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Ring Names The Who
Height 6 ft 4 in (188 cm)
Weight 250 lbs (113 kg)
Date of birth 18th April, 1987
Place of birth London, England
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Resides London, England
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Trainer Kendo Nagasaki
Mark Rocco
Handled by TheWho87
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Debut May 2006

The Who is an English professional wrestler working for independent promotions all over the world. The Who is best known for his hardcore style mixed with some European technical wrestling.

Promotions Wrestled for


Life Before Wrestling And The UK Indy Scene

Being brought up on Green Street in the East End of London taught him how to brawl with the best street fighters around, especially when the local derby's came around and he was in the thick of it all and quickly people began to see his potential and it was not long before he was earmarked by some of the top members of the Inter City Firm and with their backing he started to get involved in a violent period of his life and by the age of 16 he was involved in illegal fights in the back rooms of pubs and clubs and he would always brutally disfigure his opponents in such a way most people refused to fight him due to their fear of what he could do to them, it was through these fights that he was getting a reputation as a good fighter and word had spread over London and in time it had reached the local wrestling promoter who felt that he could become a good wrestler if he had set his mind to it and learned the ropes from the best, so with the permission from the top guy of the Inter City Firm The Who entered into a supervised training for a wrestling career.

Unfortunately before The Who could finish his training the Inter City Firm disbanded and The Who was left on his own as all his fellow “firm” members has been put in prison, so it was put onto the shoulders ofthe legendary British wrestlers Kendo Nagasaki and Mark “Rollerball” Rocco to take this back room brawler and turn him into a professional wrestler, it took a good year before he debuted in his local area in York Hall, Bethnal Green, that night he brutally destroyed a local jobber and debuted a move that would become on of his signatures, the London Screw Driver. Over the next 12 months The Who rocked up the rankings in the UK scene and was starting to get noticed in the US after a couple of high profile wins over some top US talent. His big break came though on a tour of the US and Japan where he caught the eye of the owner of ENA who decided that The Who was going to be one of the men to help take his newly created ENA to the top of the world.

Extreme Non-Stop Action

The Who's first US federation debut was in ENA, he debuted at Breaking The Rules and hit the LSD upon Rob Van Dam onto a bed of nails and pinned him to pick up his first title but was defeated a few weeks later by Mick Foley, he continued for a couple more bookings for the company until it fell through before The Who was able to recapture the title.

Brutal Championship Wrestling

Signed with BCW on June 25th 2006 debuting a new character as well as a new manager, it had been the first time the two had ever been seen together but The Who had enlisted the services of Brooke Hogan daughter of the legendary Hulk Hogan.

The Who used his time in BCW to hone his skills and improve, its during this time that he teamed with Nicholas Rodriguez and with his help they captured the BCW tag team titles, in the following weeks The Who captured the Intercontinental and Hardcore titles and at one point was holding all three (Intercontinental, Hardcore and Tag Team).

The Who ended his BCW career on a sad note, when he lost to Deathstrike in a Hell In A Cell match on the final event of the company, with the BCW World Heavyweight title on the line, The Who put up all the titles he was holding at that point (Intercontinental and Hardcore) and turned it into the ultimate unification match. Unfortunately it did not pan out in The Who's favour and he lost the match and his titles, but he was not out of action for long as he was quickly signed to UWE and debuted at their King Of The Ring event.

All-American Wrestling

It was a rather short period in All-American Wrestling, mostly comprising of two weeks and also two victories one in a singles match against Marcelo and another a handicap match against Marcelo and John Adelsberger. Was set to challenge for the AAW Intercontinental Championship in the third week but was unable to compete in the match as the promotion folded before the event went to air.

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment

The Who Logo

Logo used by The Who

Made a fiery debut at King of the Ring where he nearly torched the lovely Maria in a sit down interview, but at the time it was not known who had done it, it was not until a couple weeks later that Maria came face to face with her attacker again and the truth was revealed.

At Survivor Series The Who was a part of the winning side of the main event with David Andrews and due to the stipulations was able to any one match he desired, which he chose to be a number one contenders match for a shot at the UWE World Championship, the match itself pitted two firm rivals one on one again, as The Who challenged John Adelsberger the match was more of a walk through for The Who though as he was able to easily beat Adlesberget for the title shot at the following month's pay per view Trial and Retribution, it was at Trial and Retribution that The Who ended the record breaking run that David Andrews had as World Champion as after months and months of David Andrews beating everyone there is to beat in UWE, David Andrews got beat and in a title match, it was one of the upsets of 2006.

The Judgement Day event was a down point in The Who's career as he had to defend his newly won UWE World Championship against the winner of the earn your points tournament Tony Black, and at the end of the evening it was not The Who, who was able to come out on top and less than one month as champion he was defeated

In the run up to Hacked, The Who had started to make some rather offensive comments towards Vince McMahon and the way in which he does his “business” on screen, to which Mr. McMahondid not take a good turn and accepted a challenge laid down by The Who in which Mr. McMahon would but his company on the line against the bWo and in the main event The Who and other members of the Brutal World Order took on Vince McMahon's hand picked defender but on the night it was not The Who that was to be wrestling it was his fully recovered partner Maverick and with the help from The Who and Jonny who jumped over to the bWo that night they brought the end of Vince McMahon's run as owner of UWE and brought in the new owner who the bWo was going to hand over the control to…Bret Hart!

World Revolutionary Wrestling

Joined recently under a part time contract while still under contract to UWE, made in ring debut against Bushi Lee and came out victorious. The following week Conner Gael had but down a challenge to The Who for a first blood match and not being the man to back down from a challenge The Who accepted and on the night came out victorious by busting open the head of Gael with a vicious chair shot. The Who wrestled on and off withWRW for the next few months mostly due to having creative problems with the booker and owner of WRW Ryan Hart, over the period of time The Who was released for a few days and resigned, the reason behind this was unclear but it was credited that Clearly was behind it, over the next month due to different issues The Who made sporadic appearances in WRW until in late August 2007 he was released of his contract, it was said it was because he had heat with a lot of the guys in the back, when commenting on this those who were said to be against his leave did not know about his release so their must have been an ulterior story, most sources claim it was Ryan Hart and Clearly behind such actions but nothing has yet been confirmed.

Ultimate Fight Network

During the end of his WRW time The Who signed up to the Ultimate Fight Network, although he never officially debuted, their were rumours that a mysterious masked man who came out and helped The Who's manager Jenna was The Who under a new gimmick, however he was not seen again in UFN.

Ultimate Wrestling Entertainment Return

At UWE Revenge 2007, The Who return to the ring, in his return he claimed he wanted the Hardcore title and he would do anything to get it, he also set his sights on his former partner Brett Strong because in The Who's absence Strong disbanded the Brutal World Order without consulting anyone else.

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  • "The Whole F*cking Show"
  • "The New F*cking Show"
  • "The Showstealer"

Theme Music

Championships and accomplishments

  • Brutal Championship Wrestling
  • BCW Intercontinental Champion (1 time)
  • BCW Hardcore Champion (1 time)
  • BCW Tag Team Champion (1 time) With Nicholas Rodriguez
  • Extreme Non-Stop Action
  • ENA Hardcore Champion (1 time)
  • Other Titles
  • WWX Tag Team Champion (1 time) With Darren Burridge

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