The Sublime
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Height 6'3
Weight 242lbs.
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Billed from Santa Monica, CA
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Full Metal Wrestling
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The Sublime is a SoCal surfer from Santa Monica who, after being misused and mistreated by several figureheads and fellow wrestlers employed by the PWA, signed a non-exclusive contract to join FMW. He has struggled to find stability his entire life, crashing with whomever had an open couch and even living out of his van for a while. He was recruited after being seen surfing at Venice Beach, prompting PWA company officials to offer him a contract on the spot. The only suitable background that parlayed into wrestling was beach brawls with the Vattos while growing up, which have made The Sublime an ever dangerous opponent in the ring. With his past failures, expectations of his future stardom, and his overall status within the business, The Sublime finally snapped. He revealed his true identity, Bohdie Koston, and declared that he would fight alongside his new partner, Korran Halycon, to stick it to anyone who even dared write off the pair now known as The SoCal Connection. After proving they were the cream of the tag team crop, Sublime and Korran became the 1st FMW Tag Team Champions. While they reigned, the fans seemed to become enthralled with the champions and began to get behind them…even when they acted as heels. But, where does their true affiliation lie? Only time will tell.

Won't: Turn on his partner….EVER! Not even on accident. The two are to be considered brothers and should always know what the other is doing and thinking.

Will: Do anything except turn on his partner. Take any championship match.

Wrestling Facts

Primary Finisher:

  • Burning Shore Driver (Reverse Death Valley Driver)

Secondary Finisher:

  • The Redemption Song (Full Nelson into a Backcracker)

Wrestling Style:

  • Technical. Sublime is a decent size man but is super athletic.

Career Record (??-??)

LPW {Formerly PWA} (??-??)

FMW (??-??)


  • SINGLES: Lights dim as the entrance theme plays. As Sublime steps out, a spotlight in the shape of California shines on in a bright, lime green. He wears a black zip up hoodie and a black hat turned backwards. He wrestles barefooted. After his name is announced, the stage area erupts into pyro.

Championships facts

Full Metal Tag Team Championship X2 Fmttc

FMW Tag-team Champion
Preceded by:
First Reign Team with Korran Halycon as SoCal Connection Succeeded by:
The British Lions

FMW Tag-team Champion
Preceded by:
The British Lions
Second Reign Team with Korran Halycon as SoCal Connection Succeeded by:
The Quick and the Dead(Chase and Cactus Sam

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