The Wal-Mart Liberation Front (aka WMLF) is a tag-team made up of David Alastair and Craig D. Shultz; two American professional wrestlers who are currently free agents.

The Wal-Mart Liberation Front (WMLF)
[[Image:|px|Image of The Wal-Mart Liberation Front (WMLF)]]
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Weight 511 lbs
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Billed from Razor Ramon HG's basement
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Debut Summer of 2006
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Finishing and Signature moves

  • The Sam Walton Killer (Craig throws the foe into the ropes. Once he comes back, Craig delievers a massive Spinebuster as David Alastair ascends to the top rope. He flies off with a Believer's End onto the foe.)
  • Clean Up In Aisle Three (Craig has the foe in a Full Nelson hold. David Superkicks them and using that momentum, Craig delivers a Release Dragon Suplex.)
  • Standing Room Only (Craig has the foe hooked up for a Kudo Driver as David Alastair goes to the top rope. Alastair jumps off right with a Double Footstomp as Craig crashes down with the Kudo Driver, bringing more force to the move.)
  • The Check-Out Lane (Craig goes high with a Stiff Lariat and David goes low with a Sweeping Kick at the same time.)

Theme songs

  • "Disposable Teens" by Marilyn Manson (Yggdrasil Pro)
  • "Bring Tha Noise" by Public Enemy(WCF)

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