True Psycho
[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of True Psycho]]
Real name Casey
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Height 5'5"
Weight 135 lbs.
Date of birth November 26, 1988
Place of birth Nola
Date of death N/A
Place of death N/A
Resides Kenner, LA
Billed from Kenner, LA
Trainer Hide, Om-R Punk
Handled by
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Debut March 8, 2006
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The True Psycho is a heavyweight the KFWF e-federation. He has wreslted for the federation for the past year. Making an impressive name for himself in just a year.

Personal Info

Life Before Wrestling

Psycho was born in Kenner, Louisiana. He grew up in a very simple family. No one ever did anything out of the ordinary, but of course with his father, no one could. Every now & then he would go with his friends to backyard wrestle and eventually start up a fed called NBW Nola Backyard Wrestling. Besides wrestling, he played baseball for 8 years. And bowled regualrly. He still manages to have fun with his friends every now and again.

Early KFWF career

When Psycho took drivers ed, he met a man named Om-R Punk, formerly known as Implosion. He told Psycho about KFWF and he joined up. Psycho enjoyed the place and decides to stay a while.

His first match was March 8, 2006. It was a triple threat on Requiem against Bad Bob and Radicazz. From that moment, he knew he would love it.

The Hardcore Title

Every now and then, the True Psycho would show his true colors that he is hardcore. Whenever Crunch finallay gave him a title shot, however, Psycho would lose, and just go back onto his normal KFWF life. But then at KFWF's Out Of Exile, Psycho finally won the KFWF Hardcore title from Ozone. Here is that fatefull match:

Psycho has a tire iron in his hand. Ozone slides into the ring. Psycho blasts him in the gut with the tire iron and nails a DDT to him. Psycho walks over to a trash can full of weapons and pulls out some barbwire as the crowd goes nuts. Ozone gets to his feet. He sneaks up and grabs the tire iron from the ground. Psycho turns around with the barbwire as Ozone takes out the left leg of Psycho. Psycho instantly goes to one knee screaming in pain. Ozone drops the tire iron and picks up the barbwire, and drags it on the head of Psycho. Psycho already in pain, screams in agony as the barbwire tears through his skin. Ozone, standing up Psycho, sets him up for the Burnout.

Psycho hits an elbow to the face of Ozone. Ozone backs up. Psycho grabs the barbwire, wraps it around his arm. He smiles an evil grin through the blood and punches Ozone right in the face with the barbwire. Psycho drops the barbwire and sends Ozone flying into the garbage can knocking it over. Psycho throws Ozone into the turnbuckle and climbs up top, taking Ozone with him. Psycho motions for the Hardcore Championship belt around his waist. He picks up Ozone, sets him between his legs. Jumps for the Psycho driver and the crowd are on their feet as both men fall from the top rope. The crowd are looking on in shock. Psycho just piledrove Ozone down to the mat, onto the barbed wire. Psycho has his left arm draped over Ozone. The ref has no choice but to make the pin 1......2......3.

The Second Kings of Kaos

When Hide unvailed that he had created a new KINGS OF KAOS. This time as a stable with up and coming superstars, True Psycho, Jem, and Chris Chaos. Psycho met Hide in the hallway talking about how he wants help. Hide decided to take Psycho under his wing. Which, partially helped him become better known in KFWF, but not for the good reason. Psychos badassside showed. But also, the side showing that he can be dominant, losing only 2, if not, only 1 match while with the kings.

His first title

While he was with the Kings of Khaos, him and Jem decided to team up, formed a team called N-Sanity. They won a tag team turmoil, going through every tag team like nothing. Even defeating one of the best tag teams ever, Cajun Carnage. Which gave True Psycho his first KFWF Title.

The Hardcore Revolution

Shortly after, Om-R punk started speaking his own mind, and Psycho and Jem left Hide to go with their real friend. And now, Jem left that, Josh Miller and KFWF Legend Jack Brown joined Om-R and Psycho calling themselves the Bourbon Street Posse. Shortly after, Psycho proved to everyone that he is still hardcore and got a hardcore title shot at Out of Exile against Ozone, and even defeating Ozone in a hellacious match.

Foes Turning Friends

It was shocking that Om-R and Psycho joined forces, considering their past. Om-R breaking Psychos neck while doing a powerbomb off a trampoline. And Om-R Laughing. Then meeting eachother in KFWF, having one hell of a match. Probably goign down in KFWF history books as one of the most memorable.

KFWF Records


Psycho Slam- One handed chokeslam

Psycho DDT- Springboard Tornado DDT

Psycho Driver-flip piledriver

Psychotic Face Buster-Arabian face buster w/ chair

Titles Held

(from Most Recent)

KFWF Hardcore Champion x2

KFWF Tag Team Champion x1

Tag Teams

N Sanity (Psycho and Jem)

Psycho and Om-R


The Kings of Kaos

Bourbon Street Posse




Ended the longest streak to date of the 24/7 Championship which was held by Jack Brown for 5 hours.

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