The Uprising are a Tag Team in AWA consisting of IL Cognito and Blake Kruspe both men have been well travelled and even won the AWA World Tag Team Titles from The Daniels Brothers IL Cognito still appears with AWA and Kruspe is now wrestling in his native Germany where he works the different federations in the country.

The Original Members of The Uprising

The Uprising made their debut in ICWA consisting of Blake Kruspe, IL Cognito, Xander Cage, {{"The Renegade" Cody Richards]] all men have tasted ICWA gold, and The Uprising promised to change the face of ICWA originally Cody Richards was not a member he was just on the ring crew and would hang around with then ICWA Champion Blake Kruspe one night there was a discussion and he was added to the group, IL Cognito trained Cody Richards and then he had his in ring debut.

The Debut of The Renegade

Cody was working down in the developmental promotion for ICWA which they called ICWA San Diego and it would operate there Cody Richards made his in-ring debut for their original show and beat Jackson Lee ICWA promoters were not impressed with the match and neither were members of The Uprising. IL Cognito had an idea to help Cody Richards by putting him in a match with him, Cognito would win the match and the ICWA officials were impressed with the match and he was promoted to the main roster.

Growing Pains

IL Cognito and Xander weren't on the best of terms in the federation, both thought they were the leader of the stable, but Blake Kruspe stepped in declaring he was indeed the leader and if they didn't stop they were out of the group, things were still chaotic for them, with many group fights starting and ending with blood shed, the final straw came at the PPV where Xander Cage decided to walk out on ICWA and ending his tenure as a member of The Uprising.

The End for The Uprising in ICWA

With the leaving of Xander The Uprising went on their merry way, not caring what the future held, a war raged in ICWA when the backstage running of the fed spilled out into the front of the federation, many people had finally had enough and a few quit, and when ICWA owner Lee Taylor finally got tired of the fighting he would close the doors for good, leaving the members of ICWA with no where to go and thus a new fed was created in it's place, The Uprising decided they would ease the fighting of the backstage stuff with them being in charged, then it happened, chaos again would tear the federation apart.

The Uprising splits

It came only 4 months after the new owners of the federation tried to make a go of things, Cody Richards was fed up, he wanted more out of things, and felt IL Cognito was holding him back, and then called him out on Monday Night Breakdown, and then told the federation that he was tired of being told he was not good enough and he wanted IL Cognito to put his career on the line in a Career vs. Career match.

IL Cognito would beat his student and tried to put things right saying that his student could stay in the fed and IL Cognito would leave the federation, but Cody said he was a man of honour and decided he would leave as per the deal.

The Death

It was tough time for The Uprising booking shows keeping talent happy, and trying to keep things on the up and up it was then that both men decided that the company was dead, and they both decided so was The Uprising, IL Cognito went one way and Blake Kruspe went his way, this would not be the last time they would see each other regularly both men would still keep in touch, but the where abouts of Cody Richards has never been known since the end of ICWA

The Rebirth

The Uprising was not done with quite yet, they decided it was time to get back together, neither Cody, or Xander would be apart of the new Uprising that would appear in AWA only Cognito and Kruspe would remain from the stable, Blake would show up in AWA declaring he would change the face of the AWA and challenged the AWA World Tag Team Champions The Daniels Brothers for their belts and he said he had a partner that would be a surprise it would turn out to be the returning IL Cognito both men would win the Titles but in the same night AWA owner Mr. Hamilton would remove the titles, ending their reign.

Not much is known of what is going on with the stable now, Blake Kruspe has not been seen in an AWA ring since that night and IL Cognito won the World Heavyweight Title from Revan Redemption at AWA Battlefield.

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