The WWT Album Is An Album Released By The World Wrestling Television. It Featured Mostly Theme Tunes Of Wrestlers On The Roster At The Time,And Song They're Perform.The Copies Of The Albums Are Selling In The Mr TV Studio In New York And In Stores.

Track Listing

  • Ember McLain-RemEmber
  • The Bikini Bottom Bad Boyz-Rock Bottom
  • Patrick Star-Under My Rock
  • Spongebob Squarepants-Employee Of The Month
  • Ember McLain-The Game(Youngblood Theme Song By Drowning Pool)
  • The Winners-We're Not The Losers
  • The Winners-All American Beaver(Norbert Beaver Theme Song)
  • Shikamaru,Kankuro And Temari-The Kings
  • Danny Phantom-Terror Time
  • Kappa Mikey-Out In The Streets
  • Shikamaru-In The Shadows
  • Dagget Beaver-Princes Of The Universe
  • Ember,Shego And Misty-We Are The Champions(Zim And Snap Theme)
  • Kin Tsuchi-All The Things She Said
  • Ember McLain-Me Against The World(Gaara Theme Song)
  • Shego-Savin Me
  • Ino,Mr Krabs,Chouji and Mikey-We are the nation of X Division
  • Mr TV-Paint it black

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