Real name Carl Borden Rubolt
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Height 6'5"
Weight 300 lbs.
Date of birth January 10, 1970
Place of birth Flint, MI
Date of death
Place of death
Resides Braddock, TX
Billed from A Blue State Near You
Trainer The Liberal Librarian
Handled by
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Debut 2007
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Yeti, (born Carl Borden Rubolt on January 10, 1970) is an American librarian, political activist and professional wrestler currently wrestling for the WNWA. He is the first cousin of The Liberal Librarian.


Rubolt is the nephew of Rhonda Rubolt Payner, The Liberal Librarian's mother. Unlike his cousin, Rubolt grew up in a relatively stable environment, however, his father, Ronald Rubolt was on the lam after dodging the Vietnam War draft and the family was quite nomadic. Because of this, Rubolt is able to speak several different languages (though his voice is so deep it is quite hard to understand him, even when he speaks in English). While on the run, Rubolt's father sought employment in the most criminal friendly establishment, American universities. There he taught social sciences and young Yeti learned at the feet of his socialist father.

In 2007, Rubolt took a library job near his cousin and the two reconnected after many years apart. Despite their disparate upbringings, both share very similar political views, with Rubolt having even more extreme left-wing views on the environment, leading The Lib to even call him a wacko. Like his cousin, Rubolt owns a Prius, but after seeing an Inconvenient Truth he judged it too hard on the environment so he has started using a bicycle for all his transportation needs- a remarkable feat given his large size. He also yells at anyone he sees throwing detritus in the trash and demands that they recycle it. Interferes with Big Pimpin' Ernest when he tries to take out the BCPL garbage. One of Rubolt's co-workers takes great pleasure in littering from his passing car onto Rubolt, infuriating him.

The Liberal Librarian brought him into the WNWA in May 2007 to act as an enforcer and body-double for him.

The Yeti believes strongly in environmentalism, and refuses to live in a home. Instead he lives in a tent in a rural area outside Braddock. He boasts about living "off the grid," using no electricity and riding his bicycle everywhere he goes. He was recently in an altercation with Dale Taylor when Taylor came upon the Yeti's campsite while he was out hunting. The Yeti railed against the environmental impact of hunting and off-roading in 4x4 trucks, and threatened to report Taylor to the Wildlife Commission. Taylor fired several shots at Yeti, completely missing him due to Taylor being too drunk too shoot straight. Frustrated, Taylor then proceeded to assault the Yeti. Afterwards, Taylor repeatedly drove through Yeti's campsite in his truck, demolishing all the Yeti's worldly possessions. He attempted to run over the Yeti's prone body, but again was too drunk to do more than put a few tire tracks over the Yeti's long beard.

Yeti appealed to Sheriff Washburn to bring charges against Taylor for illegal hunting, illegal off-roading in a protected wilderness area, carrying an illegally-modified automatic weapon, driving drunk, attempted murder of Yeti, assault on Yeti, and destruction of Yeti's property. He called Washburn out to his ruined campsite to gather evidence. Washburn took one look at Yeti, hated him for being a dirty bum, and arrested him on charges of loitering and illegal camping. He imprisoned Yeti at the Braddock County Prison Farm working on a chain gang and digging ditches. Washburn was incensed when Yeti's cousin, The Liberal Librarian appealed to Judge William J. Jennings and forced Yeti's release after serving only sixteen days of his 3-year sentence. Upon his release from the prison farm, Yeti appeared visibly shaken. It remains to be seen whether his traumatic ordeal will leave a lasting impression.

Yeti was injured at the hands of the crowd and "Richard Nixon" at Memorial Day Massacre, suffering a broken clavicle.

Personal Life and views

  • Like his cousin, Yeti is a staunch liberal and blames all the world's problems on conservatives and white Christian men. In fact, he may be even more of a true believer than The Lib. He hates all white men (including himself) and he especially hates the South except for welfare drawing African-Americans. He is, however, opposed to African-Americans who work for a living. He is an adamant atheist, but unlike his cousin who supports all religions except Christianity, he is against them all.
  • Unlike his cousin, he is exclusively heterosexual and dates an unseen woman who has only been spotted once by a co-worker who described her as "hideous." In recent weeks, Jody Boskivitz has been making romantic overtures toward him, much to the dismay of The Lib. The two eventually "married" in some sort of weird committment ceremony. They refer to each other as "committment partners."
  • When not wrestling, he works full time at the Braddock County Public Library in the Reference Department as a periodicals librarian. Like his cousin, he is a snitch for the liberals who run that establishment and is committed to freedom of speech and fighting the Patriot Act. He does this by allowing known sex-offenders to utilize the computers in the library to view pornography and allowing vagrants, the homeless, and known felons to loiter within the library all day. It is alleged that he is complicit in their crime. He has been known to alert sex offenders veiwing pornography on the computers that their parole officer was approaching. He has allegedly erased surveillance video tapes which reveal criminal acts committed in the library. He is accused of pointing out unattended purses for the criminals to steal. He also abuses his co-workers by stealing their food and yelling at the maintenance staff.
  • Rubolt does not wear deodorant despite having overactive sweat glands.


  • Rubolt uses Soul Asylum's "Misery" or Lisa Loeb's "Stay (I Missed You) as his entrance music."
  • Like his cousin, he frequently works security for various liberal causes: anti-war rallies, Democratic Presidential Candidate appearances, Rainbow Coalition events, etc. It is from these that he claims to have past experience as a "street-fighter."
  • Favorite food: Canned sardines. Otherwise he is a vegan.
  • Is an accomplished home cook.
  • Yeti wears long pants, a flannel style shirt and a reflective bicycle vest when wrestling. He is billed as the Yeti because of his deep voice, his long hair and full beard.
  • Was recently arrested by Sheriff Washburn for illegally growing Marijuana at the Braddock County Public Library. The full story of this was featured in an episode of WNWA: Library Losers.


  • Finishing and signature moves
  • Socialist Swipe (Huge overhand swinging blow to the top of the head)
  • Air America (Flying splash)
  • Communist Crab(Boston Crab)
  • Deadly Armpit (raising his arm to expose his stinky armpit until his opponent passes out)
  • Regular moves
  • Bear hug
  • Low blow
  • Eye rake


Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

Yeti campsite

The Yeti is seen at his campsite getting ready to set off for work one morning, when Southern Dream Dale Taylor came across him during a hunting trip. The Yeti protested against illegal hunting, driving of gas-guzzling 4x4 vehicles, and off-roading in the wilderness. Taylor subsequently put a massive beatdown on the Yeti and drove his pickup over the Yeti's tent, kicking off a bitter feud between the two.

Yeti garden

The Yeti is seen here watering the marijuana plants in his garden at BCPL just as Sheriff Washburn happened to be coming along. Yeti was subsequently arrested by Washburn and placed on the county chain gang for a second time.

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