The Sentinel (of Glasgow, Scotland) currently works for British-based e-fed 2WWF. He is one of the most mysterious characters the company has ever known. The Sentinel's mind games are legendary, using them as scare tactics on his opponent before, during and after each match.

Background Information The Sentinel's past is shrouded in mystery. Little is known about this eerie persona, but what is understood is that he is proud of his heritage. He is also rumoured to have been locked up in a mental institution where, coincidentally, his uncle (Manuel Martinez) worked. His experiences there have surely shaped his destiny as a brutal member of the 2WWF roster. He wears the marks of his heritage on his face in the form of facepaint. A Scotland flag on one cheek, and a claret & blue stripe on his other cheek to symbolise his loyalty. He also has a black ankh symbol on his forehead as well as in several places on his attire. It is unknown what this symbol means to The Sentinel.

Early Days The Sentinel started working for 2WWF shortly after the first reunion in 2005. He became the first ever 2WWF Television Champion (now known as the Internet Title) shortly after his introduction, winning a mini-tournament to be crowned. The Sentinel remained champion until he was stripped of the title under the "equal opportunities rule" applied by the General Manager.

Factions The Death Row faction was formed by The Sentinel and The Monster. It consisted of the most dominating heels on the 2WWF Roster and was unstoppable. The stable disbanded after one and a half years of domination after being defeated by a 2WWF Super Group. During a short-lived face-turn by The Sentinel, he became a member of the HTS group along with Tommy Thunder and El Harvo. This faction found fame by defeating the Heartbreak Boyz in a tag-team cage match.

Championship and endings The Sentinel won the 2WWF World Title in a Bloody Massacre match at the 2WWF Pay-Per-View "Massacre". After being defeated, there were rumours of a retirement, which rocked the world of 2WWF. The Sentinel continued despite these rumours until, when it was least expected, he disappeared in the middle of a match with Mikey Heartbreak. It was unknown where The Sentinel had gone.

Return The Sentinel made an appearance at a Pay Per View in his hometown before leaving once again. The opportunity arose to form a tag-team (GNA) with ally Harvo. The tag-team then fought at the 3rd annual Hell Games tournament, defeating Nathan Hardy and James Knight in a hardcore-rules tag match. It is now understood The Sentinel is an active member of the 2WWF roster.

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