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The Punisher

{{Wrestler |name = The Punisher( real name Eric Key) |height = 5' 9½" |weight = 240 lbs. |birth_date = November 12, 1987 |birth_place = Winston Salem,North Carolina |resides = Pilot Mountain,North Carolina |billed_from = Pilot Mountain, North Carolina, Originally billed from New York City , New YorkUSA |trainer = Dean Puckett, Kamikaze Kid, Sting |current_efeds = Championship Wrestling federation, The Asylum |debut = some time in 2004(professionally) backyard debut (2002)

The Punisher(born Eric Key) is an American born Professional Wrestler that has became legendary for his skills in federations like World Championship 4, Total Nonstop Action E-Fed, World Wrestling Alliance, The World's greatest E-fed, Pure Sadistic Wrestling, The Asylum/WWEA, and Championship Wrestling Federation. In his short career he has held over thirteen titles.

Early Life

Eric Key was born on November 12th, 1987 to a lower to middle class family in Winston Salem North Carolina as the first and only child. He grew up amongst many cousins and uncles and aunts. September 12th 1992 he was in a car accident with his Mother and Father. The accident killed his Mother and left him near dead. Within a few weeks he was able to recover and at the age of 4 not having a Mother was very hard for the young boy. After his leave from the hospital he would spend almost two years with his Mother's parents until his Father fully recovered than they lived with his Father's parents until he was seventeen years old.

Enter Wrestling and Early Backyard Career

During the time living with his Grandparents he developed an interest in Professional Wrestling. He had grew up watching it and was a fan from a young age but had spent a while away from it. This time would lead him to his choice to become a professional wrestler. Although his grandparents didnt approve he and his cousin formed the Xtreme Championship Wrestling Federation in their backyard. They knew little about wrestling at the time but the young Eric idolizing such greats as Sting, Undertaker, Kane, Hogan, Warrior and others began to mold his character, the earliest stages he was known as the Reaper which was a monster gimmick despite his lack of height or psyique. He continued as the reaper until his Freshman year in High School after a bad heart break he went shopping to ease the pain and he found the shirt that would help him mold the icon known as the Punisher

WCW 4, TNA E-Fed, Asylum and PSW

He began his professional career at the age of seventeen in the World's Greatest E-fed but it wouldnt last as soon the WWEA(Asylum) would offer him a contract. He also started working with Pure Sadistic Wrestling and went to help out new promotions such as WCW 4 and TNA E-Fed. He won his first two titles in WCW 4 capturing the Tag Team titles twice with Chett the Threat. After WCW 4 folded the team went to TNA E-Fed and captured the Tag Team titles over there as well before it also folded. Over in PSW many weeks later The Punisher made his mark by attacking Mankind backstage and literally dismantling him with the Sharpshooter to win his first singles title the PSW hardcore championship. He would soon lose the title to Tony Godfrey when the Hardcore and Carnage titles were unified as one. Almost a month or so later he would immediately enter into a feud with the Iceman Levi Russow. Russow was a very valid competitor and defeated the Punisher in the early stages of the feud for Russow's Carnage Title. Eventually it came down Russow invading the Punisher's home and degrading his valued items and Punisher spending a night in jail before the PPV where Punisher finnally got a victory to win the Carnage title. He defeated Russow again the very next month and retained, dropping the title to Tony Thunder after a two month reign.

Asylum and PSW triumphs

Over in the Asylum he would capture the United Continental Title and have many great feuds with Tweeks, Acid, and Judge. He was also a member of the New World Order and than joined the New Evil Alliance with Mofo Steve Bradley and Eddie Rabbit. Punisher was soon kicked out of the NEA and set his goals on a new mission to take down the NEA once and for all. During the mission he formed the team Pain and Suffering a team consisting of himself as leader and Undertaker, Sting and The Sandman. He captured his second UC title as leader of the group and had an amazing feud with Hade Vansen which Hade won. From there he would eventually own the Asylum for a short time until Mofo asked him to just let it go. After the Asylum was dropping in ratings and its eventual hiatus The Punisher went back to PSW and WCW War and Revenge. In Pure Sadistic wrestling he befriended the Hurricane and they formed the alliance known as the Heroes for Hire and added Jeff Hardy to the team. They became one of the most popular factions in PSW winning the PSW Tag team titles from the Dirty White Boyz (Super Juggalo and Chad Hunter). Afterwards the tag division was almost decimated and Hurricane became Gregory Helms and Punisher went after the World title. In the mist of the title match Ashley Adams would break off her engagement to AJ Styles and side with Punisher leading to a vicious attack and Styles dissappearing for quite some time. He and Ashley would remain friends but never got any farther than that. After being screwed out of the title and teaming with Tony Thunder to win the tag titles only to be screwed again he and Thunder and Johnny Bonecrusher along with the Iceman Levi Russow went off and created TCW a shot lived federation before all going to CWF.

