The Ultimate Legion
Faction Name The Ultimate Legion
Abbreviation UL
Status Defunct
Time open December 29, 2006 - February 4, 2007
Former members Dark Yoshi (December 29, 2006 - January 31, 2007)

Doc Wario (December 29, 2006 - February 4, 2007)
Julio Cesar F (December 29, 2006 - February 4, 2007)
Über n00ber (January 13, 2007 - February 4, 2007)

The Ultimate Legion was a stable in MFGG Wrestling. It was active from December 29, 2006, to February 4, 2007.

Formation and feud with X-Degeneration

Dark Yoshi and Julio Cesar F had previously worked together, as they (along with Suigi) were founding members of the short-lived faction WiiVolution. Soon after the group formed, Doc Wario won the King of MFGG VI tournament and won a match against Captain Jeff Silvers for the Undisputed World Championship at New Year's Eve Brawl. His coronation, which also took place at that supershow, ended with the reformation of X-Degeneration with the stated purpose of regaining dominance in MFGG and, more importantly, battling The Ultimate Legion. Silvers immediately announced Civil War 3: XD vs Ultimate Legion. In the week leading up to the event, The Ultimate Legion gained a measure of momentum by claiming the MFGG Tag Team and MFGG SoVeryHardcore Championships from XD. This momentum continued into the event, which saw them defeat XD four-to-one. Despite their efforts, they couldn't secure the Undisputed World Championship, but they did win the right to book their own supershow that Wednesday. Revenge of the Legion saw Silvers lose his title to Julio Cesar F in a Fatal Four-Way Chaos in the Cages Match that also included Doc Wario and Dark Yoshi.

"Mysterious stranger"

On January 13, 2007, a mysterious masked stranger interrupted two matches during Daily Damage in favor of The Ultimate Legion. After the main event, Silvers stormed to the ring and, angered by this outsider who crashed his show, challenged the masked stranger to a match. During the match, he was attacked by Dark Yoshi and Julio Cesar F before being pinned by the stranger. After the bout, it was revealed that the unknown outsider was the newest member of The Ultimate Legion.

On January 14, MFGG booker and XD member Captain Jeff Silvers suffered an injury during a "rough night with the ladies." Due to a contract Silvers made with Dark Yoshi while the latter was still in X-Degeneration, Dark Yoshi assumed the role of MFGG's booker (essentially shifting the "corporate advantage" from X-Degeneration to The Ultimate Legion). Silvers returned on January 17 and resumed control of the e-fed.

In Silvers' absence, The Ultimate Legion's mysterious stranger had been booked in a number of matches. Upon his return, however, Silvers refused to allow the stranger to wrestle in his shows, citing that the man was an outsider without an MFGG Wrestling contract. He did allow him to wrestle in one tag match with Dark Yoshi against Silvers and Press Start, but that was largely to allow Silvers a measure of revenge against him. Despite Silvers' placing the MFGG Arena security on high alert, the outsider managed somehow to make his way into the building, destroying the DamageTron and severely injuring XD member Suigi. He then demanded Suigi release his murderous alter-ego Blood Suigi. The plan apparently worked, as Blood Suigi was spotted backstage at Daily Damage the next night while Suigi was in a Toronto hospital recovering from his injuries. As an alternate personality of Suigi, Blood Suigi was recognized as MFGG SoVeryHardcore Champion.

Silvers eventually realized that simply ignoring the stranger's presence was futile, so he gave him what he was after: a match with Blood Suigi. The bout went down at MFGG Winter Storm on January 21; the match was so heavily anticipated that it was actually booked as the main event over the night's Undisputed World Championship match. After one of the most grueling fights in MFGG history, Blood Suigi pinned the stranger and removed his mask--revealing him to be MFGG Wrestling veteran (and founder of the SVH League, also known as the Anti-XD League) Über n00ber.

Dark Yoshi leaves

In late January 2007, Julio Cesar F began vying for Dark Yoshi's Internet Championship. He lost a match to him at Error 404 Two, but showed continued interest in pursuing the title. After a rant by Julio on January 30 wherein he proclaimed to be the rightful Internet Champion, Dark Yoshi left the faction. Speculation began to grow that X-Degeneration may've been scouting Dark Yoshi, or at the least was interested in forming an alliance with him. This was after Dark Yoshi chased off The Ultimate Legion when they crashed Captain Jeff Silvers' King of MFGG coronation, and after Silvers interfered on Dark Yoshi's behalf in two matches. On February 2, however, Silvers attacked DY and Ultimate Legion member Uber n00ber during a Triple Threat Match that also included Silvers' XD partner Mariorocks. Silvers later explained that the attack on DY was "just business," but that he didn't trust him.


At February Fallout, Über n00ber had a match against MFGG SoVeryHardcore Champion Kid Koopa and Suigi for Kid Koopa's title. During the match, Julio Cesar F attacked n00ber and ultimately cost him the match. After the bout, he revealed that he always felt n00ber to be the "weak link" in The Ultimate Legion. He then announced he had disbanded the faction.

The next day at Daily Damage #172, Captain Jeff Silvers declared victory for X-Degeneration in the war between the two factions.

Doc Wario and Über n00ber continued to team together as Sovereign Happy, and they soon joined the then-new Brothers of Destruction.

On April 2, 2007, Julio Cesar F joined X-Degeneration, marking the first time since the dissolution of The Ultimate Legion that he and Dark Yoshi were on the same faction.

Titles held

This is a list of titles held by members of The Ultimate Legion during their tenure with the group.

Note: This section records only the period during which a wrestler held a title and was a member of The Ultimate Legion.

Championship Champion(s) From To Notes
MFGG Internet Dark Yoshi December 29, 2006 January 31, 2007 1, 2
MFGG Tag Team Doc Wario and Julio Cesar F January 2, 2006 January 21, 2007
MFGG SoVeryHardcore Doc Wario January 4, 2006 January 9, 2007
Undisputed World Julio Cesar F January 10, 2006 January 21, 2007


1. Won the title before joining the group/before the group formed. Only the time during which he held the title AND was a member of the faction is counted here.

2. Continued to hold the title after leaving the group. Only the time during which he held the title AND was a member of the faction is counted here.

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