Theo Tyler, was born in Lancaster, Ohio into a family of four. Son to Steven and Elizabeth, and younger brother to Michelle. After a forray into the Athletics and Football fields at the University of Ohio, Theo followed his dreams into Professional Wrestling. Theo debuted in the Insane Wrestling Federation, founded by David Jax. Following a brief spell in which he won the coveted World Heavyweight Title, Theo left for pastures new and is currently employed by Bakers Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation.


Theo's Youth

From an early age, Theo always excelled in the sports field. From the Age of 7, Theo was a keen baseball player and despite his achievements he never felt at home in that field. Maybe it was the stand offish nature of the sport or the tedium that general came with being a pitcher. Hence when he reached 11, he focused solely on track and football events.

Despite his size, and his immediate disadvantage to his opponents Theo never let himself down. Full of heart and spirit, he raced to victory in Athletics events across the state and on the football field was a keen running back. When Theo reached 18 however, his size finally took hold of him. The major colleges and scholarships shunned him due to the height disadvantage.

Always being a keen Wrestling Fan, mainly following the workings of his proclaimed idols Chris Jericho and the late Eddie Guerrero, Theo has stepped into the realms of professional wrestling


From the age of 16, Theo has been in a relationship with Sarah Rider. The couple are rarely seperated and they are due to be married in the fall of 2008. Despite their appearences on IWF Programming and Independent Schedules, they are believed to be very private people.



There are claims that Theo was indeed trained by Mr Psycho himself. But there is no substantial evidence to claim this. Some believe that Theo was the product of an IWF Developmental Scout. But neither argument hold any sort of evidence

Insane Wrestling Federation (September 2007 - November 2007)

Matches: 8 / Wins: 6 / Draws: 0 / Losses: 2

Following his alleged training from "Mr Psycho" Zircon Warmburn, Theo joined the Insane Wrestling Federation a few days after its resurrection by Board Member Sean Stevens.

Since being in the IWF, Theo was entered into the IWF World Title 4 Way Elimination Tournament. All 12 of the IWF Roster (who had signed before its opening) were placed into matches to determine a Triple Threat for the World Heavyweight Title. Theo won his qualifying match but came up short against Legends Squid and Jaguar in the Main Event at the PPV Rebirth. Despite defeating Jaguar, Squid managed to win the World Title.

The following Madness, Theo was announced as the Number One Contender after his epic match with Squid at the return Pay Per View Rebirth. After an impressive month, Theo walked into Against All Odds, brimming with confidence. Following recognition from his mentor, and a calming of nerves, Theo endured an Epic IWF World Title fight to claim his first singles title in his career. A match that would go down alongside the Jax v Cresem fight, and the matches between Shaw and Slater of the previous generation. But Theo was unable to celebrate his victory, after being decimated by the newly reformed Freaks of Nature. (Marvelous Matt, Squid, Harvey Cross, The Truck, and Mark Murder), battered Theo within an inch of his life after the Main Event, with Squid taking the title back.

Following rumours about his contract arrangements, it may have been that the Title Match at the Pay Per View was Theo's last match under IWF Contract, further information is sketchy at best.

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (November 2007 - Present Day)

Matches: 4 / Wins: 3 / Draws: 0 / Losses: 1

On the 22nd November 2007, Theo Tyler was signed to the Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation. His EHWF debut was scheduled against fellow newcomer Jason MacKenzie, a match which Theo comfortably won with the T4! Following an impressive debut, Theo was placed into a Four Corners match at the following Fullhouse event. After a back and forth match, Mark Shaw managed to pin Matt Margera to record the win, as Theo and Weapon X scrapped on the outside of the ring.

After a life changing week, in which Theo and Sarah announced their first child, Theo has aligned himself alongside the New Revolution. Ironically, the same night, Theo took on newcomer Black Magic, and the GnW Member Boca Del Inferno. After what can only be described as a back and forth match, Tyler managed to upset the odds by defeating Boca with the Tyler Driver. An infuriated Boca went backstage and instantly demanded a rematch, which he was granted. At Doomsday Theo took on Boca in a match type which definitely suited the EHWF Legend, an Extreme Rules Match. After a brutal encounter, which created many fans spot of the night. (Theo superkicking a glass pane into the face of Boca Del Inferno), the rookie managed to take the win and end his feud with Boca Del Inferno. A match which put Theo Tyler on the EHWF map.


Finishing Moves

  • T-4 (Superkick)
  • Tyler Driver (Angels Wings)

Trademark Moves

  • Lionsault (AKA Chris Jericho)
  • Three Amigos (AKA Eddie Guerrero)
  • Corkscrew Legflip
  • 540 Flip

Major Feuds

  • Squid [IWF] (September 2007 - November 2007)
  • Freaks of Nature [IWF] (November 2007 - November 2007)
  • Boca Del Inferno [EHWF] (December 2007 - January 2007)
  • Greed and Wrath [EHWF] (December 2007 - )


IWF World Champion (18/11/2007 - Closing) Defeated Squid at Against All Odds November 18th 2007

All graphics designed by The 13th
Wrestler Statistics
Career 2007 -
Height: 5'8
Weight: 175lbs
Hometown Lancaster, Ohio
Alighment Face
Build Cruiserweight
Current Music "Ladies and Gentlemen" by Saliva
Previous Music "Crashing Around You" by Machinehead
Major E-fed's Insane Wrestling Federation (Sep 2007 - Nov 2007)

Extreme Hardcore Wrestling Federation (Nov 2007 - )

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