The Reprobate
Name The Reprobate
Ring name(s) The Reprobate
Robert McKnight
Billed height 6 ft.
Billed weight 215 lbs.
Born October 31, 1980 (age 30)
Newark, New Jersey
Billed from Brick City, New Jersey
Newark, New Jersey
New York, New York
Palm Beach, Florida
Trained by Jack Steele
Debut 1993

Robert McKnight (born October 31, 1980) is an American professional wrestler, booker and trainer, better known by his ring name The Reprobate, most known for his time spent as a wrestler in the GameFAQs Wrestling Federation and as head booker in the Premiere Wrestling Alliance. He is currently performing in the Universal Wrestling League.

He is a former GWF World Interbrand Champion, winning the title in a three way dance ladder match on Sunday Brunch. He held the championship for a record breaking eight months. He is also a former World Tag Team Champion, having won the GWF World Tag Team Championship with Damian DeNiro, holding it for a record breaking seven months. He had held both championships simultaneously, as one of the rare double champions in GWF history. His tag team partner Damian DeNiro had also been a double champion at the time, making them the first in history to hold the World Tag Team Championship simultaneously with singles championships (Damian holding the United States Heavyweight Championship.)

He also holds the record as first and last GWF Checkbook Challenge Winner, which he won at GWF Rise and Fall III, the largest GWF Pay-Per-View event of the year. He held the GWF Hardcore Championship on one occasion and was one of the final defending champions in history as the belt was retired in 2007, shortly after his reign. He has been cited as once of the most successful and popular wrestlers in GWF history.

Early life

Birth and adolescence

Although virtually nothing personal is known about The Reprobate, the story of his life is well documented amongst internet wrestling fans. He was born on October 31, 1980 in the dangerous city of Newark, New Jersey, to a crack addicted mother and a father that he never met. His mother may have been working as a prostitute on the night that he was conceived, most likely working for drug money. He was left at the hospital, and immediately after birth, his mother abandoned him. He was sent to a foster home, and he was told that his mother died some time after. The foster family had already been through problems of their own, and as soon as he moved in to the home, his would-be foster mother left her husband, who soon underwent serious depression. He began to heavily drink and took his anger and sadness out on the young man. He was beaten daily, sometimes unprovoked. At a young age, the impressionable Rep took on this depressed state in place of a regular, healthy every day emotion. His foster father's only enjoyment in life was professional wrestling. Rep soon followed.

Teen years and interest in wrestling

As a young man, Rep was rarely embraced or well received by anyone, including schoolmates. One schoolmate in particular, future GWF wrestling star and announcer Alex Storm, knew Rep at this point in time, and had no problems bullying him and stealing all of the women away from him. Storm physically assaulted Rep on various occasions, and stole all but a few of any girlfriends that Rep had. At this time, Rep's only release in life was having sex with school sluts and watching professional wrestling on the weekends, and Storm had stolen one of his two interests in life. Rep idolized The Grizzly Cobra, a masked unknown who ruled wrestling in the 80s. The jacked up hero turned villain's career then substantially took a nose dive after the steroid scandals of the mid-90s. In 1993, at the age of 15, Rep left his home overnight and never returned. He sought out his hero, The Grizzly Cobra, to train him to become a pro wrestler. After looking for about a month, he finally found him at a rundown Independent show. The Cobra blew him off, thinking that he was just another fan looking for an autograph, and had him thrown out of the building.

Professional wrestling career

Training and early career (1993-2000)

After being thrown out, the young Rep wandered the block surrounding the building. Soon enough, a strange man lured him in. He claimed to be a pro wrestler and a booker of his own promotion. He offered to train Rep for a large cash sum, one that he could earn by working for the man as a drug dealer. Thinking of the success he could potentially reach in wrestling, and the happiness he would attain after proving The Cobra and his step father wrong, Rep agreed. The promoter had Rep virtually working for free, as he was selling drugs to gain money that he would be giving to the "promoter" anyway. The "promoter" promised Rep success, championships, and money in wrestling once he began to train him. Rep finally scored enough money for the training to begin, and he spent the first day of training learning the basics... taking bumps flat on your back. The promoter surprisingly booked Rep on a small event as the undercard in a losing effort after his one training session, and stuck him with a rib gimmick of a surfer. Unfortunately for Rep, the promoter was unhappy with the attendance of the shows and not only skipped out of town and the promotion, but the rest of Rep's training sessions as well. He was a pro wrestler with one days worth of training, no wins and one loss under his belt. He had to make a change.

