The Washoe Valley Crew
Faction Name The Washoe Valley Crew
Abbreviation The WVC
Status On Hiatus
Current Members "The Man" Gus
Kenny "The Rocker"
"The Demon" Joe
Former Members Heidi

The Washoe Valley Crew is a group of American wrestlers Gus, Kenny, and Joe. They all competed in WrestleZone Championship Wrestling

Singles Competition

All 3 of these men are accomplished singles wrestlers, that being evident in that Gus is a former Elite X Champion, and Joe had an above par record in WZCW, Kenny is a former champion in every other promotion hes been in.

Tag Team Competition

All 3 know each other very well, they have lived in the same place for over 10 years, Kenny and Joe eventually won the WZCW Tag Team Titles before leaving wrestling.

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