Theory of Chaos
"The Doberman" by Kasabian
Promotion Immortals of Wrestling
Date February 18, 2007
Venue Doncaster Dome
City Doncaster, England
Pay-per-view chronology
Summer Fallout Theory of Chaos Path to Immortality
Theory of Chaos chronology
N/A Theory of Chaos Theory of Chaos II

Theory of Chaos was the most star studded event in IOW history, it featured the self proclaimed IOW legend and British Rose Champion Daz defending the title against former mentor turned enemy Zach Zero, in the first ever British Rose Rules match. Dante, the man who was screwed by Alex Leroy at Summer Fallout finally got his hands on IOW Champion Joe Riot inside a Steel Cage. Team Catwalk competed against CmTp and Lydia Frost in IOW's first ever 6 person tag match, The Buck took on Kai Sears in a Loser Leaves IOW Street Fight. Theory of Chaos was also highlighted a match between Josh Outland and Twist, a match that would soon be replicated by sister promotion Society of Sim


  • Apocalypse def. Mr. Pink and LionHeart
    • Apocalypse won via pin fall over Mr Pink following a Death Drop and Corkscrew Moonsault.
      • LionHeart left Pink mid-way through the match up.
  • Kai Sears def. The Buck in a Loser Leaves IOW Match!
    • Kai won via pin fall after The Time to Kai.
      • As a result The Buck had to leave the company and Kai was granted an IOW full-time contract.
  • Team Catwalk def. Lydia Frost and CmTp
    • Team Catwalk won via pin fall over Tha Doctor after hitting the Polaroid.
      • Mailman refused to break the cover costing his own team the match. After the match he helped Team Catwalk beat down Tha Doctor before leaving with them.
  • Flux def Supreme Thunder to retain the IOW Tag Team Championships!
    • Flux pinned Flashof the Alberta Rednecks after hitting the From Scotland to New York.
      • After the match Apocalypse hit the ring and beat down both teams. Flash had to be stretchered out.
  • Daz def. Zach Zero in a British Rose Rules Match to retain the British Rose Championship!
    • Daz won in two straight falls, forcing Zero to pass out to the Rose Clutch.
  • Joshua Leo Outland def. Twist
    • Josh Outland won via pin fall when he performed a small package grabbing the ropes for extra leverage.
  • Joe Riot def. Dante in a Cage Match to retain the IOW Championship!
    • Joe Riot retained the title when he escaped the cage.
      • Goliath interfere on Riot's behalf, the pair beat down Dante before handcuffing him to the ropes.


  • The British Rose Championship defense marked the first time the British rose rules were used.
  • The main event of Theory of Chaos went down as the first Cage Match in IOW History.
  • The 6 Person tag match was the first time female athletes competed in an IOW PPV. The match was also the first 6 Man/Person tag match to ever take place in IOW.
  • The PPV took place in Y72's hometown yet he did not appear.
  • Theory of Chaos was the last time Twist wrestled for IOW as it's head booker. He would hand the responsibilities onto Daz after the event.

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