Aside from the one mysterious early photo, there is only one other photograph of Rep's early career known among wrestling fans, standing alongside the "promoter" that screwed him out of his money and wrestling knowledge. After the promoter skipped town with all the cash, Rep sold the nasty surfer singlet, jacket, tights and surfboard to another jobber he had worked with in the promotion. To showcase the sleaze of some Indy wrestling promotions, the person that bought the attire and gimmick actually ended up using it all in the ring. Rep finally embraced himself for who he was, and realized that no one gimmick can create money. He began to get bookings in various other sleazy promotions and began to wear his casual clothing to the ring. With no trunks and only basic and old knee and elbow padding and boots, Rep's attire was completely out of the norm for the mid-90s, where polished ring attires were usually worn by stars. As the mid-90s became the late-90s and the turn of the century approached, more and more people were becoming attracted to Rep's style of clothing in the ring, and a few imitated him. Because of this, he became somewhat of a big Indy name. He began working for various promotions in the Northeast.

Independent circuit (2000-2007)

After being worked majorly by the "promoter," Rep began to work various wrestlers, managers and promoters in to giving him what he wanted... just like the "promoter" had done to him. He lied, no-showed, and no-sold to get money, rats, drugs, belts, and anything else that he wanted. Now that he had a bit of star power, the promoters had to put up with his antics to make money, because Rep was what the people in the Northeast wanted to see. He began to make a little more money but he was smart enough to not blow it. He put it in to a bank account for later use in his career, because he knew that at some point, his career would take off and then go through a dry spell, everyone does. Even though he was successful on the Indys, the Indys don't pay the big bills anyway. Rep lived in a project housing in The Bronx for a short while but could live off of wrestling without needing a second job.

Christina gwf1

Christina Hernandez during the filming of a promo.

While he lived there, he found a young girl named Christina living in the same building down the hall. Fresh in to high school, she was more than a decade younger than Rep. He immediately approached her when, one day, he saw her wearing a throwback Grizzly Cobra wrestling t-shirt. Rep approached her and told her that he was a pro wrestler and that he was looking for a valet Thinking that he was going to work her in to giving him sex or anything else that he wanted, he eventually fell in love with her after actually using her as a valet, not only because of her pure beauty and similar parental abusive life growing up, but because they worked so well together as a football-like "special team" in that, even though Christina was not a wrestler, her natural toughness and aggression made for a great manager that struck at all the right moments, he finally learned to love another human being, and not just lust over a woman.

After working his way up from sleazy Indy promotions to more decent events, his skills and partnership with Christina increased to the point of never being able to lose a match. His illegal moves were second to none, and in a time when female managers were used only for eye candy, Christina delivered not only a pretty face and great body, but a physical purpose in wrestling. Rep's DDT was feared all across the Northeast and even in parts of the Midwest. He even began to use the dreaded submission move of his former idol, The Grizzly Cobra, a Muta Lock (Which The Cobra called The Cobra Grip.) Things were looking up for Rep, as he had some stardom, been a Champion, and had a bit of money earned over his time as a draw. For a few years, Rep milked this run as he had been locked in various feuds with various foes, one of the most prominent being a former tag team partner of his, the face painted lightweight Mantequila. They battled for over two years in what was called the feud of the year for 2003 and 2004. In 2005, at 29 years old, along with a growing Christina, Rep became the highest paid Independent wrestler in America, which came with a successful tour of the West coast. By late 2005, Rep had wrestled in all 50 states for various sized promotions, and had become PWI's Wrestler of the Year for 2005.

Having wrestled in all states, he attempted to go global when he struck a deal with Havoc PRO, a promotion in Japan, to do a tour in the land of the rising sun. He stunned crowds in Japan and established Havoc PRO as a truly innovative promotion when he brought Americanized run-ins, gimmicks, and characters to the otherwise straight Japanese style company. After the year long tour ended, he wrestled once every two months in Japan, until April 2007. While on the tour, he met Malicious Intent, a large black wrestler born in Brooklyn. With Rep, Christina and Malicious all being from the east coast and working well together in the ring, Rep brought Malicious back to the US with him to work as his tag team partner. He wrestled three matches in May, June and July in America with Malicious as a partner before he got a call from GWF in August 2007.

