The Real Deal
[[Image:|px|Image of The Real Deal]]
Real name Johnathan Lane
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Height 7' Flat
Weight 290 lb
Date of birth November 12, 1990
Place of birth Florida
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Nashville, TN
Billed from Music City, USA; Nashville, TN
Handled by
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Debut 2005
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Johnathan Lane is an American wrestler currently working for X-WCW, where he wrestles under the stage name of The Real Deal. He is a member of the nTo Red and competes as a face. His style is that of a straight power brawler.


Lane first entered the world of wrestling through the IDT (Indiana Developmental Territory), the little league of the X-WCW. He made a big impact there as an aggressive brawler with a huge array of moves. He developed his heel character of TRD after a trainer told him he was "closing in on going to the real deal". Lane took those three words and made a character around them; a self-centered heel that wasn't afraid to speak his mind.

Lane began training as a monster heel after a speech from now close-friend and mentor D-Extreme. D-Ex was quoted as saying he "wanted a character to deliver him beer, and make sure they had something to drink to," before toasting the IDT talents. This event pushed Lane to become a much more focused wrestler, both in the ring and on the mic. Eventually, Lane was called up to the main roster to be in his "dream team"; the nTo.


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