[[Image:{{{image}}}|{{{image_width}}}px|Image of Themagicalgamer]]
Real name Nicholas Kellogg (They don't own the company anymore)
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Height 6'82"
Weight 175 lbs.
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Place of birth Rumson, New Jersey
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Billed from Magical Game Land
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MFGG Wrestling
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Debut Febuary 3, 2007 (MFGG)
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Themagicalgamer (born on December 3, 1992) is a normal active wrestler in MFGG Wrestling. He is also co founder of The Dial-Up Connection.

MFGG Wrestling career

Fued with Nightwing

Back when Themagicalgamer started, his first match was with other newcomer to that same date, Nightwing. Themagicalgamer lost which made him alittle angry, so for the Supershow the Next day, Captain Jeff Silvers gave the two a rematch, and Themagigicalgamer lost again. There isn't much of a fued anymore but Nightwing sometimes challenges Themagicalgamer, but only to lose since TMG got his MFGG Internet Title Belt.

Formation of The Dial-Up Connection

After his second match with nightwing it led to many frequent losses until one day, he one for the first time in a three-way match against Uber Noober and Nightwing, in the same day he won a number one contender match To face Julio Cesar F for his internet title at the next supershow. When the day came Julio announced his temporary retirement from the e-fed. Saying that he was lately loosingalot and he would hope to come back and face more experienced wrestlers. TMG one the title, but he had help. Three members of the Brothers of Destruction had attacked Julio during the match, witch got him angry, and asked TMG to make a Tag Team with him, and the two together founded the Dial-Up Connection. Some weeks later, newcomer Esteban joined The Dial-up Connection.

Wrestling facts

  • Finishing moves
    • Spinning Pinwheel of Death
    • knouckout finisher
  • Theme music

TMG flies into the ring to a pyro techniks display.

Championships and accomplishments

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