GameFAQs Wrestling Federation (2007-2008)

Career slump and Hardcore championship

GWF: A major opportunity, and they were knocking right on his door. The main draw in GWF for Rep was not only a possibility of a larger fan base and more money, but the fact that Alex Storm, a former classmate and bully of Rep, had become a wrestler as well, and was wrestling mainly in GWF. Rep signed a contract immediately and his two partners were given offers as well. They all accepted and soon began to compete in September 2007, Rep's quest to get even with Alex Storm ended as quickly as it began.

After several creative conflicts in GWF between Rep and the bookers, Rep began to take double the amount of drugs that he had already been injecting, just to get through a work day without stress or having to be conscious. He was so unhappy that he sometimes no showed events to sleep, take drugs, go out with Christina or friends, or just sit around his home. Ironically, it was during this non-involved time that Rep had laid hands on his first Championship belt. Rumor has it that Rep didn't even know or remember that he was going to win the Hardcore Championship until the night he was put in a match with the champion, nor did he even think that he was in the running for the belt.

Checkbook Challenge and Double World champion

During the following months, his negative state only worsened when his relationship with the bookers progressively continued to landslide down a negative road, so much so that he was pressured to throw a Hardcore title match against the newcomer Jay Ramirez, so Jay could squash Rep and retire the belt as he had already planned on leaving. Rep took this as a major sign of disrespect, as wrestlers leaving the company usually don't get title matches on their final nights. This ended up being the way that the Hardcore title was retired. Rep's negative state continued even through professional success, on the landmark annual Rise and Fall III event, he won a contract, called the Checkbook Challenge, that was good for a shot at the United States or Intercontinental Championship at any point within the following 12 months. The contract, to this day, has not been cashed in, and with GWF's closing, it possibly never will be. Eventually, Malicious left GWF and Rep hadn't had a bodyguard until almost a year later.

After winning the Checkbook Challenge, Rep began to compete on the mid-card TV show Sunday Brunch more often than on the flagship Friday Night Brawl show. He had personally gotten along with the bookers there and enjoyed his time on the show, especially after winning the top belt on the show, the Interbrand Championship. Shortly thereafter, he had still been on bad terms with the FNB bookers. After winning the Checkbook Challenge, Rep introduced a new bodyguard character, The Superbeast. He was rumored to have been (and is now confirmed to be) the cousin of Christina. His reign as Interbrand Champion continued, as his pull in the company increased when the bookers of Brunch handed the show's booking duties over to Rep and fellow GWF wrestler Damian DeNiro. Rep primarily wrestled on Brunch during his time booking, and as shows continued, Damian booked less until Brunch was completely booked by Rep. The general consensus was that while Brunch was a show for lower and midcarders, the quality of the show was far better than the flagship FNB, due not only to Rep's booking, but the welcoming of new stars and guaranteed success for hard working wrestlers.

In the build up for the first Brunch Pay-Per-View event, Rep and Damian DeNiro became major rivals, and Damian had gotten a shot at the Interbrand Champion. Already a United States and World Tag Team Champion at the same time, Damian was looking to become the first Triple Crown Champion in GWF history. It didn't happen, as Rep scored the win over the double champion. On a later episode of FNB after Damian defended the Tag belts with his partner XO, XO was attacked in-ring by none other than his own tag team partner and fellow champion, Damian DeNiro. Damian knocked XO out and scored a pinfall over his now ex-partner which gave him complete control over the Tag Titles. Ironically, after the pinfall, Damian announced that his new partner was none other than Rep. This confused some and shocked others, but the fact was that Damian & Rep were the first ever World Tag Team Champions to hold both the Tag belts and a second set of singles belts at the same time. Sometime after this win and a few more well received episodes of Brunch, GWF closed down.

Rep gwf5

Rep at the final reunion episode of FNB. Visibly intoxicated and out of shape, the match would prove to be his most controversial in years, as it was his final match before suffering an overdose. He was checked in to rehab the day after the match.

Return to GWF (2009)

When GWF closed down, Rep began to get even heavier in to drugs. When a GWF Reunion show was announced seven months after the promotion closed, Rep signed a contract to appear on both the Brunch event and the FNB event. At the Sunday Brunch Anniversary Show, Rep was to defend the World Tag Team Championship with Damian against Stan Vishis and Baron Trotter. On the FNB side, he was put in a US Title tournament with the winner getting the championship, as Damian DeNiro had agreed to the Brunch show but refused to take part in the FNB event. Rep and Damian successfully defended their belts, but were then stripped after the match as this would be Damian's final match in GWF. Rep then attacked Damian and left as XO made his return and first appearance since being jumped by Damian, to get revenge on his former tag team partner. He pinned Damian in the ring, but Rep was back after the match to attack XO, as the two were to face off in the first round of the US Title tournament the following Friday.