WCW, and CWF and Asylum reopening

Over in WCW War and revenge he, Acid and Pixie Shaddix would be come the Psyche Ward but also be held down by management. When rumors began circulating that the team may leave, management had Punisher win the World title and Acid win the cruiserweight title. Over in CWF they would officially burn the titles and part ways with WCW. Coming into CWF his first storlyine revolved around trying to win the new diva Eliza's heart. he failed and she went over to Dave Icon's side. From their the Punisher would redefine himself by hanging in the rafters and becoming like the Crow in mannerisms. He continued to act as such after losing his shot at the World title and his falling out with Eliza. He would soon go back to basics when he became the Number one contender for the World title and the CWF was rallying behind him. It would all go down at Malevoultion where he would win teh CWF World title against Eryk Ince. After the match his friend Psycho Luke raised his hand than hit him with two TKOs to lay him out turning heel. Punisher became the ultimate face and the hero for CWF. He would disappear for a while from tv and return to have matches every so often. It was revealed a week ago he was gone to help Dusty Jordan return to take her women's title back from Skylar Kendall who is dating Punisher's opponent for Joker's Wild Jake Benson. The Asylum would reopen November 9th 2007 for a pay per view called Immortal. That night he and Chett the Threat would team up one more time to defeat the New Evil Alliance. But the main event of the night was when Punisher defeated Greg Whiteman, Triple H and jake Benson to become the Asylum World Champion. Making it his third title and made him a dual champion for CWF and The Asylum. And he would successfully defend his title against Jake Benson at Joker's Wild much to his surprise with the help of Johnny Bonecrusher. But the story was cancelled when Johnny Bonecrusher left the federation over contract issues

Closing of 2007 and into 08

Jake Benson and Punisher had a brief alliance with intent to stop JBC but when JBC left Benson turned on Masters. The two would meet again at Ritual Eve the last Pay Per View of 2007 booked as the match that put CWF on the map. The first match between the two brought the house down and the second was no dissappointment. The Punisher seemed to have the match in the bag when he locked on the Anaconda Vice, but Punkanarchist would interfere and use his trademark move the Punkacution on the Punisher which left Benson the opening to finish him off and take the title away from him. Over in the Asylum Christian Cage and Orton debuted and revealed Orton as half owner with the Punisher. Orton and Cage would seek to gain Punisher's share. At first Cage was put in a match with Punisher to try and take the title from Punisher but would be unsuccessful. That would all change the nex month when Cage came into Punisher's home and attacked him and his father putting them both in the hospital. Punisher escaped the hospital and flew to the event only to be embarassed by Orton and Cage's faction Dissidient Movement and than lose the title to Cage and have his father attacked again. The next week Punisher would not be seen at the show until afterwards when he appeared on the titan tron with a body bag obviously having someone in it claiming it to be one of Cage's loved ones. The next week Punisher would continue the mind games by appearing again on the titan tron and blasting the body bag full of holes with an assault rifle. Jason Reso(formely Cage) rushed to the scene and found the body bag filled with ketchup packets and proving it was a trick. The next week Punisher attacked again this time burning Orton's great father Bob Orton Sr's grave and his remains. Reso would retaliate by again attacking Punisher's father and burning his house down. Punisher would almost go demented and in his last promo before Wrestlebowl destroyed Cage's prized car and blew up his house than saved his Father from Reso. At Wrestlebowl the two finally faced off with Hade Vansen in the mix and Punisher heavily mutilated and tortured Reso into submission and thus won his fourth world title his second in the Asylum. PSW would start up again and soon Punisher would be talked into returning returning with his real life girlfriend Ashley Adams and he was booked in the Lockdown Main event Elimination Chamber for the World title. The Match was a huge one and at it's conclusion Punisher would defeat Kruze with the Trial by Fire and than both men would celebrate together in the ring with Punisher being the new PSW World Champion

Trade Mark Moves

Trial by Fire( styles clash into Piledriver) Anaconda Vice lethal Injection( Dreamer Driver) Sharpshooter Fall of Man( Downward Spiral) Last Rights ( Urange into Backbreaker) Stinger Splash

Theme Songs

Never Gonna Stop by Rob Zombie( Backyard) Dragula by Rob Zombie (backyard) American Bad Ass by Kid Rock ( Backyard) I Stand Alone by Godsmack ( WWEA, PSW) Enter Sandman by Metallica (WWEA) Stricken by Disturbed (PSW) My Plague by Slipknot (CWF,The Asylum) Simple Survival by Mushroomhead( one time use in Asylum) Death Before Dishonor by Five Finger Death Punch(current theme)

Titles won

ECOWF Tag Team Champions(2x with Chett the Threat) Inaugural Cruiserweight Champion

TNA Tag Team Champions(1x with Chett)

Pure sadistic Wrestling Hardcore Champion(1x) Carnage Champion(1x) Tag team Champions( 2x first with Hurricane 2nd with Tony Thunder) World Heavyweight Champion(1x)

World Wrestling Alliance tag Team Champion(1x with Fouldsy)

WCW War and Revenge world Champion(1x)

Asylum United Continental Champion(2x) World Champion(2x) Hall of Fame(2006)

Championship Wrestling Federation World Champion(1x) Hall of Living Legends(first class)

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