The Regime refers to a series of factions throughout the history of the Lock Wrestling Federation, all led by the owner of the federation, Lock himself.

The most well known iteration of the Regime consisted of Lock, Robert Ooley, CoolJ, and Iceman.

Lock would often turn on members when he felt them to no longer have anything useful to contribute, or after failure.

Famous Regimes

The Original Regime

The Puppeteers

The Mighty Regime

Instruments of Destruction

Outlast Teams


The opposing team was The Authority, made up of Iceman, Crow, Sgt. Savage, and Psycho Charlie.

The Regime won the match and CoolJ advanced to the main event.


Lock was the World Champion going into the event.

The opposing team was Ghostdad, Iceman, Psiko, and Red Fusion.

The Regime lost the match and Iceman advanced to the main event.


The opposing team was Arelas and the The Metal Militia, made up of Triple M, Lone Wolf, and Wicked Nick.

The Regime lost the match and Lone Wolf advanced to the main event.

Former Members

This is a list of people who have been members of the Regime at some point or another. Individuals who held the World Title while a member of the Regime are in bold.

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