Rep beat down XO and then issued an open challenge to anyone else in the tournament to come out and face him. After no response, he then put his Interbrand Title on the line. Immediately, Star-Man answered the call and defeated Rep for the belt in a broadway main event. The following Friday, Rep pinned both XO and Kevin McAullife to advance to the final match in the tournament, which ironically enough... was against Star-Man, a man that had taken his Interbrand Title just a few mere days before. Rep ended up losing to Star-Man a second time in one week, and for two titles. It was apparent that during the final FNB, Rep was highly intoxicated by either alcohol or drugs. During his short promos, his speech was slurring and his eyes were half closed, the black paint over his eye was sloppily done, and he looked to be unshaven for about a month. He had also lost muscle mass and looked to be a bit thinner in the ring. After the event, he passed out in the GWF locker room and was immediately taken to the hospital by Christina and Josh the Jersey Boy. After the GWF reunion tour, Rep was checked in to a rehab for his many illegal addictions. He hadn't appeared at a wrestling event for months during his treatment.

Return to the Independent circuit (2009)

After checking out of rehab, Rep had been cleared to compete again. During Rep's rehab stint, Christina stayed active in wrestling and began to "play the field" in the independents, looking for a new client. She eventually managed Zack Talent, a rookie who had befriended Rep while he was being booked in job matches on Rep's Brunch. Christina had become involved in a platonic working relationship with Zack, until he began to feel a love of some kind for her. For a month, Zack attempted to catch her eye and even went so far as to kiss her on the lips, which prompted The Reprobate's return at this Indy event, hitting Zack with a singapore cane and ending his working relationship with Christina, taking her back in to his arms with an emotional hugging embrace. After the hug, The Superbeast turned on Rep at what would actually be his final Indy event. Ticket sales were significantly higher for this event than the promotion had run before, as rumors of Rep returning were running around town. The DVD sales for this event remain the highest that the promotion have ever had, as they had successfully booked all three of the major players from Rep's GWF crew.

Rep gwf2

Rep at his return event after finishing rehab.

Alpha Championship Wrestling (2009)

Feud with Vortex

Rep began to accept bookings from ACW for a short while during the middle of his GWF career, but then subsequently left when it wasn't what he had expected. After GWF's closing, he gave the promotion a second try. The week after his Indy return and the Superbeast incident, Rep made a return to ACW. Promo vignettes began airing introducing Rep and Christina to the ACW audience. All this time, Rep had been uncontracted, and he began buying tickets to events in an attempt at getting a contract. Eventually an agreement was reached, and Rep brought his old friend along with him.

Rep brought along Stan Vishis and Josh The Jersey Boy, as well as Baron Trotter to ACW. The first to have a match signed was Stan Vishis, who was to make his ACW PPV debut at Fallen Heroes 2009. The match never took place, as Stan was attacked backstage by an unknown man. At the next few shows, Stan revealed more and more about the attacker until at Spring in to Hell 2009, it was revealed that VorteX had attacked Stan in self defense. Rep found this unacceptable and took personal interest in teaching VorteX a lesson in backstage brawling. Rep had ordered Stan and his other minions to go out and attack VorteX almost every week. Rep was eventually booked in his first match ever, three months after his first appearance on TV. His first match was against VorteX and was three months in the making, taking place at Seven Deadly Sins 2009.

Feud with Jake Steele and Firing

Shortly after Seven Deadly Sins, it was reported that Rep was to start a feud with ACW's top star, Thunderkiss. The feud never happened, as it was reported several days later that Rep had passed away. For weeks, wrestlers appeared on television speaking fondly of the man they once all hated. The longest and most remembered speech was by Jake Steele, a man who had just lost the ACW World Heavyweight Championship. Rep had been trained by Steele's uncle, Jack Steele. The two knew each other well, and were good friends. At Rep's televised funeral, it was revealed by a drunken Rena Matheson that she had sex with him shortly before his death. This broke Christina's heart, and drove her to seek counceling. She had been off TV for several weeks. Jake Steele, who had formed a relationship with Rena, didn't hear the confession. It was revealed that Rena was pregnant, and many questioned whether the baby was Jake Steele's or the late Rep's.

