The Prince
[[Image:|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of The Prince]]
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Ring Names
Height 6ft 2in
Weight 245lbs
Date of birth April 17th, 1970
Place of birth New England
Date of death
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Resides Brooklyn, New York
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Trainer Himself New England Marine cores CM punk
World Wrestling Alliance (WWA)
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Debut 2006

The Prince is currently in AWF

1. History

Born April 17th 1970 in New England to a rich family. He was named Donovan Santiago. The Prince as a young boy loved to fight. By 11 he was in a fight club. He got beat night after night. But when he turned 15 he was stronger. He defeatd nearly everyone there. At 16 he met the girl of his dreams Rebecca. They fell in love. When he was 18 he got his high school degree. He decedied to leave with his Girlfriend to America soon after. When they got to states the 19 year old Rebecca was pregant there 1st son. 3 years later The Prince returned to new enegland where he was trained to wreslte. While leaveing he saw the Queens palace on fire. He saved the Queen and was dubbed Sir Donovan Santiago. He went back home and trained so he could become a wreslter. The bond with his son grew futher and futher away. In late 2006 the Prince signed with RWF.

Start in RWF

The Prince made his debut vs the blade brothers. The Prince was Domianted. The Prince was on a loseing streak. However he did not give up. He lost and lost but proved himself time and time again.

Hunt for gold

The Prince was put in match with rob E legend for a new championship. The Prince lose but over the next couple of weeks he would get a rematch. He lost that. After loseing three times the prince had a break. He was going to be in a hardcore match for the North American Champion.

The North American Championship

At Extreme Revolution The Prince finally defeated Rob and Won. He soon got many more wins. The Prince was on a role. However soon after he had another match with unpretter. However a hitman interfeered.

Team Extreme

While still the champ the prince joined team Extreme which was haveing a war with another faction.

Attempt to get the big gold

While still in team extreme and still the champ the prince deceded it was time to move up. He had many attempts to get in the chamber but he lost

Death of RWF

After Shock Treatment RWF was taken over by WWA. RWF was gone. The Prince went back to new england for 2 weeks before getting a call from MoneyMan the owner of WWA. Moneyman offered The Prince a deal in WWA. The Prince accepted.

2. WWA

The Prince was now offical in WWA.


in The Princes 1st match in a torunment to see who would become the 1st WWA champion. The Prince defeated former RWF champion Matt Marvel. Many where shocked but it was the princes true fury.


The Prince brought in a 7 foot 6 inches man known as derek johnson to be his manger. Johnson is a 10x time boxing champion and was voted tallest man 4 years in a row. He is also a rip off of The Nigerian Nightmare.

Tag Team

Mr. El Loco The Princes best friend came back and the two taged team for a while before The Prince felt he needed to get back to singles.

Feud with Jarius

The Prince and Jarius Jackson had a long feud which ended with The Prince winning his 2nd hardcore title.


After a two year absence from wrestling The Prince returned in 2010 to AWF.

Finshers and Signature Moves

The Royal Leg drop <i>Yakuza Kick

  • DDT
  • Superkick
  • Piledriver
  • belly to belly
  • moonsault
  • Spear
  • Spin doctor
  • Elbow Drop
  • STFU submission


1x and last RWF North American Champion Royal Son of a bitch of the year RWF 1st and 2x hardcore WWA champ


Rob E Legend (RWF) The Blade Brothers (RWF) Matt Marvel (RWF/WWA) John Taylor (RWF) Jarius Jackson (WWA) Shawn Mazien (RWF/WWA) Fouldsy (WWA) His son....

Theme song

King of kings by motorhead


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