Sammi "ShowStopper" Smith
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Ring Names The ShowStopper
The SpotLight
Height 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight 230 lbs.
Date of birth July 9th
Place of birth Memphis, Tenessee
Date of death
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Billed from World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW)
Trainer World Wrestling Entertainment
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He was born Samuel Smith on July 9 in a town called Memphis Tennessee. Alot of people knew Elvis as the king, but to Sammi his king was that of Jerry Lawler. He grew up watching AWA, WWE, and WCW. He knew that one day he was going to become a wrestler.

When he was young his mother and father left him, and he stayed with his Grandparents. He started getting in trouble and when to Jail for robbery. When he got out he whole world was messed up, all except one dream he had since he was a kid. So he found a school that was trained by none other than The Original Showstopper Shawn Michaels.

During house shows for about a year was some of Sammi's best moments competing against the likes of Kenny Dystra, Shelton Benjamin, and even the great King Tater. He wrestled under the name Slammin Sammi for most of his debuting career until he move on to join the WWE.

In Wrestling


Upon arrival in the WWE he made instant fame, when he became IC champion in a battle royal in his first match. Shortley losing it to Carlito Cool. He went on to a rivialry with King Tater for a short while until King Tater quit the WWE unexpectly. Sammi continue to pursue the IC championship but never captured it again.

World Federation of Wrestling

He then went on to join and still apart of the World Federation of Wrestling (WFOW). Where he now calls himself Sammi the Showstopper. He has not have that many matches, but has been known to cheat to win! He is a major heel in the federation, and continues being hated by the fans ever week. He most recent hidious act was attacking WWE superstar Shawn Michaels. He is said he will become WFW champion and will be the best ever. Time can only tell, but a bright future is ahead of this kid. Hated or loved no one can deny his wrestling ablity.

Signature Moves

Stop the Show-opponent feet is on the top rope and sammi takes they head and does a stunner like move

Blockbuster- Sammi on the top rope and dives at a diving opponent and does a flip neckbreaker.




diving cross body

Swantom Bomb


camuel cluth


Theme Song

His current themesong with the WFOW is "I Hate Everything About You" by Three Days Grace


  • Was a Face until joining the WFOW
  • King Tater injury made him into a heel
  • He beat 9 other guys to win IC championship in WWE


Prepare to stop breathing.

Once You seen me, You won't see no other

The spotlight was on me from birth

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