The Virus

The Virus
NameLeon Roberts
Ring Name(s)The Virus
NicknameCanadian Badass, Prince of Destruction, Chaos Theory of Wrestling
Height6 ft 4 in
Weight275 lbs
BornMarch 17, 1987
HometownToronto ON Canada
Current FederationsGWC, AEW, APWC, MWE
DebutDecember 2007

The Virus is an up and coming e-fedding wrestler who loves to dish out punishment to his opponents. He is currently involved in the GWC, MWE, and also runs APWC


The Virus made his debut late 2007/2008 in GWC, and has been in some good, hard hitting matches since his debut, including his notorious feud with Zak Warner. While he may not have come up on the winning end, he did garner the much needed attention to make him a star. At GWC's big sow of the year, he captured his first GWC title, in the GWC television championship, and held it for a month before losing it to Mike Ragnal.

After chasing the Underground title for a couple of months, he would finally win it over Ryan Daniels at the October GWC PPV, Dire Straits, with no more then just 2 solid punches. However, due to GWC being revamped, he, like all the other champions, were stripped of their titles, and had to fight for them, along with the entire roster, at Omerta. The Virus would win his 3rd GWC title there, by becomign the new Ultimate champion, where he would retain until GWC's unfortunate demise, making him the last GWC Ultimate champion.


On March 16th, 2008, The Virus officially opened up the doors to the APWC, a place for wrestlers who wish to 'screw the rules' and let loose with everything. He is currently involved in a feud with another GWC wrestler, Lee Rivvy. He sold the APWC to EW, thus creating one new company, the |AEW


Since it's opening around the same time as APWC, The Virus has been involved in EW, where he currently remains undefeated, as he is the first ever (and longest reigning)EW champion. After he won the title, he has began a feud with the MWE supporters in EW, in which he has also assumed a managerial position after taking out Earl Sampson on his own show


At the end of June 2008, Virus sold the APWC and merged it with EW, to become the AEW. He no longer is the world champion there, but has been involved in a blood feud with Ace Cannon, in which he has sent his rival to the hospital on more then one occasion. But due to consistent contract and management problems, AEW was shut down for good in July 2008


After bouncing around in the independant circuit following the demise of AEW, The Virus would sign onto MWE at the end of 2008. Unfortunately, he had to take some time off for a couple of months. Snce his return, he has formed a tag team with longtime friend and training partner, 'Supernova' Vega Knight, to for the Black List MAfia.


After gathering enough funds and some wrestlers, The Virus would re-open the doors to APWC in January 2009. He doesn't compete often there, rather sticking to his role at the CEO of APWC. but he has wrestled there a couple of times, which included victories over 'The Icon' JT Hunt and Xavier Cross.


The Virus, who's real name is Leon Roberts, was a problem child growing up. he never liked the rules, and when he reached adult hood, he stopped talking to his parents due to various reasons. However, he was not somebody who would break laws, inspite of growing up in a neighborhood that was full of lawbreakers. But 1 day, before he broke out into wrestling, he was approached by lord of the underworld, to become his successor. Virus had no choice (as he was killed before, and the Devil revived him) but to accept, but soon regretted it, and he let go of his newfound powers, opting to wrestle on his own skills, which were second to non before. After a while, he received his powers back, but never uses them in the ring (He believes he should wrestle normally).He's never afraid to tell his opponents what he really thinks of them, whether he respects them, or flat out hates them.

His status is currently married to his longtime Lover, Demonica. They have 1 set of triplets, and a 5 year old Daughter, whom Leon had with an x-girlfriend

Notable Feuds

Zak Warner

When He Started out in GWC, The Virus immediately wanted to show that he was not some pushover rookie, and that he will make his name part of GWC's history. His first course of action was going up against former GWC champion Zak Warner. After weeks of feuding in January an March, they eventually became friends. The Virus accomplished his goal, by proving he was there to stay.

Xavier Stone

In EW, They were both world champions, as Xavier Stone held the APWC title, and Xavier wanted to prove he was better then The Virus. It was only two back to back matches for the EW title, but The Virus proved he truly was the better man.

Ace Cannon

A power Hungry Ace Cannon went after The Virus following the Xavier Stone Feud. On a night where He would defend the EW title twice, The Virus defeated Cannon, but lost to his other Challenger, DC. After DC vacated the title, Ace would win it, but his celebration was cut short by The Virus, who then massacred Ace Cannon, due to feeling jilted out of a title shot that he should have had first, being the former champion. They would cross path later in the year, with Cannon defeating THe Virus, before punting The skull of his 5 year old daughter. They have yet to face again, but only time will tell.


During the short lived independant promotion RevPro, these twohad a brutal, hardcore feud, which The Virus was sent out by the owner, George Prax, to destroy Paige after she went extra crazy. He almost chokeslammed her from 50 feet in the air, but was stopped by another revPro wrestler. later on, the two would meet in a Buried alive match, where The Virus would bury and blow up Paige....or so he thought, as she returned to MWE only two months later.

Ryan Daniels

These two would feud in a great array of technical matches through the entire summer, which eventually capped off at the Octobber GWC PPV, Dire Straites. One Heart Punch was all it took to end the feud, and allowed The Virus to win the Underground championship.

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