only was short lived, some could say it caused the end of the Brawlers. After making their own seperate ways, Oakster disappeared again for a while planning for a return at the PWA's flagship pay-per-view Pojocade in which he did return trying to congradulate his backstage friend Vegeta in winning his second PWA World Heavyweight Championship but in a quick twist of fate, Vegeta attacked his friend with the help of Steele and the two along with Mysterio and Hott2Flamez formed The Dynasty. Because of that, Oakster has declared a war on the Dynasty first picking Vegeta. The two after a month of mind games finally faced in a Hell In A Cell match that was billed as "Icon vs Icon" at Pandemonium. Thanks to unwanted help from the Dynasty, Vegeta defeated his predecessor and with that has finally completed his career. Even though, the Dynasty then turned on Vegeta and at the end of the match, Oakster and Vegeta cleared out the ring of the Dynasty members. Oakster was the next week awarded an automatic shot at the World Title which Vegeta had just vacated but as well as that, two other superstars has risen up to the World Title chase. Wrath and P.Y., having beaten Freak and P2K to get their shots also wanted their shots and P.Y. wanting revenge for Oakster's attack of the Dynasty. At Massacre, where the Triple Threat occured, Oakster yet again was screwed from the title by P.Y.'s cheating which was discounted at first but weakened Oakster's chances of winning. Not only this but Oakster became another member of the injured list with a bad back.

With it being only about 3-4 weeks until the Extreme returns, there was no doubt that he wanted revenge on the Dynasty and on an episode of Insanity, Oakster returned to the PWA with the contract P.Y. and Wrath had signed for their matchup at Retaliation. There he declared that Vegeta had given him the opportunity to be the Special Referee in P.Y.'s match, giving Oakster the chance to screw P.Y., despite being given orders not to be a biased ref. At Retaliation, P.Y managed with the edge of his teeth defend his title against Wrath with only the help of Slim Alex who played a tape recording of Oakster's voice to declare P.Y the winner. With Oakster, Wrath and the rest of the Xtreme Nation angry off at this, a huge war has been brewed into the PWA against the Dynasty. Following this Oakster feud with the Dynasty shifted from P.Y to its leader Steele and Damage Inc., a tag team that included Darkside and Dynasty member Razer. After an unsucessful loss at the War Games in Ground Zero, Oakster aimed to get a World Title shot for Extreme Destruction but all of a sudden, P2K comes out as the newest Dynasty member and screws Oakster out of the title shot. This lead to Oakster's retirement match in August 2003 against P2K which he lost to, ending his career.

Oakster was nowhere to be seen until December 2003 when at Meltdown, Vegeta revealed Oakster as the new commissioner of the PWA. Also on that show, Oakster was the man to declare Steele and P.Y joint World Champions. Since then, Oakster has been occasionally on TV including a short feud with Hajjhowe. The Oakster's run as commissioner is still running, making him the longest running commissioner in the e-fed's history. He is also credited on-screen for such events as the Wheel of Insanity.


Finishing and signature moves

  • The Extreme Effect (F5)
  • The Extreme Slam (Rock Bottom)
  • The Oaksmission (Tazzmission)
  • Chokeslam
  • Extreme Elbow (People's Elbow)


  • "The Oakster doesn't take it to the Extreme, he IS the Extreme!"

Championships and accomplishments

  • 1-time PWA World Heavyweight Champion
  • 1-time PWA Hardcore Champion
  • 3-time PWF World Heavyweight Champion
  • 2-time PWF Tag Team Champion (1 w/ Jace, 1 w/The Green One)
  • 4-time PWF Hardcore Champion
  • 4-time PWF Danger Champion
  • 2-time PWF War Champion
  • 1-time FED European Champion
  • 1-time FED Table Champion
  • 1-time UWF Light Heavyweight Champion
  • 10-time xWo 24/7 Champion
  • 1-time AWF Hardcore Champion
  • 1-time AWF Internet Champion
  • 1-time AWF Warning Champion

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