The Hooded Hatstand (real name unknown) is a luchador wrestler most recently active in the RAGE promotion.

The Hooded Hatstand has developed somewhat of a cult following due to his ring attire of a "HULK RULES" tank top from 1991, black knee length cotton shorts, bowling shoes, purple cape with "Magnificent One" embroidered on it in gold leaf and of course, his infamous purple mask.


Almost nothing is known about the Hooded Hatstand's early life and he has stated at various times that he is from Parts Unknown and was billed as hailing from Gijon, Spain when teaming with his "brother" Los Conquistador Magnifico. However due to the relative mental instability of both men, this claim is likely to be false. Additionally, the Hooded Hatstand speaks with a refined "David Warner" style British accent.

The Hooded Hatstand once admitted playing High School football as a Strong Safety, though again this claim cannot be verified. The Hooded Hatstand also claims to hold degrees from Oxford, Stanford, Yale and SOAS but again, these claims are unsubstantiated though due to the Hooded Hatstand's eloquence and apparent high intelligence (stemming from mandatory IQ testing by former NWWA President Jonathan Tell), not completely unfeasible.


Starting his career in Gordon Adair's New Wave Wrestling Alliance in late 1998, The Hooded Hatstand was primarily a tag team wrestler. Teaming with "Today's" Tom Sawyer (later "The Modern Day Warrior" Tom Sawyer) to form the New and Improved Age Outlaws, the Hooded Hatstand was primarily a silent partner preferring Sawyer and the team's manager Edward de Villiers do the talking. The Hooded Hatstand spent his early career taking the brunt of the punishment as Sawyer's anger management often led to the Hooded Hatstand being isolated for prolonged periods of time. However the Hooded Hatstand quickly adapted to the savageries of pro-wrestling and began using cynical tactics and assorted foreign objects to boost his chances. The New and Improved Age Outlaws bested Inclement Weather to win the NWWA tag team titles before dropping the belts to a reformed Hot Stuff (Nick Wright and Wayne Vassel, managed by Edward de Villiers after de Villiers had had enough of Sawyer's rage and the Hatstand's oddball antics.)

Leaving the NWWA in late 1999, the Hooded Hatstand resurfaced in the World Championship Wrestling Alliance at the behest of his "brother" Los Conquistador Magnifico who was feuding with the California Studs. Again, the Hooded Hatstand remained silent as his "brother" claimed he could only speak Spanish (Los Conquistador Magnifico being billed from Gijon, Spain) but continued to develop his cynical tactics as well as a tremendous sense of self preservation. Additionally, the Hatstand and Los Conquistador Magnifico were hardly a cordial team preferring to attack one another as much as the opposition. Despite this, the team of "Los Dos Bros" managed to best the Five-O for the WCWA Tag Team titles and defend them for much of 2000 before in grimly predictable fashion the two turned on one another and were disqualified under a "Province of Quebec" (at their own instigation) rules match allowing the Flatlinerz (Reign and Specter) to win the titles. After the break up of Los Dos Bros, the two began a singles feud until Los Conquistador Magnifico paid off "Brutal" Barry Bishop to cripple his brother. The Hooded Hatstand and Triple B spent much of 2001-02 in a series of brutal matches until the Hooded Hatstand won a tournament for the vacant WCWA TV title and defended it. The Hooded Hatstand continued to remain silent, even when cutting a promo as various misfortunes such as the sound engineer being stoned, someone not turning on his mic and wearing a mask without a mouth cut in it, all conspired against him. Additionally, the Hooded Hatstand shunned phonetics completely for a time as he set up his own religious cult in order to sue the WCWA for religious discrimination and preferred to express himself through the mediums of dance and miming.

The Hooded Hatstand then followed his now arch nemesis "brother" to World Class Lucha Libre Wrestling and began to feud with him for the Cruiserweight championship. During this period, the Hooded Hatstand finally spoke revealing him to have David Warner style tones and an eloquent if warped take on the world. The Hooded Hatstand won the WCLLW tag team titles with Mr. DNA thanks to some superb cheating from the former and expert technical wrestling from the latter before they both disappeared in late 2005. The Hooded Hatstand reappeared in 2006 in Sunshine State Wrestling an affiliate of RAGE where he complained of a lack of respect and introduced several dubious honours such as his "Greatest Wrestler in the World" trophy that he used as a foreign object in several matches. The Hooded Hatstand began a feud with Braheem Abraham, apparently taking offence at the latter's swerve following the death of his uncle and spent most of 2006 battling Braheem, insulting SSW President Matt Wintz or demanding a title shot. The Hooded Hatstand became SSW Heavyweight Champion shortly before the promotion folded. The Hooded Hatstand was then promoted to the RAGE roster but claims to have been "blackballed" by the "mid card cabal who didn't want to take 50% paycuts to pay (his) salary" and left soon afterwards.


The Hooded Hatstand presents as an enigma. A skilled in-ring psychologist yet a tremendous coward. Apparently able to wrestle when needed but preferring to cheat to win. Witty, eloquent and charming but at the same time contemptuous of his surroundings, contemporaries and even himself.

The Hooded Hatstand is possibly psychotic or at least delusional. Despite moderate success through the years, the Hooded Hatstand has tended to self-sabotage his biggest opportunities or spent his time engaged in feuds that became increasingly hateful and petty rather than looking at the bigger picture. The Hooded Hatstand has exaggerated his success and ability even when confronted with overwhelming evidence to the contrary and appears to perceive the world purely through his own eyes. The Hooded Hatstand also displays several characteristics of Anti-Social Personality disorder such as implusiveness, lack of empathy, lack of remorse, extreme sensitivity to criticism, pathological lying (although this could be delusional behaviour) and malignant narcissism. The Hooded Hatstand will build alliances and then terminate them when it suits his purposes, often causing his former allies tremendous problems as he does. The Hooded Hatstand is usually able to identify psychological flaws in his opponents and will seek to cause them the maximum amount of distress to further his ends. Examples of this include assaulting the grand-daughter of The Welsh Dragon to goad him into a match, claiming Braheem Abraham had staged the death of his uncle and dancing around recovering drug addict Rival and throwing white powder at him. The Hooded Hatstand has also had an adversarial relationship with fans over the years alternately seeking their acceptance and at other times proclaiming them to be beneath him. When he established his own religious cult that made him the deity, The Hooded Hatstand filled the role of both God and the Devil and praised and damned the members alternately. The Hooded Hatstand has also veered dangerously close to breaking kayfabe on occasion when deeming a match to be "beneath him" and has been known to argue with "Smarks" on-line and in person. However the Hooded Hatstand appears to have developed a cult following known as the "Loyal Hatstand Fan Corps".


Height: 6'1 Weight: 212 lbs From: Unknown Billed from: Parts Unknown, Gijon, Spain. Entrance Music: "Tom Sawyer" by Rush (as part of the New and Improved Age Outlaws), the theme tune to "Bonanza" (when teaming with Los Conquistador Magnifico) "Goodbye Horses" by Q. Lazzarus.

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