This Is Wrestling
Federation Name This Is Wrestling
Abbreviation TIW
Weekly show Monday Night Mayhem (Monday)
Time open April 4, 2007 -
Owner Ryan Reed
Website TIW Main Board

This Is Wrestling is an e-federation based on fictional characters made for use in the federation. TIW is a combination of a story-based fed and also a RP-based fed. This makes TIW feel like a wrestling show, as well as giving stars control over what they do. It has a show each two weeks on Monday night, entitled Monday Night Mayhem. Also, TIW has regular Pay-Per-Views too. TIW was founded on April 8, 2007, and run by Ryan Reed, a.k.a Bryan Daniels


On April 4, 2007, Ryan Reed decided to create his side-project of TIW, and it immediately garnered success. Many people signed up to TIW, and soon the first show debuted on April 9, 2007. Many things were established on it, and the first Pay-Per-View, TIW Rebirth, was announced for June 3, 2007.


Current Championships

TIW Heavyweight Championship

TIW United States Championship

TIW Extreme Championship

Extra Information


TIW Rebirth


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