On the September 14, 2009 episode of ACW TV, the questions were answered. Jake Steele returned to the ring in a match with Johnny Hughes. Right when Steele was preparing to hit his finisher, he was attacked by The Reprobate, who then revealed that he had faked his death and gone in hiding. He then revealed that Rena's baby was his. Steele fought back and a referee entered the ring as the two had an impromptu match. The Reprobate ended up pinning Jake when a confused Christina returned to help him win. After the match, Rep explained to Christina that he had faked his death and had sex with Rena to impregnate her. Because Christina had been infertile, he needed to find a woman to carry his child. He admitted that he realized his best days were behind him, and that he had to begin preparing for his second generation. His plan included going in to hiding by faking his death to raise the child and train him to carry on his legacy. However, he realized that when the fans thought he was dead, they began to cheer even at the mention of his name. He returned to make the crowd hate him again, because he didn't want his son to become a goody two shoes and destroy the legacy that he had spent years building.

The angle ended when Rena had gone through a miscarriage. Jake Steele vs. The Reprobate was planned for Emporer of the Ring 2009, but Rep no showed the event and was subsequently fired, along with Jake Steele. Christina stayed with ACW for one month before returning during a house show to have a catfight with Rena Matheson. She then decided to ask for her release.

Return to ACW

On January 3, 2011, ACW ran it's final event, Goodbye Game. Reprobate made his ACW return at the event, cutting a promo on the crowd and praising his own company, PWA. He was interrupted by Chris Williams, one of PWA's main eventers and an ACW alumni. Williams took issue with Rep praising his enemy Michael Smart in his promo, and the two got in to an argument until Smart, another ACW alumni, crashed the ring and faced Williams in an impromptu match for the PWA World Heavyweight Championship. Rep sided with Smart and stood in his corner and, during the match, Rep got in to a fight with Williams' manager Kennedy Carson.

Later that night, Rep crashed the ring yet again and made an open challenge, which was accepted by his old enemy and former ACW World Heavyweight Champion, Jake Steele. The two wrestled in an unsanctioned no disqualification match that was later rated as an early candidate for Match of the Year 2011.

Retirement and Premiere Wrestling Alliance (2009-2011)

After another short hiatus from wrestling, Josh the Jersey Boy who had acquired the assets of Sunday Brunch, contacted The Reprobate to book for the company. The video library, championships, trademarks and all Brunch related creations were involved in the deal. Rep officially retired on December 27, 2009, the same day that a Sunday Brunch reunion promotion was announced. Over the course of the year 2010, the PWA acquired the frozen assets of GWF and linked their championship titles to the original GWF titles.

On January 10, 2010, the first episode of the Premiere Wrestling Alliance's television show aired. Rep serves as an off-screen booker and is only seen on television when he appears as an occasional referee/announcer, usually filling in for an injured referee.

On September 6, 2010 at Dead End 2, Reprobate once again entered the spotlight by attacking television executive West Newhaven, who had just canceled PWA's television show. Rep was then put through a table by his long-time nemesis Roc Anderson, who would go on that night to win the PWA World Heavyweight Championship from Chris Williams. The two continued feuding from afar, until November 28, 2010 when Roc Anderson pinned Rep in a title match, Rep's first big match in over a year.

In early January 2011, it was thought that Rep had sold his percentage of PWA to an anonymous benefactor. These rumors turned out to be false when it was revealed that Rep had simply shifted the rights to the PWA trademarks over to his own production company RD Corp. For the entirety of 2010, the trademarks and assets were all listed under Josh the Jersey Boy's name. As of January 15, 2011, Rep became the sole owner of the PWA. However, that changed just a month later when West Newhaven purchased the company from RD Corp, after Reprobate was forced to resign as head booker and executive producer of the company, following a legal scandal involving several PWA wrestlers assaulting fans. The Reprobate was thought of as an enabler, and should the negative press had continued, it would have crippled the PWA. He stepped down on February 14, 2011, the night of Valentine's Venom.

