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The Technitian of Montego Bay

The Weedman

Home: Right nea' da Beach, 215 lbs.


Hall of Fame Induction

2006 ESW Hall of Fame Inductee: Singles

[1] Read It Yerself, Mon!




ESW Heavyweight
1 (19 defenses)

ESW E-Crown
1 (02/27/2005 to 04/04/2005)

SWA Cruiserweight
1 (4 defenses)
2 (0 defenses)
3 (1 defense)

ESW Tag Team(Bad Medicine)
1 (2 defences)
2 (11 defenses)

ESW Television:

1 (0 defenses)

ESW Big Apple:
1 (12/26/04 to 01/23/05)

Current Gimmick

Currently, during a stint away from active duty in any professional Wrestling League, The Weedman has been seen in Hollywood, milling around with the notables thereIronically, during teh week of his return to action in ESW, a movie that he was involved in was released - straight to DVD. His acting was horrible, to say the least, as anyone who saw it can tell you - but he, however, thinks his performance was flawless, and even though he only had a few lines in a two hour long movie, he considers himself a super-mega-star now, far above the trivials of 'kissing up to da fans, mon' to get his viewpoint, fan support should be automatic now...

The Weedman has recently faked a serious back injury, after being handed a visit to the hospital by the combined efforts of Hydromancer H2O and Death Row Demon in assaults on his back in ESW. Since then, finally realizing that he's being ignored by the upper echilon members of the ESW Staff, and not even looked at by the SWA Officials, he has gotten out of his ESW contract by faking a career ending injury, only to rise again as soon as his contract was declared null and void, to join the ranks of Cassius King and his Panthers in CPW. It's literally the Heel turn of the SWA's history...

A reality Television show labeled "A Day in the Life of a Weed" which airs once a week on Tuesdays. Sometimes the ESW fans can catch it on the internal network of the ESW News Feed on their high tech video devices, and sometimes they can only find it on network television.

Also, The Weedman and his former tag team partner Dr. Love used to enjoy board game day once a week, where they would spend an entire day, ignoring everything and everyone else, to go head to head on every board game known to man, such as Battleship, Twister, Pictionary, and even Hungry Hungry Hippos.

The Weedman has been around the block a few times, soaring to the top of the New York federation, ESW, during his first professional year in Wrestling. Making a quick name for himself, he soon became a mainstay in big events and Pay Per Views, and at his peak was the posterboy for the Empire State Wrestling league, selling more merchandise than any previous superstar within the league had ever dreamed of.

Not long after that, however, his professional career waned, title shots were few and far between, and The Weedman fell into a deep, dark depressive state, where he all but disappeared from the Wrestling circuit. Once he dealt with his demons, he returned, rejuvinated, and refreshed to the point ot making a short but sweet return to the ESW to remind those who still remembered his glory days that he was still around.

Most recently, The Weedman has been enjoying retirement, filling such roles within his alma mater, the ESW, as Color Commentator early into retirement, and more recently the special referee for certain matches, making cameo appearances for namesake alone. Although doing a good job as referee, he had always yearned for another shot at the ESW Heavyweight Championship Title, his most coveted belt in his illustrious career, defending it against any comer more times than any other title he's held.

Finally feeling he had regained his previously lost zeal, The Weedman has emphatically announced his return to the ring, by bashing the head of Tiberious Wolf, the Champion at the time, in with a lead pipe instead of refereeing the match. Forcing a loss on the Champ, The Weedman was poorly recieved by the fans in attendance, and the rest has yet to be written in the life and times of the ESW's most electrifying superstar.

Upon a successful return to the ring, The Weedman has taken a recent and new jump in confidence, following a stint of depression about sub-par performances, and losses to wrestlers he felt he should be able to beat with his profound experience. Once regaining the ESW Tag Team Championship for the second time, alongside his teammate Dr. Love, his confidence soared, and soon after he snagged the ESW Big Apple Championship from newly arrived Big Kountry. With his newfound rise in performance, and confidence, he made a triumphant return, finally, and took on a brand new theme song in "Nobody" by Skindred - which bears a Jamaican lead singer. Skindred has as well influenced this change, by agreeing to sponsor The Weedman at ringside from time to time by performing LIVE at various events inside the ESW world...

On 4/21/05 at 2:05 pm, The Weedman joined up with the stable of Twilight's Return, which consisted of long time ESW and SWA fan favorites alike in an attempt to regroup himself, and gain support while he trains and tries to continue the comeback trail after a horrible month of singles competition - the first month he's been separated from long time friend and former Tag Team Partner, Dr. Love. It seemed to take it's toll on his performance, but with the newly reunited group of Twilight, whom he's both befriended and faced in the past, he has high hopes for the future...

On 4/22/05, The Weedman officially teamed up with Squee The Mighty of Twilight's Return, creating the tag team of Grass and Gas. They begin their Tag Team careers together in ESW, beginning the month of May, 2005. Also, with the joining of Twilight, The Weedman has partaken of a complete makeover. See "Ring Entrance" for updated attire and appearance...

Entrance Description

The Weedman ring attire:

Entryway Ramp:
-Dark Sunglasses.

-Dark Green fluffy Robe.
-Dark Green leather Boots.

Once inside the Ring:
-Remove Green Robe.
-No Sunglasses.

Now Has:
-Bare Torso.
-Dark green elastic Sleeve on Left Arm.
-Black Rubber Pad on Right Elbow.
-Dark Green Formal Slacks w/Black Designer Belt.
-The Word: W E E D M A N down the side of the left pant leg vertically, stitched in using Designed Patches.

Actions during entrance:
-Slap hands and bump fists with Fans on his way to the Ring.
-Pose for pictures.
-Grab Weedman signs from audience and show them to cameramen along the way.
-Give Sunglasses to a child on his way to the Ring.
-Pose on two opposite Turnbuckles once inside the Ring.

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