== The Wild Card Warriors ==


Members: Hatchet Ryda & Magic

Team Entrance Theme: "Wait and Bleed" by Slipknot

Team Finishers: Shock Hour (Hatchet sets up Witching Hour, a reverse STO move in the vein of the Mic Check, near the ropes. Hatchet is facing the ropes, so they'll fall away from the ropes. Magic hits Shock Magic as Hatchet is falling backwards)

Signature Team Moves: Houdini's Chains (Ankle lock by Magic and Hell's Pit/Rings of Saturn by Hatchet) Walking the Tightrope (Superkick and legsweep combo, then top rope leg drop by Magic and Hatchet Splash by Hatchet) Breaking the Habit (Magic Spell by Magic and backcracker/backstabber by Hatchet)

Biography: Meeting in the Newbie Championship Series where Hatchet defeated Magic in the finals, their alliance was forged after Magic saved Hatchet from an assault by Blackwell, where Blackwell sought to set Hatchet on fire. They first fought as a team the next show, taking on the Dark Brotherhood in a losing effort. Their tag teamship was officially cemented when Magic defeated Crazy Ash Killa at Annihilation to gain the Dark Brotherhood's #1 contendership to the United States Tag Team titles. Now the match is set for the upcoming Insanity as the Main event for the U.S. Tag Titles. The Wild Card Warriors VS Al and the former mystery partner T.J. Rage.

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