The Reprobate almost immediately signed a contract with the company, offered to him by West Newhaven, to return as a professional wrestler and active competitor. He made his return to the ring on February 28, 2011, defeating The Glasgow Mauler. That same night, former World Heavyweight champion and icon Roc Anderson hit the ring to announce his retirement, stating that he was going to name the wrestler who would carry the PWA in to the new year. XS3, a veteran and former ACW World Tag Team champion, made his PWA debut by stating that he would carry the company from now on. However, he was then interrupted by former GWF World Tag Team champion, The Reprobate. Rep claimed that he was going to be the one to carry the PWA in to the next year, just like he carried it through 2010. Though the two had an argument about who would be a bigger star, the former World Tag Team title holders eventually found a common enemy in Roc Anderson, who claimed that neither man was good enough to carry the company, and that Eric Darkthorne would do a better job than either of them. It was there that XS3 and The Reprobate became allies, double teaming Roc Anderson and retiring him once and for all with a brutal attack.

Return and Universal Wrestling League (2011-present)

On April 26, 2011, Reprobate was signed by the Universal Wrestling League. He won his debut match against Heath Savage, but lost his second match a week later to Justice Blackstone. Following the match, Rep attempted to use a chair on Blackstone, who caught Rep in the act before he could do any damage.

In wrestling

Rep gwf4

Rep and Damian DeNiro's manager, The Sinister Minister, after defending the World Tag Team Championship.

  • Finishing moves
    • Lariat
    • Lionsault
  • Signature moves
    • Arm drag backbreaker
    • Axe Grinder Piledriver - (Cradle piledriver)
    • Atomic Noogie - (Headlock with thumb rub on forehead)
    • Bionic elbow
    • Facewash
    • Running discus forearm smash
    • Shining wizard
    • Snot Rag - (Blows nose in to hand towel and shoves it in opponent's face)
    • The Spinning Wheel - (Lifting flapjack spinebuster)
    • Standing Half nelson sleeper in to a seated half nelson Camel clutch
  • With Damian DeNiro
    • Stereo piledrivers (Simultaneous Tombstone piledriver (Damian) / Cradle piledriver (Rep) combination)
  • With XS3
    • Double Bypass - (Combination Spear by XS3 / Lariat by Rep)
    • Exemplaration Reprobation / E.R. - (Flapjack Implant DDT)
  • Nicknames
    • "The Opportunist" (GWF, 2007)
    • "The Slacker" (GWF, 2008)
    • "The Redux" (ACW, 2009)
    • "The Notorious R.E.P." (PWA, UWL 2011)
  • Entrance themes
    • "Calling Dr. Love" by KISS - (UWL)
    • "Debonaire" by Dope - (UWL)
    • "Head Like a Hole" by Nine Inch Nails - (ACW)
    • "Man in the Box" by Alice in Chains - (GWF)
    • "Metal Health (Bang Your Head)" by Quiet Riot - (PWA)
    • "Purple Haze" by The Jimi Hendrix Experience - (GWF)
    • "Renegades of Funk" by Rage Against the Machine - (PWA)
    • "Rock is Dead" by Marilyn Manson - (ACW, PWA)
    • "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck" by Prong - (GWF)
    • "Victory" by Puff Daddy featuring The Notorious B.I.G. & Busta Rhymes - (GWF)

Championships and accomplishments

Rep gwf3

Rep after winning the Interbrand Championship in a three way dance ladder match.

  • X-Treme Hardcore Championship Wrestling
    • XHCW North-American Championship (1 time)
    • XHCW World Tag Team Championship (1 time) - with Mantequilla
  • X-Treme Wrestling Federation
    • XWF World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

