The Pure Wrestling Project
Federation Name The Pure Wrestling Project
Abbreviation TPWP
Weekly show 'Remedy'
Major PPV 'Make a Martyr'
Time open December 2006 - April 2008 (1 year, 4 months)
Owner Danny Sabato
Federation type Writing / Storyline Based
Pay-per-views Monthly

The Pure Wrestling Project (or TPWP) was an e-federation born out of the UK in late 2006. With an aim to last at least one whole year of existence and possessing an ever-growing roster, TPWP slowly but surely revolutionized the e-fed landscape.


The Pure Wrestling Project was created on December 10th, 2006. It began as an e-fed in which the best pure wrestlers were invited to be a part of and would appear on a number of super-shows. The idea soon changed and the e-fed became a normal federation: "A wrestling promotion who's goal is to entertain with pure wrestling". It officially opened its doors on the 27th of December in '06. The roster grew fast and the first episode of weekly show 'Remedy' aired on Friday night, December 29th, 2006. By mid-March of 2007, TPWP was well behind in show writing and soon went on an indefinate hiatus. This hiatus was broken on July 5th, 2007, when now new owner Danny Sabato (brother of former/retired owner Eddie) announced the return of TPWP to regularly scheduled weekly shows. Unfortunately, The Pure Wrestling Project entered yet another hiatus in early 2008 with no current plans to re-emerge.

TPWP 2.0

Coming Soon...

TPWP Championship Tournament

10 Wrestlers competed for the vacant TPWP Championship:

  • ROUND ONE: Rogue def. Lazarus
  • ROUND ONE: Razor Rob def. Jimmy Lariat
  • ROUND ONE: Rhys Holley def. Michael Pain
  • ROUND ONE: St. Eldor def. Pillage
  • 'CLIMB THE TOURNEY' MATCH: Firefly def. El Turbre
  • ROUND TWO: Razor Rob def. Rogue
  • ROUND TWO: St. Eldor def. Rhys Holley
  • FINAL: St. Eldor def. Razor Rob & Firefly to become TPWP Champion!


Pay Per Views
Year 2007+
January Make A Martyr
February I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz
March Russian Roulette
April Contingents
May Hey, Bud! Your Roof's Leaking
June Sinking Sharks, Swimming Knives
July Tradition: Anniversary Show
August No Division
September Bodies As Suitcases
October The Soft Cell
November Jaws 3, People 0
December All On Black


Title Wrestler Date Won Previous Wrestler
TPWP Championship Vacant 00/0/00 None
TPWP Wrestling Spirit Championship Vacant 00/0/00 None
TPWP Tag Team Championship Vacant 00/0/00 None

TPWP Superstars

  • Alex Senior
  • Corox
  • Death From Above
  • El Turbre
  • Filth
  • Fred Cyclone
  • Jeffery Storm
  • Jesse Spade
  • Jimmy Lariat
  • Jonathan McLadd
  • Jordan Lagrove
  • Lazarus
  • Legend
  • LJ Vicious
  • Michael Pain
  • Pillage
  • Razor Rob
  • Rhys Holley
  • St. Eldor
  • Will Rhinestone

Former Roster Members

  • Eddie Sabato (ex-Owner)
  • Firefly
  • Mike Adams
  • Rogue


  • Danny Sabato - Owner of The Pure Wrestling Project
  • Davey Evans - Interview Correspondent
  • Gavin Butler - Mr. Sabato's Executive Assistant
  • John Aries - Ring Announcer
  • Ricky Rose - Manager of The Dragon's Nest
  • Savanna Styles - Valet of Critical Acclaim
  • Victor Salazar - Manager/Translator of/for El Turbre

Tag Teams

  • Critical Acclaim (Alex Senior and Jeffery Storm)
  • The Dragon's Nest (Jimmy Lariat and Rhys Holley)
  • Kash & Cyclone (Justin Kash and Fred Cyclone)
  • McMexican (Jonathan McLadd and El Turbre)
  • Rogue & Pain (Rogue and Michael Pain)
  • The World's Forgotten Boys (Razor Rob and St. Eldor)
  • xXx (Firefly and Mike Adams)

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