I handle High Flyer in the Fans Wrestling Organization. I also handle Eddie Cheno in the Asylum. I also have "The Extra" Josh Klein, "Phenominal" Derek Edwards, and Noah Hawkins at my disposal.

"King of Poland" Eddie Scott Poser is also a creation of mine, but is being used as a jobber character and handled by everyone inside of the fWo.

I used to help run and eventually owned the Internet Wrestling Organization. I ran IML2 for six months, the only successful long term run of a Minor League under the envelope of the IGN/IWO network.

On Air Personality

Ford started off as a man who fought for the company's best wishes, above all else. While Kosoy and Levine fought as referee's during a main event of a Pay Per View, Ford ran to the ring and counted the winning pin, just in order to keep order. The stipulation of the match though, gave Ford control of the company.

But because he had never signed the contract, he would be unable to claim the prize. Two years later, and Ford would inherit the IWO after a collapse. He would stumble and fail when it came to business and politics, but was an above average booker. It turned him cynical, thinking that dealing with television companies and money and his view of "the idiots of the world," and the promotion shortly shut down.

He was hired as an advisor to the Squared Circle, but with his cynical nature, he took a back seat to some of the more optimistic members of the staff. Since, he's been doing magazine articles involving fantasy booking, and looks for an eventual return to the wrestling business.

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