SmartMarks Wrestling Federation
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Federation Name Smartmarks Wrestling Federation
Abbreviation SWF
Shows Storm
Active 2000 - 2009
Founder(s) Jayson G
Owner(s) Tom Flesher
Based in United States
Federation Type Match Writing
Pay-Per-Views 6 Per Year
Boards Click Here

The Smartmarks Wrestling Federation is a match-writing and angle-driven federation, where writers are encouraged to create their own storylines and take total control of their original character, primarily by producing matches in a competitive environment against others and forging engaging angles.

Writers are essentially given free reign over their career, their success in the SWF depending on how hard they work and their wrestling know-how. Though the SWF is a competitive system, co-operation during storylines, with tag team partners, and in establishing a strong community is also encouraged.


The SWF has traditionally been one of the more popular and longest-standing e-feds on the internet. First as part of IGN as the IGNWF, the SWF was founded in October 2000 by Jayson G, almost entirely by accident. An innocuous WWF Board thread by Jayson G triggered a mass in-character brawl by the posters, in which they eventually organized staged matches, and from that, it grew so large that the newly dubbed IGNWF was soon given their own grounds.

Immediately gaining in popularity, Jayson G was forced to split the federation in two, giving birth to the IGN Junior League, an off-shoot which was dubbed the feeder fed to the IGNWF. The IGNWF and IGNJL remained bloated, though, and eventually a third federation similar to the IGNJL was formed, this being the IGN Minor League. It was phased out in time and its roster was merged back with the IGNJL.

The IGNWF continued on in this manner until February of 2002, when the IGN Boards turned to a subscription-only service and the IGNWF was forced to move. Thankfully, a contact with Jeremy Botter of The brought relief and the IGNWF then moved to The Smarks as the Smarks Wrestling Federation.

After an ownership upheaval, The Smarks became The Smart, where the Smarks Wrestling Federation and Smarks Junior League would remain. In January 2004 the SJL was phased out, as well, but after nearly seven years the SWF continued on. Unfortunately, in June 2009, the SWF ceased operation.

In Detail

The federation is, at its core, a creative writing contest. However, although competition is the heart of the SWF and is key to determining your success during your stay, promos and angles are just as important to not only yourself, but in producing the best shows and holding interest, as well.


Using the character you've created and with the stats of your opponent, the goal is to write a wrestling match in which you're to incorporate detailed action sequences with accompanying commentary. From the spots of the match, the entrances to the finish and closing words, the psychology and story of the match, it's all up to you.

From there, the matches go to an impartial marker, at which point he determines the winner through a largely subjective manner of his choosing, in some cases, even coming down to which match entertained him more, with that match being posted as part of that week's show. Of course, the markers are human, and you're free to criticize anything you disagree with in his assessment, but realize that all SWF markers are different and have their preferences as to what type of match or style they prefer.


Promos (aka RPs) go a long way toward defining your character, thus they are encouraged and recommended to anyone, but unlike traditional RPs, the number or length of them are completely up to you. You may write as many or as few of them as you like and not writing promos will not result in expulsion from the fed. They generally come in two forms, Show Promos and Board Promos.

Show Promos are those which are presented as part of the 'live' TV show in that week's show thread. These generally include interviews, backstage segments, mostly stuff limited to the arena, as well as debut and return vignettes, and must be sent to the person posting that week's show.

Board Promos are those which are posted to the SWF Board and may include any number of locales, most often outside the confines of the arena, and are often titled in the "Promo: Title" format. Favorites include the bar or pub, the hotel, post-show reactions after the lights are off, basically anywhere a wrestler would be while on the road and taking place when a show isn't, though kayfabed somewhat, and may also include fictional website blurbs and exclusives.


Just as important as matches and promos are angles, As well as promos, angles, feuds, storylines, whatever you want to call them, are also completely optional. However, they also go a long way toward defining your character and because they're fun to do, they're also encouraged and make an SWF stay that much more enjoyable.

Angles come about in various ways. For instance, after a couple of matches with an opponent, an angle in the form of a feud may be the natural result, or after a few tag matches together, soon enough two writers may find themselves fighting for the SWF World Tag Team Championships.

A writer also has the option of broaching the idea with another writer, and while this may be an idea for a feud, it can also include a partnership, an idea for a stable or faction, anything so long as one puts their mind to it.

Just as bookers, backstage writers, etc., co-operate in order to produce an angle or feud, co-operation in the SWF is also key. Though by no means a requirement, opening up the lines of communication and putting aside a competitive nature from time to time not only produces the best angles, but also strengthens the community.


Once operating on a 'two shows per one week' basis, the SWF used a rotating 'three shows per two weeks' format for the majority of its existence, which was later changed to a weekly format in 2007. All broadcasts are currently hosted by Mak Francis and The Suicide King.

  • SWF Storm

Defunct Shows

  • SWF Lockdown
  • SWF SmarkDown
  • SJL Wrath
  • SJL Metal
  • SJL Crimson


Running up to eight PPVs in 2006, in 2007 Battleground and Ashes to Ashes were eliminated upon adoption of the new weekly show schedule. All broadcasts are currently hosted by Mak Francis and The Suicide King.

  • SWF Clusterfuck
  • SWF From The Fire
  • SWF 13th Hour
  • SWF Ground Zero
  • SWF Genesis
  • SWF Holiday Show

Defunct Pay-Per-Views

  • SWF Battleground
  • SWF Ashes to Ashes
  • SWF Countdown To Genesis


Defunct Championships

  • SWF Intercontinental Television Championship
  • SWF United States Championship
  • SWF United States/Junior League Championship
  • SWF Light Heavyweight Championship
  • SWF Women's Championship.
  • SJL World Heavyweight Championship
  • SJL World Tag Team Championship
  • SJL European Championship
  • SJL Television Championship
  • IGNJL Eastern United States Championship

Current Champions

Championship Current Date Won From Length
SWF World Heavyweight Championship Alan Clark 06/02/07 Landon Maddix 17 Days and Counting
SWF International Championship Vacant 06/02/07 Alan Clark
SWF Cruiserweight Championship The Fabulous Jakey Wildchild
SWF Hardcore Championship Jimmy The Doom 06/26/06 Sean Davis 358 Days and Counting
SWF World Tag Team Championship Wildchild & Johnny Dangerous 03/21/07 Michael Stephens & Landon Maddix 90 Days and Counting


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