Thomas Hookton
Real name Same as above
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Height 6' 2"
Weight 215 lbs
Date of birth May 28, 1980
Place of birth Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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Billed from Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada
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Debut VCW Live 1.2 (Latecomer's Fatal Fourway - Seraphim Falls Tournament
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Thomas Hookton is a fictional e-fed character and wrestler, wrestling on Vendetta Championship Wrestling. His gimmick is that of a man who wrestles to earn money after he was laid off from his job.


A former port worker in Saint John, Hookton found himself out of work as all industry seemed to fade out of the once prosperous Port City. The government said they were on their way to Self-Sufficiency, boy were they wrong. Standing in line at the unemployment office, images flash on the television screen and Hookton finds himself thinking "what the hell." Your traditional good guy: kind hearted and jovial, but frank and to the point when he needs to be Hookton gears up and retrains himself from his old high-school wrestling days in preparation for breaking into the VCW scene. Hookton isn't here for the glory or the fame, he's here so he can put food on the table for his family and have a steady income. That won't sto him for standing up for the little guy when it matters though.

Move Set

Wrestling Style

  • Technical/Brawler

Primary Finisher

  • "Tales of Self-Sufficiency" - Full Nelson Backbreaker

Secondary Finisher

  • "Port City Slam" - Death Valley Driver

General Information


  • None Yet

Theme Song

  • "Insects Destroy" - Pulley

A Closer Look

Description of Entrance

The lights slowly flicker as the initial riff of Insects Destroy begins. The speed of the lights increases to match the rhythm of the song. Hookton makes his entrance as the guitar and drums switch out of the intro. Hookton takes his time walking to the ring, never one to rush anything.

Wrestling History

Championship History

  • None

Win/Loss Record

  • Wins - 1
  • Losses - 0
  • Draws - 0

Match History

Result Partner(s) Opponent(s) Event Date Notes

No matches yet.

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