Match history

Result: Record: Winner: Loser: Stipulation: Date: Event:
Loss 0-1-0 Josh the Jersey Boy The Reprobate Singles match April 18, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Win 1-1-0 The Reprobate and Adam Leos Nitro Nick and Mark Madison Tag team match May 2, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Win 2-1-0 The Reprobate Mark Madison Singles match May 9, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Loss 2-2-0 Don Cicinni Various Survival Success battle royal May 11, 2008 Last Man Standing
Loss 2-3-0 Michael Smart and Mark Madison The Reprobate and Damian DeNiro Tag team match May 16, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Win 3-3-0 The Reprobate The Glasgow Mauler, Josh the Jersey Boy and
Mikey Badass
Four way match May 18, 2008 Sunday Brunch
Win 4-3-0 The Reprobate Falcon McKenzie Singles match May 25, 2008 Sunday Brunch
Win 5-3-0 The Reprobate Mark Madison Singles match May 30, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Draw 5-3-1 N/A The Reprobate vs. Falcon McKenzie Singles Interbrand contenders match June 8, 2008 Sunday Brunch
Loss 5-4-1 Damian DeNiro The Reprobate, Josh the Jersey Boy and
James Murphy
Four way match June 13, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Loss 5-5-1 Adam Leos and Michael Smart The Reprobate and Falcon McKenzie Tag team match June 15, 2008 Sunday Brunch
Draw 5-5-2 N/A The Reprobate vs. Nitro Nick Singles match June 20, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Loss 5-6-2 Michael Smart The Reprobate Singles match June 22, 2008 Sunday Brunch
Win 6-6-2 The Reprobate Michael Smart and Falcon McKenzie Three way Interbrand Ladder match June 29, 2008 Sunday Brunch
Win 7-6-2 The Reprobate Mark Madison and Nitro Nick Three way Checkbook Challenge June 29, 2008 Rise and Fall 3
Win 8-6-2 The Reprobate Nick Zaltren Singles match July 4, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Win 9-6-2 The Reprobate and The Superbeast Adam Leos and Michael Smart Tag team match July 11, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Win 10-6-2 The Reprobate and The Superbeast Adam Leos and Michael Smart Tag team contenders match July 25, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Win 11-6-2 The Reprobate Jack Cascade Singles Interbrand title match July 27, 2008 Sunday Brunch
Loss 11-7-2 Damian DeNiro and XO Malone The Reprobate and The Superbeast Tag team title match August 1, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Win 12-7-2 The Reprobate Damian DeNiro Singles Interbrand title match August 3, 2008 Dead End
Win 13-7-2 The Reprobate Debolt Dragonsbane Singles match August 3, 2008 New Beginnings
Win 14-7-2 The Reprobate Rain Singles Interbrand title match August 6, 2008 GWF Underground
Win 15-7-2 The Reprobate and Damian DeNiro XO Malone Tag team title match August 8, 2008 Friday Night Brawl
Win 16-7-2 The Reprobate and Josh the Jersey Boy Michael Smart and Star-Man Tag team match August 13, 2008 GWF Underground
Win 17-7-2 The Reprobate and Damian DeNiro Star-Man and Rain Tag team match August 20, 2008 GWF Underground
Win 18-7-2 The Reprobate and Damian DeNiro Stan Vishis and Baron Trotter Tag team title match March 22, 2009 Brunch Anniversary
Loss 18-8-2 Star-Man The Reprobate Impromptu singles Interbrand title match March 22, 2009 Brunch Anniversary
Win 19-8-2 The Reprobate XO Malone Singles US title tournament match March 27, 2009 Friday Night Brawl Reunion
Win 20-8-2 The Reprobate Kevin McAuliffe Singles US title tournament match March 27, 2009 Friday Night Brawl Reunion
Loss 20-9-2 Star-Man The Reprobate Singles US title tournament final March 27, 2009 Friday Night Brawl Reunion
Win 21-9-2 The Reprobate and Josh the Jersey Boy Star-Man and The Power Kidd Tag team match April 5, 2009 Never Before Seen
Loss 21-10-2 VorteX The Reprobate Singles match August 1, 2009 Seven Deadly Sins
Win 22-10-2 The Reprobate Jake Steele Impromptu singles match September 10, 2009 ACW Meltdown
Loss 22-11-2 VorteX The Reprobate Singles match September 17, 2009 ACW Meltdown
Loss 22-12-2 Andrew Franklin The Reprobate Impromptu singles match May 20, 2010 PWA on HBO
Loss 22-13-2 Andrew Franklin Various Survival of the Sickest match May 31, 2010 Capital Punishment
Loss 22-14-2 Roc Anderson and Lala McKnight The Reprobate and Christina Hernandez Intergender tag team match July 31, 2010 Locked N Loaded
Loss 22-15-2 Roc Anderson The Reprobate Singles World title match November 28, 2010 Destiny Fulfilled
Loss 22-16-2 Jake Steele The Reprobate Impromptu singles match January 3, 2011 Goodbye Game
Win 23-16-2 The Reprobate The Glasgow Mauler Singles match February 28, 2011 PWA Underground
Win 24-16-2 The Reprobate Heath Savage Singles match May 6, 2011 UWL TV
Loss 24-17-2 Justice Blackstone The Reprobate Singles match May 13, 2011 UWL TV

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